Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken & BBQ (Ngee Ann City)

Met my dear trooper yuns for a pre- early birthday combined celebration:) and .. We decided to keep to our “personal tradition”( inside joke) and went for Korean food!!!;)

So we booked for the crystal jade Korean place at takashimaya. ( more convenient for the both of us)




Our appetizers 🙂




Close up


And of course between 2 of us, we decided to go with a set ( that had mainly what we wanted) which were :


Spicy Seafood & Beancurd Soup


B.B.Q Chicken Fillet


B.B.Q. Beef Fillet


We added a side order of :


Kimchi Pancake

Verdict: 0.5/2 of us will return to this place.

The soup was not as spicy as I thought it would be – our dear chili queen was pretty disappointed.

The kimchi pancake was good, and the beef, we were thinking it would be like bulgogi kind of style and told them to cook all the meat for us, but yup .. Didn’t turn out to be what we expected after all… Even the chicken kinda looked abit sad.

To make up for this! Dessert!!!

Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken & BBQ (Ngee Ann City)
391 Orchard Road
#04-20 Ngee Ann City


East Ocean Teochew Restaurant

As mentioned before in my past posts, and as you loyal readers would also know how Dim Sum is a very favourite and agreeable meal among all my family members.

So we decided to go check out the newly renovated and shifted East Ocean Teochew Restauarant at Takashimaya. It was formerly at Shaw Center where Isetan is.

Center piece

hairy crab season!

parking zone

It’s nice to see they still retain the same theme and style. The place is still mad packed with waiters and waitresses running around. The ‘new’ thing I realised about this place is (or maybe haven’t been back here for such a long time that I forgot about this), their style of serving their dim sum is more ‘traditional’. Well not old school to the extent that there are push carts, but the servers will come out with assorted dim sum for you to choose from.  The waitresses and waiters here I must say, they really know how to ‘sell’ you what they are serving. If I were their boss I would be quite proud to have them around.

so anyway, cutting to the chase,  we were first served some tea to cleanse our palette and prepare ourselves for whats ahead:

Just to cleanse your palette

Looking around, the interior set up really reminds me of a typical Hong Kong Chinese restaurant, except that you won’t be sitting with strangers if there are not enough people to make up one table.


so to cut to the chase, this was what we thought was ok .. manageable .. won’t really die for these dishes:

Char Siew Cheong fun ( bbq pork rice rolls)

Spinach in superior stock with minced meat and seafood

Satay you yu (cuttle fish)

fa gao (fish stomach) soup

glutinous rice

Our favourites were :

Pan Fried Carrot Cake

Min Har Kok (Prawn Dumplings)

Prawn in beancurd sheets

Yam Cake

Fu Pei Kin ( beancurd sheets wrapped with prawn etc)

po lo char siew pau

you cai (Blanched kailan)

si you chow min (soya sauce fried noodles)

Hairy crab Xiao Long Pau

Pi Dan Porridge

Verdict: 4/4 of us will return.

The standard of this place never drops.. well from our memory of how the food was last time, and now .. The standard is very much maintained.

My favourite was the pan-fried rice rolls – I love the sauce. It’s very different from those eaten outside. I apologise my pictures does not do justice to the appearance and taste of it. A common dish but uniquely cooked their style – very much resembling Hong Kong style in my opinion.

The kailan (vegetable) – cannot be underestimated. The way its prepared and cooked, although looks like the  simplest dish on the table, is just like Hong Kong (only not as oily as Hong Kong’s standard). The stem is crunchy and the leaves are not withered from over boiling it. The trick I think, is either to blanch it fast, or when they dip into cold water for a while to ensure the “crunchy-ness” of the stem texture. I like one of my favourite vegetable done this way 🙂

Because its hairy crab season, as part of the seasonal menu, there is hairy crab xiao long bao (super huge!) and very juicy. You could taste the essence of the hairy crab in the soup within the bao. The skin as well, is very thin so be gentle and handle with care!

My dad’s favourite is still the fried noodles. For some reason, we don’t and can’t seem to find this kind of noodles around in the dim sum spots we eat in. *digress* I remember watching Hong Kong drama serials, and they dipped the noodles into the congee/porridge and eat it. When I verified it with my Hong Kong Colleagues last time, they did not know of such eating methods. LOL  .. goodness hahahaa .. but I guess for people who love their carbs, you can have a double carb combo in adopting this method to eat!  works especially when you are in a hurry!

For the prawn dishes, the prawn taster said this was just divine. Just for this place, he is willing and accepts that the filling inside is not one whole entire prawn, but he says overall the dumplings were not too floury and starchy. The beancurd sheets prawn dishes were more preferred. (Maybe it comes with age – fried things don’t go down well with the mentai monster who is going to be rounded up the 30s bracket age group).

As for the rest of the dishes, nothing really great to shout about.
Rice rolls were too thick.
For a change, the fa gao soup was just mediocre, but not that great either. It was not bad but not fantastic until you want to roll around the table.

We were too stuffed to fill our stomachs up with the ultimate lau sar bao. But if you do get a chance, well my family stands by the lau sar bao here as being one of the best in Singapore.

Click here to see what we had for our first visit.

P.s. DO REMEMBER TO MAKE RESERVATIONS! ESPECIALLY FOR DIM SUM SUNDAYS! Otherwise, don’t even think of trying to get a place here through walk-ins.

East Ocean Teochew Restaurant
391 Orchard Road #05-08/09
Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872

Mini One [DONQ]

So I was walking around taka basement and chances upon this! The smell was too buttery and enticing! Just had to get it!!! Decided to buy back for my family!


You can smell it when you enter the basement





Verdict: 4/5 of us will return. My bro said it was just ok but after eating one that was baked on the spot, I thought it was quite good! Probably not as buttery but light and make a convenient snack nonetheless 🙂

Mini One [DONQ]
Takashimaya Food Hall #B2
391 Orchard Road 
Ngee Ann City

Smitten…by the Patissier

So since my little sister is back, I decided to pamper her a little and also want to try it out since it has been around for a while .. Well i do like the cakes from the Pattiser – they have been my family member’s birthday cakes for a few years and counting ..

I ordered home :

Banana Chocolate Meringue roll


meringue roulade: passionfruit mousse, and fresh mangoes and strawberries.

I didnt think well of it .. I think by the time I brought it home, it was super nua-ed .. and like .. I think I will just stick to ordering the normal meringue cake. My sis also didn’t think well about the banana chocolate – i thought it was good though :/ at least the meringue part was not soften ..

Ratings: 2/2 people will not return to try it

Smitten…by the Patissier
Takashimaya Food Hall
Ngee Ann City #B2
391 Orchard Rd


Angus Steak House

Yes its my birthday! My friend kindly dragged me out to celebrate! haha and we went to one of the places that I have never tried before but walked past it alot of times .. 🙂

She suggested it, knowing I enjoy Japanese fusion with western style of dinning . Walking in for the first time, I loved how the place was decorated. It had an very french touch to it, like the windows that you could not open but looked nice as a decoration. It was quite a strategic position to also people watch people on the streets 🙂

Clam Chowder

The clam chowder was not too creamy – just to my liking.  The bun was really cute, and dipped in the soup tasted yummy! Everything was served in a slow paced – which I am alright with – and quite a chillax nice reserved environment to dine.

Garlic buttered steak

Our mains portioning wise was just nice for us – wasnt too much nor too little. I swiped off everything my plate and am thankful she dragged me out for this meal, if not I would have been feeling quite crappy celebrating my birthday.

I would come back to try the other methods of cooking and when I have another steak craving!!

Angus Steak House
391 Orchard Road,
#04-25 Ngee Ann City,