I love KOBE
I wish I can scream that out loud .. So we went around exploring and I found some interesting sights:

out of no where Mediterranean influence building preserved in its original form

Guy basking on the street trying to air guitar

We explored Kobe and I did quite abit of shopping here as well :p .. but other than that, I wished Kobe was not just a day trip. I would long to return here … 🙂

WE found this Cake shop that seemed to catch the interest of my brother and bought back to try!

Tooth Tooth

Take Away Box

Chesnut cake. Chocolate Tart. Berry Tart.

But in the end.,. I think what was best was :

Overall Champ

Tooth Tooth
4-11 1-chome,
Chuo-ku, Kobe,
Hyogo Prefecture town