Ting Heng Seafood

Decided to buy the family with my first pay at one of our all time favourite indulgent place

we were patrons of this place for a good .. 10 years? or maybe even longer before this hidden Jem was discovered and flooded with celebrities

wall of fame

wall of fame

so we ordered:

Lobster E-Mee

Lobster E-Mee

Black Pepper Calf Brisket

Black Pepper Calf Ribs

Close up

Close up

Beancurd Sheets with home made fish cake

Beancurd Sheets with home made fish cake

Grouper steamboat

Grouper steamboat



Home made fishballs and meatballs

Home made fishballs and meatballs



Black sauce beehoon

Black sauce beehoon

Lady Boss

Lady Boss


Verdict: 5/5 of us will return

1. Always try to look for the lady boss to place an order! she is really friendly! and to add, after all these years of knowing her, she  has not aged at all!

2. If you enjoy Chinese style of lobsters, this is one of the better places to go to in Singapore in my humble opinion because the meat is really fresh. They do take pride in serving the freshest seafood whenever possible, but attached to it is also a premium 🙂

3. My family is not really a family that eats a lot of steamboats when we dine together, but this place, their home-made balls and fish paste is really different from the ones outside. Not too starchy and texture wise not too bouncy like a ping-pong ball.

4. The beancurd sheets gluten dish is one of my all time favourite dish to order. Can’t be found in many places and their origin is from Malaysia -> I think due to the natural water source, soya products from there, specifically Ipoh are really of a better quality and just taste really different from the ones we have here in Singapore 🙂

Damage: per pax, this meal was $80

Ting Heng Seafood
#01-03, 82 Tiong Poh Road,
Singapore 160082

Tiong Bahru Bakery

Have you had one of the best croissants in Singapore?

This renowned chef that set up his bakery in the heart of Tiong Bahru and queues to purchase the bread early in the morning start as early as 7 am! Even ex-pats in Singapore also seem to swear by this place…

So my mum kindly bought back for us for breakfast ..

Tiong Bahru Bakery

She bought two kinds, firstly

Chocolate Croissant

one bite

and of course, what most of the family likes and what she also likes


one tugg and ..

Verdict: 4/4 of us will return.

I liked how the plain ones, you can see the layers nicely folded and wrapped. It’s nice to see that the layering and makes you ponder the amount of butter and effort it takes. This croissant differs from the others you see around Singapore because it leans towards the “dough-y” bread side in comparison to those light and fluffy airy ones.  So to all the butter lovers out there, please do make a pit stop here for a short snack!

The chocolate flavoured one on the other hand, I felt personally was a little too sweet for me…  and probably I think I might have re-heated it over the toaster for too long a time, the ‘soft like crumbly crust’ became a hard biscuit. I will just be sticking to the plain ones for now.

Tiong Bahru
56 eng hoon street

40 Hands

So the siblings and i decided to go check out the upcoming chillax places at tiong bahru area to source out other new branch alternatives ..
We chanced upon 40 Hands and decided to give it a go ..



My Mocha - delightful


Eggs Benedict


Salmon Cream and Bread


Extra Order of Fries

I think overall my order was the best – not saying that it was super spectacular. The Hollandaise was little.My sister’s Salmon Cream bread thingy – her salmon was way fishy and it just spoilt the whole sauce .. My brother didn’t really enjoy his americano coffee, as well as his set :/

so i guess this is a miss ..
but i think maybe i would want to come back for the ambience and would like to try the other things on the menu instead ..

Ratings: 2/3 will not return

18 Chefs

We were looking around for food near our workplace, when i chanced upon this post from ieatishootipost and he was talking about how this particular chef is making use of his life experience and contributing back to society in hiring and imparting culinary skills to people who want a second chance in life. I think its a very meaningful thing, that what you learnt and are trained in can indirectly change the life of people around you, so I decided to go with my dad to try check out this place.

18 chefs

This is a very student friendly place. Prices are very affordable and catered towards students. It was an interesting menu! you first choose your base, rice,pasta or baked pasta, then you choose from 8 different sauces, main ingredient and top up ingredient. I wished this place was set up when I was still a student!

Tangy Tomato with Chicken Slices and mushrooms

The waiter was very patient in telling us our food will take a while to come .. as well as attending to the needs of my dad (who kept on ordering almost everything off the menu so that he could also play a part in contributing to such a good cause)

A&W Fish and Chips

This is pretty special! We tried it and thought it tasted like normal fish and chips though ..

Fries with Bolognese

Chilli Crab

crayfish pasta

My sister thinks we are blinded by wanting to contribute to this cause that we were agreeable with the food. I think for a change and to be able to contribute at the same time, why not?
I would return to try that blackpepper crab special as mentioned by ieatishootipost . We didn’t get to try it this time around because it was not available.

Eighteen Chefs
302 Tiong Bahru Road
Tiong Bahru Plaza
Singapore 168732