Novenea Peranakan Cuisine

It seems to be take-away week. We headed nearby to take away some peranakan food since my dad was craving them.
You know those restaurants that are always near by but you don’t visit them because you always end up  heading somewhere else instead?
This Peranakan restaurant has been around for quite a long time in Novena Ville, but ever since it opened, we never tried it.
So todays the day!

we ordered

Pork Ribs

Assam Fish

Ngoh Hiang

Close up

Chap Chye

home made meat ball in Fish Maw Soup


Verdict: 4//4 unanimously agree that this place should just be left as it was – no need to specially return for it. We didn’t really take to most of the nonya food that was presented. If we really had to choose, I think the favourite dish out of all was the chap chye and the pork ribs.
The ngoh hiang’s filling was just a little  .. different from the normal types we had.
The assam fish  had too strong a curry powder taste to it, more than the assam spices and spiciness..
The fish maw soup was just blend. I think Ivins restaurant still stands as my favourite Fish Maw soup place.


Novena Peranakan Cuisine
273 Thomson Road
#01-02 Novena Garden
Singapore 307644

Peach Garden – revisited

We went back to peach garden… and ok .. kinda know what we were expecting..

So as per usual we ordered:


Crispy Whitebaits


Prawn Steam Rolls


Mango and Prawn Fritters


Fried Eggplant with Pork Floss


XO Sauce fried carrot cake


Har Gao


Fried Prawn Dumplings


Char Siew Pau


Roast Platter: Suckling pig, Roast Pork, Roast Duck


Wasabi Mayo Prawns


3 types of eggs spinach


Seafood Hor Fun



Verdict: 6.5/7 of us will not return. Well, for sure dim sum was just ok.. The wasabi mayo prawns and the pork floss eggplants were awesome! Hmm the rest was just alright.. nothing special .  … the hor fun (noodles) did not have much wok charred taste to it .. the claypot rice was not bad ..

Peach Garden
273 Thomson Rd  
Novena Gardens #01-06

Lao Bei Jing

So its like those Where should we go and it? Anything!!! moment .. then we decided we should go to somewhere near by because i need to rush home to get some work done.
and because we haven’t been here for a long while

Chives Dumplings

Crab Meat Xiao Long Bao

Normal Xiao Long bao

Si Ji Dou

spinach toufu with mushrooms

dan dan mian

The only good thing about this place, is the xiao long bao. I think their standard didn’t drop. I thought the rest of the food was mediocre – like you don’t have to return unless you really have no where else to eat- kind of place for us.

Lao Bei Jing
238 Thomson Road,
Velocity @ Novena Square,

Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ (Novena Ville)

So the troops suggested going for a korean bbq buffet instead of the norm (pretty off to a good start this year, we have been quite adventurous) .. I had a quite ‘hhmmmzz’ moment because I thought it would end up like another seoul garden or those student food kind of buffet with loads and loads of already marinated meat that after a while tasted all the same.

Chicken wings and vermicelli

Kimchi. Corn

BBQ meat

Of all the meat cuts, I think I like the short ribs the best. But nonetheless, this place is pretty good for its price. The queue seems to be never ending .. Even after we left (about 9:30) there were still people queueing up to get a place!

the staff were very efficient in clearing the aluminum foil each time it charred.

Verdict: 4/4 of us will return because its so value for money, as well as the staff had efficient service

Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ (Novena Ville)
275 Thomson Road,
#01-01/02 Novena Ville,

Old Hong Kong Kitchen (Square 2)

One of our favourite family restaurants we like to patronise – and the lady boss has really good PR skills. She also even helped me find a housing agent (but I didn’t use her in the end as her rates were too high) when I told her I was going to Hong Kong. She also mentioned how there are alot of hidden areas to eat, like tai hung .. 🙂

Anyway, today we went she was not around .. so we just ordered accordingly to our usuals..

I liked the following:

Seasonal: crabmeat giant xiao long pau

I am biased towards gluten/ beancurd sheets. I think its one of the best chinese dishes/ food that was ever invented by whoever the dude/lady is! kudos to her/his ingenious idea, we can reap from the goodness of such an exquisite manually tedious dish.

Fried gluten and assorted mushrooms

Bai cai with pan fried garlic, shredded dried scallops and red dates

Braised duck slices - teochew style

I especially loved this duck dish .. I will always order this when I am here! its super yummy!! the duck is not too tough, the sauce is not too saltish as well. They have a special dipping sauce to go with the duck, pretty sourish but I quite like the combination.

dangui kurobuta pork on hot pan

cooled down

This didnt go down too well with me .. I thought the dangui masked the whole dish, it made it so bitter. The sauce evaporated and sizzled out pretty fast, so by the time it cooled and settled down, there wasnt any sauce left. I wont order this dish again ;/

I would go back because my parents like the place. We enjoy this taro dessert that comes in a coconut, and steamed (its very popular and well liked with my parents and their friends *ah hem their generation love such desserts .. well.. so do I actually)

Old Hong Kong Kitchen (Square 2)
Address: 10 Sinaran Drive,
#02-80 Novena Square 2, 
+65 6397 7023




nan xiang 南香

Chicken Rice has to be one of my favourite local eats. Everyone goes for the chilli that determines if the Chicken Rice is good, but strangely for me, maybe because I love my carbohydrates, to me a good plate of chicken rice is determinant in the rice.

The rice in this place is one of the best ever chicken rice that I have eaten thus far. The rice is grainy and it has very strong garlic and ginger taste – which i dearly like very much in my aromatic chicken rice. Their chicken is also not dry ( I always eat the breast part and that to me is a good test if the chicken is not over dry or over cooked – that part being the hardest part to cook)

My parents enjoy the chilli as well .. and apparently this stall is a franchise from the original stall at Whampo Hawker Center. We partonised the hawker center and while talking to the lady boss, she said this stall is also part of hers 🙂 so why not 🙂 since it was such a hot day

Roast Chicken

Toufu Fried Thai style

Fried dou miao

Super favourite place  and rice 🙂

Nan Xiang 南香
10 Sinaran Drive,
Novena Square 2,

Peach Garden

very back dated.. we went to Peach Garden to celebrate mummy’s birthday lunch .. together with her best friend who bought us lunch for that day 🙂 .. it was a buffet ala carte .. so if i remember correctly, for UOB card members, its $30 ++ per pax and if you bring 2 friends, the third one dines for free or something along those lines …  so.. we really ordered a bulk of things until MY DAD said it was too much.. MY DAD!!!! ahhahaa.. we were all shocked …

What i thought was Good:

XO Carrot Cake

XO Carrot Cake

Wasabi Prawns

Wasabi Prawns

Brinjal Chips with Pork Floss

Brinjal Chips with Pork Floss

Har Gao ( Prawn Dumplings)

Har Gao ( Prawn Dumplings)

upclose on the prawnieesss

upclose on the prawnieesss

at this place, especially the Novena Branch, the Prawns there pass the prawn taste testers … like its 1 prawn by it self kind of dish.. so that was awesome.. went down very well with the fussiest prawn testers … hahah was so good that we all keep on ordering rounds of plates of it …

crabmeat fried rice

Crabmeat Fried Rice

I liked this personally.. i liked the chao -ta taste and the rice was like grainy and not like all stuck together .. it went down well with my and my sis 🙂

Spinach Tofu

Spinach Tofu

I liked this too… spinach and tofu i think that combination is nicee 🙂  and this was not too saltish and starchy .. thats what i thought 🙂

What i thought was ok..

broccoli with crabmeat sauce

broccoli with crabmeat sauce

this one.. took me by surprise .. and was quite disappointed.. like i couldn’t really taste much crab to it .. but other than that.. like.. nobody really touched this dish.. maybe because we had too many other dishes.. but other than that.. neh..

kuroubuta pork
                                                 peking duck with cabbage thingy
left over peking duck.. the pecking duck there was nice .. ahhaha.. this was also ok .. maybe because we were too stuffed from eating all of the food.. but nonetheless my only complain is just that its a little too saltish ..
pulu hitam

pulu hitam with coconut ice cream

nice decoration .. my photo doesnt give it justice.. but everyone thought it was alright… we were all treated to like free desserts 🙂 which was awesomeee 🙂

What was not good:

Roast Pork

Mongolian Prawns?

nopes.. these didn’t pass the prawn taste testers .. they didn’t like the sauce..

Beef in special chinese sauce

this also didnt go down too well .. we thought the beef was too over cooked .. the sauce was something different from the usual and not too bad.. just that the beef was slightly over cooked …
there were many other food that was not taken because it was all snapped up before i could come around taking it.. but i would say i would very much go back for the buffet because the service is really good and the food all came really fast .. so i am glad to be able to go back 🙂 maybe