Our Round #4 was proceeding to next door at Jumbo for a Chilli Crab feast since troopie plonkies claimed that she could finish a whole crab to herself!!!! 😀 and also because troopie Serene and Troopie Jassie haven’t eaten their dinner ..


So we all ordered to share:

Stuffed You Tiao

Salted Egg Yolk Prawn


andd….. of course most importantly ….

Fried Mantous



wait for it ….



Washing hands dish





Chilli Crab


Verdict:  5/6 of us will return here for the Chilli Crab. The stuffed you tiao with squid was a little over stuffed – there was no equal balance with the you tiao and the stuffings, hence the dish came out soggy and was not very nice. The salted egg yolk prawn, according to my prawn taste testers were more buttery than saltish. They would prefer if there were more salted eggs instead of butter.  No major complaints about the Chilli Crab. The sauce was just as tasty – to me quite a strong tomato based but spicy enough for me to continuously dip the mantous into the sauce … Although I also wonder if its because its been such a long while since we all ate Chilli Crab that we all enjoyed it so thoroughly .. 🙂

Riverside Point 
30 Merchant Road # 01-01/02
Riverside Point
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