Shinkansen Salad

Decided to check out this new salad place

how rare is it that they put hamachi (yellow tail) into salads??

So how this works is, you get to choose your size, base, extra toppings and sauce

Hamachi Sashimi Salad

Hamachi Sashimi Salad

Salmon Sashimi based salad

Salmon Sashimi based salad


Verdict: 2/2 of us will never return

1) Hamachi was fishy (felt like they left there for too long kind a fishy)
2) Salmon was also just average honestly

We were disappointed.
Although this was priced slightly higher than average salads, we didn’t feel like we got our bang for the buck.

*Classified under vegetarian because there are just non-meat options for vegetarians 🙂

Shinkansen Sushi
Ocean Financial Centre,
10 Collyer Quay
Singapore, 049315


The Lawn

Troopie Gracie and I are on our bi-weekly explore the red line (mrt) side mission!! J
Its been great so far since we started – discovered

So next up on our list, actually isn’t a place from the red line. Since we were both ‘auto-mobiled’, and feeling so stuffed from our lunches, we decided to eat healthy.
For the many years that we know each other, this I must say is our ‘virgin’ attempt to actually go down specially to a place to eat something light and healthy. What not a better meal to bond over Salad = something light and healthy.

We headed to The Lawn, this shop that only sells salad, down near Biopolis side, and if you are new to the area like us, we circled past the car park (OK my fault I am just hopeless with directions) and finally stumbled upon the place 🙂

Front of the shop

So apart from their pre-set salads that  they have available, you can also customise your own 🙂


It was a pretty long wait .. till our orders came ..

Order up!

So troopie gracie ordered

Grilled Dory in herbs + Citrus Dressing (Lemon, Orange, Lime ,Thyme)

I ordered myself :

Grilled Chicken Breast + Honeyball dressing (Honey, Dijon Mustard)

Verdict: 2/2 of us will return here!
We found this place really quite value for money! And the portions are really big and generous, although we only ordered the smaller bowl, we couldn’t finish the entire bowl! We will definitely return here for another round of healthy eating. Do try to go earlier though! By the time we arrived, most of the salad dressings were like not available!

The Lawn
31 Biopolis Way,
Singapore 138669