ROAST @ One Rochester

My Birthday celebration continued on with my next most important group of friends – my uni friends 🙂
I suggested trying out one rochester and we all went there in excitement .. OK i rather .. 🙂

Its so nicely situated .. not too noisy (although there was a company event going on at the same time as well) but, the greens and decorations made up for it.

we ordered off some of the Christmas specials as well

we all shared :

Twice baked gruyere souffle, salade chapponade with crispy bacon

Crab cakes



Truffle oil mushroom soup

Braised beef cheek with Chestnut risotto

Scallop and Prawn Creamy pasta

Baby chicken wrapped in proscuitto with pine nut, raisin and truffle stuffing, garlic potatoes, quince and pear compote

Baked Cauliflower

I think so far the mains were great .. uploading all this pictures made me think how did we ever manage to ‘wallap’ all this up – but we did! hahahaha .. scarily and amazingly

the desserts were disappointing .. i wont return for it ..

Pumpkin Tart

Chestnut opera cake -pukes

Will come back to try the mains.. but other than that, I think i will pass on dessert.

Roast@One Rochester
1 Rochester Park,  
Tel: +65 6773 0070