Kobe-Osaka: #4.5

Just as mentioned in the previous post, that we reserved this place for our last night in Osaka, so we went back to our faithful restaurant – boy was the old lady so glad to receive us! hahahaha ..

Cold Hairy Crab

we wanted snow crab but that was sold out .. so we had this .. which was also good as well


This is the next most awesome thing my brother ordered .. ALL peeled and thicker than rice Snow Crab Sushi!! Pure Awesomeness! We ordered multiple orders of this!!!

Of course, my dad’s staple Japanese food is


chawamushi with crab

and most importantly, not forgetting what we also came here for :

crab shabu shabu



Kani Doraku
Dotonbori 1-6-18

So this last post rounds up my Osaka experience, before we all head towards Tokyo. I love Osaka as much as Kobe, for its own life and vibrancy! I love how the girls here are dressed -they all have they own style and flavour, in comparison to tokyo girls, thats what I think.

Osaka #3.3

Then since we had Okonomiyaki, we decided we should at least give that big attraction a shot. How can we be here and not try out what is the iconic restaurant of Dotonburi?

Kani Doraku

So our crab feast begins!!!

Cold Snow Crab

Kani(Crab) Cream Croquette -so so

Crab Hot Pot

after the end of the hot pot, they put in rice to the soup, so its like a crab soup porridge with all the crab essence - SUPER SHIOKS

and last but not least, ending off the meal with:

Matcha Ice-cream/ Ice cream in Matcha?

This was just awesome! We booked our dinner for here tomorrow night! We just died and went to crab heaven! The crabs were so fresh and sweet!! No signs of smelly seafood taste! just pure awesomeness

Kani Doraku
1-6-18 Dotonbori, Osaka

Osaka #3.2

We explored the whole of Shinsaibashi, a shopping area .. I was walking around and found

Chestnut puff thingy! looks like its going to flyyy!!! 🙂

That was just awesomeness it its own! and i sighted this:

HUGE Kit Kat only store

The Japanese really take their sweets very seriously!

Then we headed back towards the Namba area to satisfy my dad’s craving. His whole purpose of coming to Osaka- just to fulfil his aim that he has been watching from television: to experience eating the real Okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki is this Japanese style of ‘pancake’, filled with vegetables and include toppings like tako(octopus), squid, etc . So since its one of Osaka’s trademark food, we decided to go try out this chain of them at shinsaibashi called Chibo



O-O OOOkonomiyaki

We all came out smelling like we were fried okonimiyaki-ed. .. But nonetheless, my dad was super thrilled and happy he managed to get what he wanted.

Okonomiyaki Restaurant Chibo
Michikaze Bldg. 
1/2F, 11-27 Namba Sennichimae,
Chuo-ku, Osaka

Osaka: #1.2

We went exploring and saw Takashimaya .. so we headed down to the food basement. I must say this is like a Chestnut pre-starter. My brother is very determined in this trip, to try out all the different variations of chestnut cakes that he can ever lay his hands on.

Going into this food basement, I felt like I died and went to sweets heaven. Because most of the shops don’t allow me to take pictures, I couldn’t really take much .. But Oh my goodness looking at all the cakes galore! Makes me wished I can camp out here and stay here instead!

〒542-8510 5-1-5
Namba Chuo-ku Osaka