Tan po po

Havent seen my dolls for such a long while, so we headed down to tan po po at Takashimaya basement for dinner! It was a good and long catch up! Am so glad to meet them all together as a group after a long while 🙂

So mama Phua and I ordered


Troopie Beaties and J-beanies ordered


Troopie jans ordered


And troopie Gracie ordered


We all also ordered side dishes to share, such as




And of course, to round off the whole meal, we shared dessert amongst us all
: the scoopz cake

As well as


Verdict: 2.5/ 6 of us will return here. Troopie beat and jean complained their noodles had the ‘floury’ taste to it – not to their particular liking. Gracie felt her noodles were too hard and didn’t taste like ramen. Her grilled pork that accompanied it was just bad. Troopie jans complained her ramen noodles were just bad. My ramen I felt was just not very.. Special. There was not much kick to it, and I felt it was quite wierd to put lettuce in it. The only redeeming point was the egg!

And the cake! The sponge cake was soft and moisy! The warabi mochi on the other hand was just yucks. It was too bitter with too much matcha powder, as well as the warabi mochi ‘Q-ness’ was just too soft for a warabi mochi.

Tan Po Po