Wing Wah Noodle Shop 永華麵家

I brought my parents to eat this 1 Mich star acclaimed noodle restaurant 🙂 I loved the egg noodles and I thought the za jian noodles was pretty decent. Well its one of the first one I have eaten and tried when I am in Hong Kong.

I am amazed that Hong Kongers are really quite in genius when it comes to cooking. Amazing the type of dishes that they can come up with.

Pomelo Skin in special sauce

I thought this was not bad as a starter dish .. totally sour and cleanse the palate. Maybe its a cultural thing, but I am not used to the way that the pomelo is being cooked and just not to this dish.  Nonetheless, I think its still pretty .. interesting to try ..

Kailan in Superior Soup

I love the Hong Kong vegetables, especially the Kai Lan. This is my utmost favourite vegetable – I eat it all the time in Hong Kong.  The vegetables are very fresh and the way that they cook it is really unique and makes the veg so yummilicious.

Deep Fried fish skin

This is another skillful dish to me.  When they cut if off and poured it from the packet, I was thinking HUH? I paid for pre packed fish skin?? BUT When you dip the fish skin into the soup, the skin is still crispy and it crackles very happily. Yes CRACKLES! awesome

The infamous Thin thread pork zha jiang noodles hk style

This is one of the most awesome find for non-wanton-prawn lovers like me. The portioning is slightly small, but I think its just nice. Balance of the noodles and toppings just right.
Its a hit for me. definite return 🙂

Wing Wah Noodle Shop 永華麵家
Address: 89 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai
地址: 灣仔軒尼詩道89號地下
Opening Hours:  12 pm to 5 am (Mon-Sat), 12pm to 1 am (Sun)
Tel/電話 :  (852) 2527 7476