Old Airport Road

Troops and I decided to try a different place to satisfy troopie mother’s craving for local food and we all met at old kallang airport road 🙂

So we ordered quite a fair bit to share..




All of this ordered from this store


And of course from the famous lao fu zi


And to round off dessert, I let them try Lao ban, but I found another stall that I thought tasted better than Lao ban – thicker in their bean taste


Verdict: 3/5 of us will return. I will definitely return for the char kuey teow and the beancurd. The hokkien mee is the top dish liked by the troopies.. But the carrot cake and oyster omelette is a little disappointing.. :/

War of the beancurds

So i was hopping to visit a sick friend on the way home from mugging and decided to buy her and her in law something vegetarian friendly as well – i mean can’t possibly go to people’s house empty-handed right? : dau hui (豆花)otherwise known as sweet beancurd.

There was this write-up in the papers last year I think, comparing these 2 popular ‘brands’ of beancurds at old airport road.. So I thought I buy 2 of it and asked her to compare the differences …

So I bought from





Verdict: 2/2 of us concluded that, this one is less sweeter than the other, but also still as nice 🙂 Like the cute picture on the tub 🙂 However, 51 is smoother in texture, easier on the throat, but sweeter. 🙂 My sister would be inclined to 51 better than me 🙂 So i think my vote ultimately goes to …. lao ban 🙂

Lao Ban
51 Old Airport Road,
#01-127 Old Airport Road Food Centre,

51 Soya Bean
51 Old Airport Road,
#01-72 Old Airport Road Food Centre,