Super Imperial Peking duck

Met up with my dear troopie Su Ann for lunch ( post birthday celebration)  🙂
and she was craving peking duck, so we went to where we both agreed on that had the best peking duck of course.



Sugar/ Sweet Sauce

Sugar/ Sweet Sauce

Condiments : Cucmber, Spring Onion

Condiments : Cucmber, Spring Onion

Our Duck!!!

Our Duck!!!

Chef at work

Chef at work

Duck Breast skin ( to be dipped with sugar)

Duck Breast skin ( to be dipped with sugar)

Hand made skin

Hand made skin

Duck Breast Meat

Duck Breast Meat

Duck Tigh

Duck Tigh


and of course to go balance with the greasiness,

Kai lan with Garlic

Kailan with garlic

So, for the remaining duck , we did it san choy bau (Minced duck meat with chestnut etc wrapped in cabbage leaf). I apologise, in my excitement to catch up with my dear troopie, I realised I forgot to take a picture of it! hahaha

Verdict: 2/2 of us definitely return. Totally in line with my previous visits

This place is pregnant woman friendly 🙂 and for this dear girl who was craving duck, am very glad to have her craving satisfied.

She bought me this meal as a treat to my birthday .. So, Dessert was on me!! 😀

Super Imperial Peking Duck
290 Orchard Road, 
The Paragon


Bangkok: #2.1

So, the troops went on to visit the temples of thailand. .. Because of religious purposes and also I don’t really have a keen interest to visit temples, so I thought I just go and explore around the food basement of Siam Square!!! Well why not?? 🙂 In the air con and away from the heat :p  so I found this place from trip advisors .. as reccomended ..

Entrance of the Shop

Shop Interior – Nostalgic feel  🙂

So lazing the afternoon away, I ordered myself:

Iced Mocha

Mushroom and Ham Crepe With Cheese

Close up

Verdict: I will totally go back for it ! Pure awesomeness and creaminess to the max!! but for 1, its a little too much after a while! I couldn’t finish eating the whole thing. The creamy texture however, it was like a mixture of cheese and cream + milk?seems to be I think .. But awesome combination 🙂

Vanilla Brasserie
991 Siam Paragon Shopping Center
Rama 1 Rd.,
Bangkok 10330


So we headed off to akashi before preparing to go to Bangkok:)

So we ordered our usual:






Verdict: 2/2 of us will return! Mainly for the crab crouquette, the sushi, and the gyudon( beef slice rice)… The gyoza was a craving order but we were disappointed.. Taste wise was just .. Felt like frozen ones :/ .. But nonetheless, this is one of my favourite jap restaurants in Singapore 🙂

Bakers Inn

Following the un satisfying lunch – like those moments that you are full, but just not satisfied because what you ate was so crappy and you just didn’t want to waste food and finish up everything – so I dragged beaties to find my favourite desert in the world to make up for it – .. Almost everywhere sells it I reckoned .. so we headed to Bakers Inn ..

She ordered herself a :


I ordered myself a


Verdict: 1/2 of us will return
Mango cake – too much artificial mango colouring. Sponge cake was dry.
Molten cake: Can’t possibly go wrong 🙂 everything was perfect .. and something special was that it was laid on top of a slice of orange – balanced out the richness 🙂 enjoyed it 🙂

Bakers Inn
290 Orchard Road,
#02-09 The Paragon,

Imperial Treasure Peking Duck

Its my group’s tradition that Every New Year we meet up for our own reunion dinner, and always at the same place ( well out of 3 years, 2 years it has been the same) Super Imperial Peking Duck. This is the time when we celebrate our own form of new year, talk about our relatives, ang pao collections.. but of course this year is different because we are inching close to the day that my close friend is getting married!!! and all of us are going to be the bridesmaids!!!

ok that aside, the most important dish of the night : (we had to book this place in advance a few weeks before being able to secure a place because of the festive season)

Peking Duck

hello precious

i like how they make their own skin? and the consistency of the skin’s thickness is there! it has a little of a floury aftertaste (which i quite like)

yu sheng

tossing of yusheng for the more than 4th time – all the goodness of the yu sheng please come true this year! more bags and money and bfs!

Salted Egg Yolk Prawns

This is a must order .. All the prawn testers (ok only me that don’t eat it) said it was awesome! so kudos to that!

roast pork

I have high standards for my roast pork ( I mean since my mum can roast her own pork from scratch as well) I like how this cut of meat is nicely evened out . The skin is thin and crispy and there are slightly more meat than fats .. 🙂

Crab roe Noodles

This noodles were alright .. didn’t come as the one that was expected, but nonetheless i think we were also too full to stomach more food. Since the wedding was round the corner and we were quite conscious (ok not really) about stuffing our faces.

and before the night ended, my friend offered us her wedding cake or the bridal cake (xi bing) that she picked up .

teochew style

but i think we were all too full for it .. :/

Super imperial peking duck .. why do i have a hunch that visiting this place will not be limited to a yearly affair …

Ratings: 7/7 will return 🙂

Super Imperial Peking Duck
290 Orchard Road,
The Paragon

Sushi Tei

Our gang(and my family) has been very obsessive over Sushi Tei.

Especially when my dad was admitted to the hospital, it was impossible for my mum to have to juggle between work (ok she had me to watch her positions) as well as cook up meals. So everyday(almost) for this period of time, we were familiar faces at this sushi tei outlet . I think they could recognize us, not only by the time we arrive, but also we probably stun them with the amount of food we ordered.

This is on my “must-eat-before-going-Hong Kong” list, so we ordered:

Sushi Tei
290 Orchard Road


My mum brought me to try out this place when we were shopping around paragon. It was newly opened and since we were in our ramen phase, (all influenced by our Japan trip and my brother) we decided to give it shot.


Prior to ordering, because we were seated at a 2 people table, this is one of the first restaurant that I have encountered in Singapore that actually provided us with a bag holder to hang our bags and allow us to sit comfortably. Service super impressed!

Bag Holders

Mentai flavoured gyoza

I was super impressed by this suspicious dish.. I had my doubts but I am blown away! This is really good!!! I would return to eat this again!!!

Shio flavoured ramen

Hokkaido style Miso corn buttter Charsiew Ramen

I would return for the shio ramen instead.. I think this miso one was abit too filling for me .. i couldnt finish. The ramen egg passed! Its molten in the middle, not hard boiled. The egg had tasted good on its own as well, because it was kind of cooked in sauce ( its not those ramen eggs that are separately boiled in boiling water)

The good service and gyoza and ramen. Need I go on to say my verdict on this place?

290 Orchard Road,
#B1-47 Paragon Shopping Centre,
Singapore 238859

Tel: 6737 5416
Operating Hours:
11.30am – 10.30pm daily