So today is our last day .. and just to mark off before going off, one last place to check out – like a one for the road meal till last us till our next trip back to Japan – if we do get the chance

So we went to one of the recommended on the ramen trail map, as it was another highly recommended by the hotel staff

The theme is samurai, we can see it


Even when we enter or when they have to shake the water off the ramen, they would all enthusiastically shout!!! Lead bt the chef that looks like a dinosaur, who cooks the noodles as if like the samurai chopping people’s head’s off .. and shouting the “YOSHA” thingy , the rest follow in Cannon as a form of gusto(I think) and also to display their enthusiasm in what they do.

Japanese chicken rice - not very nice only the sauce

You can choose the strength of the broth, and the size of the bowl.

kong bah noodles - broth was a little salty althought i took the lighter broth, but Noodles SUPER QQQQ

So come here early because there were long queues when we were there at around.. 11:30? Around there..
I think its not bad .. although can’t really agree to the saltiness of this .. but the charsiew is super!!!

Menya Musashi
K-1 Build. 1F,
7-2-6 Nishishinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


By dinner time, dad said he was feeling better! So we headed towards one of the restaurants near by the hotel – just in case he wasn’t feeling up to it half way and decided to come back. This hunt was probably one of the best dinners in Tokyo!

The owner was very helpful and happy to have us .. He even introduced a lot of new things(to us) that we probably will not be able to get or know how to order when we are in Japan.
Pity I do apologise, I don’t have the exact address – I was too sleepy from the whole day to remember to take a name card from this shop.

This meal really challenged our limits.

According to my brother and sister, who tried the horse sashimi said that when you first put into your mouth, it tastes like maguro, then as you finish it, it tastes like mango after taste .. ahaha and mentioned how the texture is grainer than beef or fish for that matter

If we had known that we ate beef guts hotpot, I think we wouldn’t have went ahead to order it.. It was “saiko!” .. the best soup base ever!!


My dad was not feeling well, so we took away some food for him from nearby .. and for my mum who had to take care of him as well ..

So we went near by and took away from Otoya.

Oyaku don - Favourite

ootoya grains porridge

Chicken hot pot

katsu in a hot pot - Yummy!!!

Shinjuku Island Tower
B1F 6-5-1 Nishi-Shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Tokyo: #6.2

We decided to go to one of the hotel’s restaurant for our own Kaiseki Japanese Christmas dinner celebration.
Yamatoya Sangen – Japanese Restaurant

So we had ..

Awesome Christmas dinner!
Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Tokyo: #5.2

My brother thought he shouldn’t just end the night as such .. So he told me to follow him to hop around the different sake lounges within the hotel to check out the ambience and try the different types of special cocktails.
we went up to the 45th floor of this Lounge within the hotel, M bar

Spectacular View of tokyo

Special Occasion Drink for the night

I (heart) Takashimaya Japan

Following that, he also decided that we should experience the Japan Culture, through heading into a yakitori place and drinking beer and eating yakitori. In the environment where all the OLs and Salarymen were bitching in Japanese about their work, smoking like a chimney, we found this place near our hotel that is exactly as i described it to be.


BEST ODEN EVER!!!! Egg, Fishcake, Daikon, special toufu puff, konyaku jelly

Cheers to Christmas!

And of course, what we came here for : Yakitori.  Super shioks except the quails eggs were super saltish

But we found this next amazing dish while trying very hard in our broken japanese and english to ask the waiter to reccomend something special and different for us. .. and to our amazement, we had this

At a glance, it just looks like an ordinary piece of chicken cutlet . But according to the waiter, he explained in his broken english and simple Japanese that this chicken cutlet,  is first coated with egg yolk, pre-fried, then battered in flour and fried again – Super awesome to the max!

I forgot to take the name card of this place, but its a sure touchdown!!! 🙂


Tokyo #5.1

We headed towards Tokyo, although leaving a little fuller, rounder and with a heavier heart and body weight! I dont dare to think how much weight I have put on after all these incessant eating. So we took the train, and I thought to make my Japan experience a little more authentic, I bought myself an Onigiri to eat on the trip to Tokyo.

Mentai Onigiri 🙂


After we arrived in Tokyo, we checked into our hotel, at Shinjuku, and went to find Ramen.  We were introduced this Ramen map that the hotel had conveniently mapped out with its surrounding areas (Aren’t the Japanese meticulous or what?)  and we of course asked for their personal rankings in which they deemed were the best before making the trip. So we headed to Santouka, I believe we also do have a branch in Singapore.

Shoyu Ramen

Charsiew Rice = good stuff

Well i think the only complaint was that the  eggs kinda dont really pass the normal molten standard.


Santouka Ramen
1F, 1-18-5, Nakaoki bldg
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo