Happy Father’s Day

Wonder how were all the father’s day celebration.. 🙂

We went to tung lok classics ( last minute managed to get a place) for dim sum

So we ordered


Salted Egg Yolk and shredded duck porridge


Sliced taro and Carrot cake


Teochew “fen guo”


Xiao Long Bao

And of course, dim sum is never complete without a few prawn dishes:


Har Gao


Hong You Chao Shou


Prawn Rice Rolls


Prawns on Toast?


Salted Egg Yolk Prawn

My dad decided to go ahead and order this to try for all of us:


Stone Bowl Rice (Hui fan)

And to top off the whole tung lok experience, instead of a birthday rap, they came up with a father’s day chinese poem cum rap for the fathers on the table


And what are those yellow paus??


Verdict: 4/6 of us will return- ok we didnt have much of a choice since we didn’t pre book at the restaurant that we wanted, this was one of the next available. Beggars can’t be choosers- we were grateful enough to be able to find a table at lunch peak hour

I still like the porridge – love the salted eggs and duck combination , as well as the taro shredded carrot cake- but i think maybe the chef is like on his father’s day holiday cause todays one was thicker and carrot cake was too starchy for my liking. I take my carrot cakes very seriously

According to the prawn taste tester, His most favourite prawn dish was the prawns on toast. Salted egg yolk prawn needed more salted egg yolk, the rest of the dishes were just ordinary.
I must admit the rice was pretty good! Something different from the normal fried rice but in a good way.
Kudos to the service and father’s day extra!

Tung Lok Classic
1 Tanglin Road #02-18
Orchard Parade Hotel