Pepperonis’s revisited,

After attending my friend’s convocation, We decided to go nearby and have a mini celebration for her  🙂
So we went to Pepperoni’s at Hill crest!! just like the last time that I took away with another group of friends!

Environment inside

1/2 Mushroom and Ham, 1/2 Pepperoni

Fish and Chips

we didn’t order much because we all had our own dinner later .. so we thought pre dinner starters :p
the ambience is nice and chillax!

 6 Greenwood Avenue, 
Hillcrest Park, 


So we decided to meet for a rounding off easter long weekend and catch up with our vampy who has been adjusting to working life, we havent gotten the chance to see her in a while.

Mama suggested trying pepperonis at zion road, newly opened so.. Why not?




A peek inside


Mushroom Soup


Aglio Olio


Angel Hairless pasta please


Tomato Pizza with Egg Cracked in the middle




Chicken Wings

Mushroom soup as feedbacked by friend is mushroomy to the max – in a good way, except for traces of ‘raw mushroom taste. Not too creamy so those who have ‘dairy-products-aversion’ this mushroom soup passed the test.

The calamari and chicken wings were fried to perfection- although chicken wings were a little too saltish for my palate.( this is coming from a person who doesnt enjoy too saltish food like spam) How wrong could one go in ordering fried food anyways?

Angel hairy pasta
One complaint though, we had angel hair(literally hair)aligo olio. Our sharp mama found a short stub of hair inside the pasta. We informed them and they took it away, apologised without informing us what they were going to do about it. So we had to ask them for a reply and managed to get a new order of it.

One could smell the wiffs of pizza upon entering and I must say we were not disappointed with the pizza that was served. You know how sometimes what you order doesnt turn out the way the picture was deceiving taken, well, The pizza was exactly how it looked in the pictures:)

Verdict: 3/3 of us will return 🙂 I would come back if I didn’t have to rush home to study, to chill over beer( we concluded alcohol is much more worth it than normal drinks) and enjoy my pizza on a nice evening weekend.

55 Zion Road


Decided to take away pizza instead and chillax over at a friend’s house with a few bottles of chilled moscatos that we purchased from triple one.
[*disclaimer please don’t drink and drive!! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ-]

Ok so we went to hillcrest and took out pizza from pepperonis
Our stash from below:



Funghi Pizza


Rockets and Parma ham

And of course, we cant forget this food that played a part in our childhood years of eating Mac Donalds: Shaker Fries!!!!!


Shaker Fries : Seaweed flavour

6 Greenwood Avenue, 
Hillcrest Park, Singapore