Bkk : #2.3.1 – snack

we decided to have a pre-dinner snack before heading to check out platinum mall for a while ..
So we explored nearby and went to the paragon food basement..

So we bought to share and try



And troopie philies and I shared the yoghurt:



And the rest of the troops bought the assorted milk to try too


Thai Milk Tea


Matcha (Green tea) Milk


Chocolate Milk

Verdict: I think the yoghurt was the best 🙂 hahahaa followed by the matcha, thai milk tea… troopie beat complained the chocolate milk was not thick enough .. so .. Yoghurt the best 😀

Following that, I had one of my ‘cheated by the picture’ hazelnut ice-cream…



Ferrero Rocher

This was a ‘*wrinkles nose’ moment.. Hazelnut taste was faint 😦 so a big no for me 😦

Bangkok: #2.1

So, the troops went on to visit the temples of thailand. .. Because of religious purposes and also I don’t really have a keen interest to visit temples, so I thought I just go and explore around the food basement of Siam Square!!! Well why not?? 🙂 In the air con and away from the heat :p  so I found this place from trip advisors .. as reccomended ..

Entrance of the Shop

Shop Interior – Nostalgic feel  🙂

So lazing the afternoon away, I ordered myself:

Iced Mocha

Mushroom and Ham Crepe With Cheese

Close up

Verdict: I will totally go back for it ! Pure awesomeness and creaminess to the max!! but for 1, its a little too much after a while! I couldn’t finish eating the whole thing. The creamy texture however, it was like a mixture of cheese and cream + milk?seems to be I think .. But awesome combination 🙂

Vanilla Brasserie
991 Siam Paragon Shopping Center
Rama 1 Rd.,
Bangkok 10330

Pies and Coffee

So then thought I have a quick snack before I commence my study session:
Headed down to this place to check out :


and a peek inside:


So I decided to try something different:



Verdict: 0.5/1
I won’t order this again. Potato and laksa gravy somehow just doesn’t go together.. By the time I scooped to the bottom, the gravy has thickened? And the seafood taste is a little too strong and puts me off for my liking… The ambience here however is very nice for a chillax and relaxing hangout. Maybe I should have just stuck to their chicken pies instead

Pies & Coffee
33 Rochester Drive,
Rochester Mall,

Mini One [DONQ]

So I was walking around taka basement and chances upon this! The smell was too buttery and enticing! Just had to get it!!! Decided to buy back for my family!


You can smell it when you enter the basement





Verdict: 4/5 of us will return. My bro said it was just ok but after eating one that was baked on the spot, I thought it was quite good! Probably not as buttery but light and make a convenient snack nonetheless 🙂

Mini One [DONQ]
Takashimaya Food Hall #B2
391 Orchard Road 
Ngee Ann City

Have a break! Have a !!

My very dear friend of mine knows my fascination about chestnuts, so she chanced upon this in giant and bought it for me!


Am super blessed to have such sweet friends 🙂


Verdict: the first bite the chocolate tastes like coffee chocolate. I like the size! It’s so cute and small! And of course the thought behind it 🙂 nice to have once in a while 🙂

Vege chips

Another snack that I found at Katong 112 .. Vegetable snacks! I mean they are supposedly (maybe not but) “psychologically” healthier snack form since its vegetable based? ahhaha so I bought 2 to compare:

A peak insidee



sweet potato. pumpkin

Verdict:  end of the day, if you want to be healthy, just eat the vegetable instead. Seriously! hahaha… the vegetable flavoured one, its like a nice saltish snack to have to make you feel psychologically better that you are eating something healthy. The second one however, is like .. I think the sweet potato chip is fine – its like potato chips and just sweet – (on second thought I think I had rather cooked one sweet potato and eat it instead of this)  .. the pumpkin just tasted weird. .. I don’t really know how much more to describe it .. but just weird.  Wont Go back to buy both

Katong 112
112 East Coast Road
Singapore 428802 


Ritz or jap?

I think the readers of this blog (a big thank you for your continual comments and support) would probably have guessed apart for my undying ‘love’ towards chocolate chip cookies, I blog quite frequently about Japanese snacks.

I am probably one of the suckers for their neat and cool packaging – and most of the times they do deliver what they promise on the packaging – looks and taste.

that being said, I found this at this jap supermarket at katong 112

Cheese Biscuit

Close Up

I thought it reminded me of ritz bits, so I bought a small packet of it and did a comparison

Ritz Bits

Close up

now a comparison of the two:

Side by side comparison

Verdict: The Japanese biscuit has a more saltier texture to it, and the size is bigger than the normal ritz bit ( as seen). The cheese was slightly sweeter than the ritz as well. But I think I still like my ritz the best. I like ritz in that its like balanced (ok abit more to the saltier side but not as saltish as this Japanese Biscuit) of sweet and saltiness combined in a biscuit. 🙂

112 East Coast Road 
Singapore 428802


Yoghurt biscuit

Jusr to make myself feel psychologically better that in am eating a ‘healthier’ version of my favourite snack, I saw this along with the cheese snack that day and decided to buy it just to see how it tastes like…




I didn’t have my favourite stitch charcter biscuit inside but overall its pretty not bad, if you want something different 🙂 like a once in a while change your palette .

But of course, I say this with biasness because i like the whole series of biscuit, especially the chocolate ones and the milk ones 🙂

6 Eu Tong Seng Street
Central, #B1-028

Cheese biscuit???

I went to yamagawa after my class and decided to buy some snacks for myself to prep myself for my upcoming nerd camp.. So i saw this on offer and decided to give it a shot:



I don’t know what came over me to buy it.. To describe the entire taste, it tastes like chilli mixed with somethig extremely salty and sweet at the same time.. With tinge of cheese tastes -_-

I couldn’t get pass the whole thing i threw it away. Zzzz

No wonder it was in sale -_-
No more for me

6 Eu Tong Seng Street
Central, B1-28-b

Beans anyone?

Mame mame edamame

Edamame is this form of soy green pea that same Japanese Restaurants in Singapore would serve as an appetizer, or you might have to order it off the menu.

It also goes well with cold beer 🙂

This next snack that i am about to introduce was found in the bottom shelves of super markets.

Last time, muji used to release this series of edamame snacks, and the price of it was inflated after it took off being introduced in the newspaper.. So in replacment of that, i found this


It comes in 5 packets, each only 99 calories!!!


And please do shake it before opening so to evenly distribute the salt throughout the biscuit! Its quite a salty fix:)