Mad for garlic

As a farewell to our dear troopie Shu aka magical panties, so we went to this restaurant as reccomended by troopie alicia and mermaid




And a peak inside this garlic themed restaurant:



So we ordered to share between us :

White Sauteed Fresh Mussel


Dracula Killer : Soft Bread Served in Olive Oil and Anchovies

and the mains, arranged in the order of likes:

Garlic Snowing Pizza

Dancing Salsa Rice with beef

Lobster Pasta

Gorgonzola Cream Pasta : Creamy Gorgonzola Cheese with scallops and king oyster mushroom


Verdict: 6/6 of us will return here. The appetizers were very well liked by all of us. I thought the way that the garlic dip was presented was very playful. The names of the dishes as well are very creative with a playful touch. Taste wise, we were not disappointed. Rich in garlic flavours and well combined. I particularly liked the pizza and the rice – I thought the sauce for the pizza was very unique – it was like creamy but not too creamy ..a little to the sweet side, and the rice initially felt like a pepper lunch mix yourself kind of hot plate rice, but the lady that mixed it for us was very thorough in her job, and the sauces in the rice was very flavourful. The lobster pasta was also another well liked, not too heavy on the cream. The other pasta however, I think we were all not used to the type of cheese that was used to cook it .. it tasted to me alot like an overdosage of blue cheese .. hahaha .. but after a while, it was just abit too much.

Mad for garlic
Block 3B, River Valley Rd,
The Foundry.
Singapore 179021























Contemporary Melting Pot & Bar

The siblings and I decided to go have a pre-lunch snack ( and I was starving) … so since we were around dempsey, we decided to just walk into one of the bistro and try it out… so we walked into

Inside of the cafe

Looking around


So we ordered .. well we just wanted something light and a pre lunch greedy snack .. so we got:

Nuggets and Truffle Fries

Mussels with White Wine


Verdict: Hmms.. 2/3 of us will return . Nuggets were alright but i just wished they had other sauces to accompany it .. like to make it special. We ordered that because they also claimed its truffle fries, so we could have the best of both worlds. But unfortunately, there is not much truffle in the fries. The Mussels sauce was -_- .. just bland and unfortunate. Perhaps the mains would be much better. The service and environment, nonetheless, was quite nice and chillax 🙂

Contemporary Melting Pot & Bar
7 Dempsey Rd  Singapore 249671
6475 0105


We headed down to Antoinette to try out their lunch.

So we ordered:


Onion soup

Crab suzette aka crab aglio olio

My eggs with duck breast and mushrooms

Verdict: 2/2 of us will come back only for desserts and nothing else.
Onion soup – It was too thick for enjoyment. There was 2 slices of bread – contributing to the “starchiness” of the soup. Troopie beat felt like she was eating more bread than drinking the soup. Kudos though, to their ingenuity in the way the cheese was presented 🙂 made quite an impression.
Crab Suzette – the crab was not mixed thoroughly. Troopie beat bit into salt bits .. and it wasn’t “fantastic” in your face … just ordinary
My eggs with duck breast – Eggs were nicely poached. Could have done better with same sauce or something? but overall just also not that fantastic .
We will just stick to desert instead.

Address: 333A Orchard Road,
Mandarin Gallery

Fish & Co.

This place is one joint that has been around since my schooling days, and used to be one of the favourites between my friends and siblings. I remember something like if its your birthday they will sing song for you too?

We were craving for Fish&Co, especially troopie beat for her seafood platter for 1 :).         So we went there before going for our crunch studying time …

add another $5 for a complete set = why not?


Passion Fruit Tonic


Kola Tonic


Cream of Mushroom Soup

Mushroom soup was the soup of the day, so we went ahead and ordered that- but the soup was so thick and sick – i didnt finish mine – and to quote troop beat “even campbell tastes better” indeed my sentiments exactly


Seafood Platter for 1

Boy was she glad she had her craving satisfied! Thumbs up to the lemon butter sauce 🙂 I love the grilled calamari 😀


Baked Salmon with Citrus Crust

I liked mine too! the crust of the salmon was crumbly and baked nicely 🙂 the cream mushroom sauce was also just nice – although i wished the mushroom was more- and the seasonal veg wished that they had indicated only carrots? -_- I mean they should put some exclamation that they are just serving carrots only or something? Why would I want to be ordering myself just a plate of carrots?

On the other hand, what really struck us was that now, ordering has become more high tech. Each table is given a ipad to place their orders, or if they felt more people oriented, they could also alternatively place orders the old school way – call the waiter to jot down what you want. But talk about keeping up with times!!!


Verdict: 2/2 of us will return to satisfy a fishy + seafood platter craving 🙂

2 Orchard Turn 
Singapore 238801


I remember reading off another person’s blog about this burger place that sells really awesome burgers!
So i got lost while trying to find the place, and its like on another side of causeway bay!

The journey was worth it!
i came home with a super enormous burger!

Portabello Mushroom Burger

Upon further inspection..

Mozzarella cheese stick


Yummers! would return for a burger fix!

7 Caroline Hill Road
Causeway Bay Hong Kong 


798 Unit & Co

Brother and I met my only friend for lunch,
and brother decided to treat  him ..
Brother was craving fish and chips,
so we went to the next available restaurant at times square



Brother's Fish and Chips

Wagyu beef Burger

Brother's Hoe Garden

Overall just thought this place was quite ‘mehs’ .. Nothing spectacular.
Burger patty was a little dry – as complaint by friend
Nice place however, to chillax over a nice cup of beer.

798 Unit & Co
Shop 1203, 12/F, Food Forum,
Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, 
Causeway Bay

Mr. Steak Grill

My dear friend came up to visit!

On her last night at dinner, I brought her to this place behind Patterson street to chill and have a good dinner and nice farewell to thank her for being there in my most vulnerable moments! But she insisted that she paid for it! felt bad :/ but glad she enjoyed the dinner!

Salmon and Calamari thingy



would return for the ambience 🙂


Mr. Steak Grill
Shop C&D, 5-7 Cleveland Street,
 Causeway Bay

Easter Holidays#3

House! @ Dempsey!
I met up with another group of friends for dinner! so we decided to go to try our House! – Which is also under the same company that owns Skinny Pizza .. 🙂

We waited until we were all pretty ravenous .. and the food just all came at one shot.
Loved the company and the environment 🙂

I particularly loved the pizza! it  feels like a super guilt-free indulgence 🙂  and the truffle oil makes it better 🙂 hahahaha .. i liked the bitter chocolate tart better than the other one .. but nonetheless  as i always say, company always makes it better 🙂
The ambience is nice, very nice chillax place for friends to come together and catch up with one another, talk over a meal and slowly eat without worrying to have to get chased out.

I would return for the truffle pizza, tart .. maybe the fish and chips? hmms…

Company is just great and I am so excited to be back!!

House, Barracks and Camp
8D Dempsey Road,
#01-01 to 06 
Tanglin Village (Dempsey Road), 

Apple Green

So I made one of my first Hong Kong friend – my housing agent
To thank her for finally helping me source out for my apartment

I bought her dinner at Apple greens, as  reccomanded by her .. and at the same time to find out more about Hong Kong culture and things that I can do and see around Hong Kong.

So we both shared:

Banana Loaf

Chicken breast salad with crispy


Seared Tuna and Fried Lotous root Salad

Mushroom Cream Pasta

This felt like such a guilt free dinner – so much greens . I liked the seared tuna salad! I thought it was really innovative to incorporate the fried lotus root into the salad! gave it that extra crunch! The Mushroom Cream Pasta was a little too creamy for my liking – I wished it was a little saltier and not so ‘cream-focused’.

I would reccomend this place for people going on diets as there are alot of greens being incorporated into the mains!  Definitely would visit this place again for a guilt free meal.

2/F, Plaza 2000,
2-4 Russell Street,
Causeway Bay

Agnes B. Cafe

So i mean we should try places that is not available in Singapore right? hahaha thats one of the plus point in living overseas


Smoked Salmon Salad with Squid Ink Pasta

Dont think i will come back here .. or maybe I ordered the wrong thing .. I just thought it was mediocre .. Didn’t like the mocha .. I thought it was too sweet for me .. mann .. what a way to top off a bad day 😦

Agnes B. Cafe
Shop G001-005, World Trade Centre,
280 Gloucester Road, 
Causeway Bay