kyoto #1.1

On ward Kyoto for a relaxing Ryokan experience

Upon arrival at the station, we stopped for a quick lunch at the JR station in ISETAN

Ramen Museum : introducing only the best ramens

Ramen Museum : introducing only the best ramens

decided to go with what we couldn’t get in Singapore .. so we went for :

Settled with this

Settled with this

Free Flow of Eggs :)

Free Flow of Raw Eggs 🙂

Fish Cake

Fish Cake



#No. 2

Normal Bowl Ramen with eggs and sliced beef 

Char Han :)

Char Han 🙂

Verdict: 5/5 will return

The Fried rice was the highlight because it was really very well fried -> very fragrant even when they are carrying it to the table, you can really smell it.

The beef looked like it was marinated in sukiyaki sauce, but it was not. Just quite plain but nice for a change instead of the usual types we can get in Singapore.

Tokushima Ramen Toudai (徳島 ラーメン東大)
10F Kyoto Station Building,

901 Higashishiokoujicho Sagaru Shiokoji Karasuma dori Shimogyo-ku,
Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen

It takes one bowl of bad ramen to keep you off ramen forever, but a few good bowls to entice you to continue one’s love for ramen.

I stumbled upon this new ramen place that opened in Novena and decided to give it a chance..

View of inside


I went to this place during off-peak hours, and managed to snag a seat ( thankfully they are opened during off-peak hours) 🙂

After much deliberation, I chose the Shio Egg ramen ( Salt flavoured broth egg topping ramen) .. and what came surprised me

Egg Ramen

Close up of Char Siew


Verdict: I am so coming back here! I thought they mistook my order because I didn’t expect my bowl to be filled with 3 half eggs! and these eggs were those kind that are marinated in broth and sauce – so they are not the bland kind. The char siew was also very nicely done. This kind of cut of char siew is very meaty and yet they didn’t over cook it so it came quite tender. Although I think what would have topped off the experience is if they char grilled the charsiew or blow torched the fella.

The broth was a little blend for me… but the toppings and gyoza( i ate it up too fast) totally made up for it ..

Next time I am returning to try this

Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen
 10 Sinaran Drive,
 Square 2, Singapore



Keisuke Tonkotsu King (Orchid Hotel)

Troopie beaties and I decided to go check out this ramen place ..
Its been on our “we should try it” list, and after a long while, here we are!!!!

The place is really small and crammed! So be prepared to queue at peak hours 😉


We sat at the counter near the ‘open kitchen’ and the best part about this place, there is free flow of eggs! Yes!



And this is how you place your order:


So then I ordered,


And troopie Beaties ordered:


Verdict: 2/2 of us don’t think we will be returning… For me, I felt that the broth was just abit too thick for liking.. And the after taste of it was just hmms.. Abit on the oily side, but char siew was nice :/

Fukuoka #6.1

We went to have a look at the porcelain museum up at Arita, In Saga Perfecture, and at the same time visit ドイツドレスデンにあるツヴィンガー宮殿 ( Zwinger Palace). This place reminds me of the comic that I read, which also subsequently came up with the manga series called Black Butler (黒執事 Kuroshitsuji) The setting reminded me of how Ciel Phantomhive’s house looked like .. like a real life version of it .. hahaha.. for that moment



Very scenic and amazing how they managed to preserve this place for such a long time!
We walked around the Ceramics section and food section, bought some snacks to bring back to Singapore .. then, of course it was time for lunch! We drove frantically around, to try to find a place that was still open for lunch, before chancing upon this place called Ifudoudou(威風堂々). I am not trying to be funny here but the place is really called that!


beansprout ramen

black seared ramen


fried rice

char siew rice

Over all, this ramen is really not bad! In comparison to the previous one at Oita , This one beats it hands down .. Comparatively to ichi ran, its different in style? Upon conversing with the shop owner, it turns out that this guy represented the whole of kyushu to come to Isetan in Singapore to promote his Ramen! He said he loved Singapore and was very helpful in navigating us to our next destination.

One thing about the countryside people here in Japan that I realised, they are really friendly and helpful in giving directions, to really going all the way to assist you, even if it means they have to act out what they really mean.

佐賀県 844-0027
(I couldnt find an English Address) 

Fukuoka #5.4

We finally arrived in the City!! Finally I see civilisation!!! and shopping malls! and buildings!!! I saw a big Tokyu Hands! Can’t wait to get in there!!!
So we checked in, and started exploring the city – in search of the best ramen!
one very kind local brought us to the reccomended one that I found off the internet! IchiRan Ramen!!!

Ichi ran ramen

so i listed out in step form an easy way to go about ordering your Ramen.

Step 1.  Tell the person for how many people. Most importantly, ask for an English Order Sheet. Select accordingly to the flavours that you want. 

English Order sheet

Step 2. Press Accordingly on the Vending Machine what additional toppings/ how you want your Ramen done. Ask the person to assist you if you cannot understand the Japanese.

Vending Machine


Step 3.  Hang your Coat/Jacket behind you with the Hanger Provided. Sit according  to the Booth that is designated to you

Hang your coats to avoid getting it dirtied

My Booth

Step 4:  Help yourself to hot tea/ drinks

Step 5: Do not be alarmed by the bamboo ‘curtain’ behind. This is where the servers will serve you your ramen and toppings. Read the accompanied instructions on how to peel your egg.


Instructions on How to Crack Eggs

Step 6: Wait for the arrival of your Ramen and enjoy it! 



Close up

My mum ordered the spicy version of it

Spicy Version

This place totally rocks socks! One of the best Ramen I ever had on the trip!!! The ramen is to be accompanied with their vinegar – which I thought was weird at first, but upon trying it, just enhanced the taste of the Ramen! The egg was enjoyable, and so was the char siew – melt in the mouth! Totally enjoyed this dinning experience! I think its a pretty considerate concept in terms of, although its pretty sad case to be eating behind a booth, but probably for clients that come alone, they won’t feel so awkward.

Ichiran (蘭),
5-3-2 Nakasugawa,
Hakata-ku (2 min from subway Nakasu-kawabata exit 2; five other outlets around town),
☎ +81 92 262-0433, [18]. 


Keisuke Tokyo (Parco Marina Bay)

Before starting classes, I decided I will go explore around Singapore and go shopping around ..

I chanced upon this while walking into Parco at Millenia walk

Parco totally reminds me of the tokyo malls and I will be heading to Japan in December! All the planning for a foodie family and friend! yikes ..

So this restaurant prides itself in its crab broth ramen ..
I love ramen, I love crab.. so OK lets give it a shot and see if combined will be like a double bonus combo!

Crab broth Ramen

The eggs were molten-y – Tick
The broth was interesting. It had an overpowering seafood taste, stronger on the crab and it came quite light over all.. not like the normal char siew pork heavy broths.
Maybe I would return .. I am not sure if it made a strong impression on me that I would actually crave it. The noodles were like those used in the ‘chinese style ramen’ in Japan .. But portioning wise is just nice for me. Not too much and heavy.

Keisuke Tokyo (Parco Marina Bay)
9 Raffles Boulevard,
#P3-02 Parco Marina Bay,
Millenia Walk, 



Butao Ramen

This is the king of all Hong Kong Ramen I have eaten.


My brother kept raving about this ramen place that he thinks is better than any other ones he has eaten so far in Hong Kong .. So I decided to go and give it a shot. He warned me that the queuing time is crazy, so I thought I go at an in-between timing, but I still ended up queuing for 1 hour before I could get a seat.

My Order

Condiments to put into Ramen

The end product

I think its pretty awesome!!! Will return to eat it again!!


Butao Ramen
Wo On Building,
8-13 On Lane Street,
Lan Kwai Fong, Central
Hong Kong

Yachiyo Ramen

My kind tawianese ex colleague decided she would buy me lunch to bid me good bye. So we went near her work place to this new ramen place that she said was not bad. So we decided to have a quick one too, since she had to return to work.

Yachiyo Ramen



Of which she highly recommended the fishcakes …

fish cake!

salt ramen 🙂 love the eggs 🙂

mixed gyoza - curry and original flavour


The reality is really kicking in ..
This ramen is not bad ..  I loved the gyozas as well!

Yachiyo Ramen
3/F, Soho Square,
21 Lyndhurst Terrace,
中環擺花街21號Soho Square 3樓


So today is our last day .. and just to mark off before going off, one last place to check out – like a one for the road meal till last us till our next trip back to Japan – if we do get the chance

So we went to one of the recommended on the ramen trail map, as it was another highly recommended by the hotel staff

The theme is samurai, we can see it


Even when we enter or when they have to shake the water off the ramen, they would all enthusiastically shout!!! Lead bt the chef that looks like a dinosaur, who cooks the noodles as if like the samurai chopping people’s head’s off .. and shouting the “YOSHA” thingy , the rest follow in Cannon as a form of gusto(I think) and also to display their enthusiasm in what they do.

Japanese chicken rice - not very nice only the sauce

You can choose the strength of the broth, and the size of the bowl.

kong bah noodles - broth was a little salty althought i took the lighter broth, but Noodles SUPER QQQQ

So come here early because there were long queues when we were there at around.. 11:30? Around there..
I think its not bad .. although can’t really agree to the saltiness of this .. but the charsiew is super!!!

Menya Musashi
K-1 Build. 1F,
7-2-6 Nishishinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


We decided to head back towards Ikebukuru, just like how we came last year and stayed around this area for a Ramen that we crazily patronised at least once a day!

Kamukara Ramen


Gyoza - no biggie

Its been a while 🙂

I like how their eggs are actually marinated? and not seperately boiled .. so it has it own sauce taste in it! 🙂

Beautiful eggs!

Tori Karage .. neh i don't think so

So glad to have made this trip back here to try this! Just exactly like how i remembered 🙂 This is just awesomeness it itself! Just stick to ordering ramen! Their broth is clear and is different from the other styles of ramen that we have eaten thus far.

Kamukara Ramen
1丁目-29-5 Higashi
ikebukuro Toshima,
Tokyo, Japan