We headed down to Antoinette to try out their lunch.

So we ordered:


Onion soup

Crab suzette aka crab aglio olio

My eggs with duck breast and mushrooms

Verdict: 2/2 of us will come back only for desserts and nothing else.
Onion soup – It was too thick for enjoyment. There was 2 slices of bread – contributing to the “starchiness” of the soup. Troopie beat felt like she was eating more bread than drinking the soup. Kudos though, to their ingenuity in the way the cheese was presented πŸ™‚ made quite an impression.
Crab Suzette – the crab was not mixed thoroughly. Troopie beat bit into salt bits .. and it wasn’t “fantastic” in your face … just ordinary
My eggs with duck breast – Eggs were nicely poached. Could have done better with same sauce or something? but overall just also not that fantastic .
We will just stick to desert instead.

Address: 333A Orchard Road,
Mandarin Gallery

Sushi Tei revisited

So we decided to take a little afternoon break from the studying (ok before I also smell a burnt out coming) and headed over to try Sushi tei !! to satisfy the sushi cravings. just for a snack before dinner

we noticed there were things different from the menu last time and ordered ourselves:


Miso Mayo Scallops



Verdict: 2/2 of us will return! everything was still the same as i remembered, only this mentai crab role was a new addition to the menu. We concluded that the mentai was abit overpowering though, it masked the whole taste of the roll.. Maybe if it was not so thick? Would have been just nice. I thought it was pretty innovative of them to pair it with finely shredded sweet potato flakes? Thought that went quite nicely alongside the whole thing.

Sushi Tei
112 East Coast Road
Singapore 428802

Noboru Ramen

After my class, i decided to grab a quick dinner before heading off to study again πŸ™‚ so i ate somewhere near by and decided to try this ramen place near by

As i walked in, greeted by this super friendly uncle πŸ™‚


So i decided to go for the shio ramen, and coincidentally they were also having a ‘promotion’ for the shio ramen so ok why not

Shio ramen

Chicken gyoza

Green tea – love the way the tea bag is presented πŸ™‚

Verdict : 0.5/1 ( maybe might return) ramen base was rich and clear – quite a skill, but egg was mehhh.. Everyone around me seemed to order the spicy and non spicy specialty ramen, namely the black based garlic ramen. Maybe i might go back just to try it..
Gyoza was not the best tasting, but to be fair, it wasn’t dry inside..
I think the friendly service made up for it nonetheless πŸ™‚


Noboru Ramen
8 Shenton Way
AXA Tower #01-21
Singapore 068811

Joe’s Kitchen

So, just for taste teasers, my mum decided to also add to our dinner, a place highly reccomended by one of the pastors at church : Joe’s Kitchen

We headed right a few steps away from the Hong Kong Street zhi char place and found this place.


Seems to have quite a write up on this place.. πŸ™‚


Spot the famous patronisers


So anyways, because we ordered quite a fair bit from our zhi char, so we thought we order some of the reccomended dishes :


Thai Prawn Fish Cake



Honey Chicken

Verdict: 3/3 of us are coming back here to try the other things on the menu!!!
The Honey Chicken was like fantastic. Ok apart from that u couldn’t go wrong with fried food, but even when we brought it home,( we probably stay 15-20 mins away on a clear traffic day) the chicken was not soggy but still remained crispy? Which i thought was pretty amazing.
For all the prawn lovers, the fish cake was bite full of prawns- super liked by my mum.

Joe’s Kitchen
Blk 125Β Bukit Merah Lane 1,
#01-182Β Β 

Hong Kong Street Chun Kee (Bukit Merah) ι¦™ζΈ―θ‘—ηθ¨˜

After church, because I had to rush back to complete my studying, so i told mum if we could just take away something near by for dinner.

So she suggested this zhi char place at bukit merah (was formally from
Ang Mo Kio- one of my favourite zhi char favourite) to ta bao πŸ™‚


Entrance : Spot the celebrity!


if you enter from the back …

I can’t help but wonder why they like to call themselves Hong Kong Street zhi char when in hong kong, their ‘zhi char’ style is so different from like Singapore’s style .. But that aside, sure why not?

So we ordered:


Mince pork with long beans – Si ji dou


Fish Slice bee hoon πŸ™‚ ❀ much!


Special Toufu


Daily Special: Pork patties

Verdict: 3/3 of us will return here. I love the fish bee hoon soup Β – the soup is flavoured with tinges of chinese wine πŸ™‚ very yummy on a rainy day πŸ™‚Β Β The pork patties, first time i am trying it and ittastes like mcdonald’s breakfast sausage patties but not as saltish and with sauce πŸ™‚
toufu was just ok .. no biggie .. Β long beans too ..
will return for the dry sam lo hor fun ( plain white noodles fried with bean sprouts and fish slices ❀ )

Hong Kong Street Chun Kee (Bukit Merah) ι¦™ζΈ―θ‘—ηθ¨˜
125 Bukit Merah Lane 1,
#01-190 Singapore

Ding Tai Fung

We decided to have an early lunch before heading off to the library to do some work.. As well as to avoid the lunch crowd! So we went on to what was the nearest after the disappointing restaurant near by was not able to provide us with what we were after 😦

But this turned to be a pleasant surprise! Reading the menu – which had been changed from the foldable kind to now with a hard cover and! Of course new dishes to try πŸ™‚


We were intruged by the truffle xiao long baos (xlb) and decided to go ahead and try


Mushroom and Minced Pork Noodles

I like this noodles! I think the portioning is just nice for a meal on itself of it being shared between 2 of us. Sauce is also just right and not too saltish – wished it was a little more though πŸ™‚


Kailan with Scallions

I like the kailan – not too over cooked and still has that ‘crunchy’ texture when bitten into despite being drowned in gravy. Troop plonkies complained too much fried scallions drizzled on top


Ice Lemon Earl Grey Tea

This is not bad except that its too sweet for me – too much syrup


Troopie Plonkies was adventurous and decided to order this – she claimed tasted like Ribena doused with syrup


Crabmeat xiao longbao – yummies! love the crabbie filling inside πŸ™‚ so glad this one came before the truffle ones otherwise the taste would have been overpowered by the truffle ones πŸ™‚ troopie plonks said she loves this more than the normal ones πŸ˜‰



Smoked Duck Spring Rolls

Truffle xlb – turned out to be like xiao long bao in mushroomy soup – well, i think its pretty hard to fusion truffle into chinese dishes .. but good attempt but neh .. no biggy

Overall verdict: 2/2 of us will return! Although we concluded we didn’t really like the truffle tasting xlb – concluded that its pretty hard to fusion truffle with chinese dinning, good attempt nonetheless- i quite like the new dishes πŸ™‚ as well as the noodles πŸ™‚

Ding Tai Fung
(Raffles City Branch)
252 North Bridge Road
Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103


We decided to meet up for a quick lunch before I had to make a run for my class that started at 2 pm.

So troopie ali suggested to go to Tonkichi for lunch to fix some japanese craving.

so we ordered :

Troopie ali ordered:


Ebi (Prawn) and Pork Tempura + Chicken Karage

Troop Beaties ordered:


Yokubari Set: Pork fillet, 2 prawn (ebi), oyster and crab croquette

I ordered:



My set came and I was pretty happy – the pork cutlet was not over fried until it was quite hard despite me ordering a leaner cut.

The whole course was finished off with coffee jelly. I thought it was pretty nice, the coffee was quite strong tasting and the white cream ‘syrup’ portion was not too sweet for liking.


Overall verdict: 1.5/3 of us will return, although we still feel its a little pricey for our comfort. .5 because I still very undecided about this place though :/

Tonkichi – Isetan Scotts
4th Level, Isetan Scotts,
350. Orchard Road, Shaw House,
Singapore 038985

Meng Kitchen ζ—₯倜小厨

I was feeling hungry and thought I call out my trooper star for a supper catch up session as well as something to fill my bottomless pit.

So headed down towards Upper Thomson and parked myself at this bah chor mee place as recommended by her ( a place that she frequented since she was a kid.)


I ordered myself the mini hot pot bah chor mee .


I was there around 12 am? and it was still a very bustling outlet – many people taking away their orders.

I like how they put in the mushrooms inside the noodles! For all those zhu you zha (pork lard) lovers, the mee pok is also soaked and mixed with them! The noodles were not too overcooked and ‘al dente’ chinese noodle style- My favourite :).


The soup was pretty light for my tasting .. but its filled with quite a heap of ingredients (meatball, sliced pork, prawn, liver, mince pork) .. Nonetheless, enjoyed it overall πŸ™‚


Verdict: 2/2 of us will return here for the noodles!

Meng Kitchen ζ—₯倜小厨
246B Upper Thomson Road,
Thomson Garden Estate,




Beans anyone?

Mame mame edamame

Edamame is this form of soy green pea that same Japanese Restaurants in Singapore would serve as an appetizer, or you might have to order it off the menu.

It also goes well with cold beer πŸ™‚

This next snack that i am about to introduce was found in the bottom shelves of super markets.

Last time, muji used to release this series of edamame snacks, and the price of it was inflated after it took off being introduced in the newspaper.. So in replacment of that, i found this


It comes in 5 packets, each only 99 calories!!!


And please do shake it before opening so to evenly distribute the salt throughout the biscuit! Its quite a salty fix:)

Yuzu Rice Cracker

My mum has been consciously buying her snacks and feeding me conveniently too.

So her latest hunt from her favourite japanese super market:


I like how most of the Japanese snacks are individually packaged! Totally controls the greedy people like me from over eating as well as saves so mich trouble transferring into another container!


So whats this snack that has kept our tummies craving for it over and over again?

It is actually a yuzu flavored rice cracker biscuit! Yuzu is a citrus fruit, if i had to deescribe the taste, i would say its a combination of orange and lemon πŸ™‚ Its a little too saltish for my liking but a very addictive snack! You can just keep on eating them!

Verdict: 2/2 of us love it to bits

Shaw House
1 Scotts Road