Old School Days

I do sincerely apologise for the lags in my posts. I have been kept up with a current ‘Christmas project’ that I have been very excited to launch/ facilitate and make it happen. It has been very encouraging to have friends around support my cause and some actively participate in it.

My post will be about old school days, since its quite a similar theme to my project #bagakid. (no I am not kidnapping children and selling them – thats crazy)

Old school days  with Old school friend.
Mama P and I were just round the corner testing out this ganban yoku heated room therapy at upper Thomson 🙂 hahaha .. It was a pretty heated refreshing experience 🙂 After detoxing there, we then headed around to check out some of the places to try .. and we found this place as highly rated by fellow trooper jean beanies, so  .. 🙂 The whole atmosphere felt like I was back in my school, especially with my high school friend, talking about things. 🙂


As the name suggests, the place is decorated with nostagic old-school way .. filled with old school toys such as yoyos, or even very antique items that were used during our parents times.



Even the menu looks like something we were all familar with .. an exercise book. I remember these little things that really made my life miserable in school. Only because all the spellings in Chinese and English were all in this book form. .. Those were horrible! hahah ..  but I did take alot of pride in ensuring I wrote my name neatly on the front of the book – serve as a small consolation that my spelling might be not good, but I have neat handwriting :/ ..  ok carrying on to  the fun part of the ordering is , they will give you


Even the cutleries! Enamel cup!! how nostalgic!!! 2012-12-05T02-10-29_4

yup so you take your orders down on a whiteboard. Quite a playful start. ..  So we ordered to share:


Mee Siam


Fried Chicken Nibbles


He bee (Prawn paste) glutinous rice roll

and close up


Close up!

Lemon grass and lime

Lemon grass and lime



and of course, to round off the whole meal, the one and only!!!!


Banana and Chocolate Fudge cake!!!!

Close UP

Close UP

Verdict: 2/2 of us will return.

The cake- definitely! even blogging about it now makes me wish that I can zoom down and just buy one piece to myself. Its very rich but not until you get sick of it (well, provided you share it with people around you) The bananas, you can definitely see them and chew on the chunks of it. The cake is very moist as well? Its pretty awesome. I would return for this. For all the chocolate banana lovers around – this is a Must Try!!!!!!  ok my weakness so I am biased .. hmm

Mama P complained the mee siam – was abit too oily and watery. She had better ones and her mother can make better ones (I can testify to that).
She enjoyed the roll, something simple and different.

The chicken was very small and bite size, it was quite hard to stop after a while.

Drinks wise, we enjoyed both our drinks quite a bit. 🙂 Their spin off of a mocha is quite delightful 🙂

Nice delightful place 🙂 a real hidden gem around the neighbourhood. 🙂

P.s. Recognise any of the items below?



Old School Delights
215M Upper Thomson Road

Little Part One

To continue our red line adventures, we said that we will continue trying out hideaway along the red line. [ by red line, it is in the context of MRT lines, the main red and green line? yup]

So we decided to make at trip down to Little Part one to try their mains!

and a quick glance around


so we both ordered drinks

Double Shot latte

and for troopie gracie

Pear Cider

*disclaimer* please do not drink and drive! and if you are under aged just wait till you are legal.

and for our mains, I ordered something light because I am wanted back home for dinner. I thought I go light with a salad.. but when it came, I was shocked but the portion. ITs HUGE!

Chicken Salad

and for troopie gracie,


I liked how at the bottom on the menu they actually put up this notice:

no wastage indeed

Verdict: 2/2 of us will return.

They are not only generous with their portions, we also felt that the price wise was pretty reasonable. The environment is also very quiet and I would recommend this place for catch ups, or even just to chill and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Troopie grace mentioned that her  ribs were very tender and not over cooked. The meat came off the bone very easily and its also moist.

My salad was really huge but nicely done as well.  The dressing after a while however, was abit too much to manage.

But nonetheless, a very nice chill out from a week of business!

Looking forward to check out the new next place along the red line 🙂

Little Part One
15 Jasmine Road
Singapore 576584


Habitat Coffee

So my star and I decided to go chillax and catch up over some coffee..

Do you have friends that you might not meet very often, but seem to have endless conversation topics to talk about?   Just simple things from work, family, to just future dreams, the direction of the society .. God ..  🙂 You sometimes don’t need to say  much and they just somehow know when you are just going through a tough time just from your eyes or tone .. 🙂 Amazing what can actually come out of a coffee session 🙂 On top of that, the best part is that you know whatever you say,  no matter how stupid it sounds, you do not have to think twice to re-phrase it, nor worry about being judged .. Just speak freely and whatever is on your mind? Thankful for many friends around me that are like that, and especially for her since we have been friends from …. 1997 🙂


So we ordered


Cafe Latte

Truffle fries

Verdict: 2/2 of us will return.
I quite like the atmosphere .. very chillax .. and it started to get packed around 7-ish .. Would like to return to try the dinner … Seems quite good 🙂
My coffee was strong and I thought they nailed the milk and coffee ratio quite aptly to my taste.
Truffle fries however, can’t beat the one at chillax cafe I feel somehow :/

But I guess, the good catchup session made up for it! Nothing like a good catchup session over coffee 🙂

Habitat Coffee
223 Upper Thomson Road, 

Meng Kitchen 日夜小厨

I was feeling hungry and thought I call out my trooper star for a supper catch up session as well as something to fill my bottomless pit.

So headed down towards Upper Thomson and parked myself at this bah chor mee place as recommended by her ( a place that she frequented since she was a kid.)


I ordered myself the mini hot pot bah chor mee .


I was there around 12 am? and it was still a very bustling outlet – many people taking away their orders.

I like how they put in the mushrooms inside the noodles! For all those zhu you zha (pork lard) lovers, the mee pok is also soaked and mixed with them! The noodles were not too overcooked and ‘al dente’ chinese noodle style- My favourite :).


The soup was pretty light for my tasting .. but its filled with quite a heap of ingredients (meatball, sliced pork, prawn, liver, mince pork) .. Nonetheless, enjoyed it overall 🙂


Verdict: 2/2 of us will return here for the noodles!

Meng Kitchen 日夜小厨
246B Upper Thomson Road,
Thomson Garden Estate,