We decided to head down and have a late lunch while studying.. So troopie plonks and I decided to try this out:

From the menu, it seems like udon seems to be the specialty! And the prices are .. Let’s just say super student friendly? Hahah

So I ordered:



And she ordered:



And to share between us:



Verdict: 0.5/2 of us will return. Ok to be fair, it’s really affordable and very student priced.. The curry udon was just sad though.. I had like beef bits? Literally… And the ‘kani’ sushi was like those mock crabmeat… :/ I guess maybe if we ordered the other things on the menu would have been better?


Miz Japanese Restaurant

ok.. in a rush again before I had my block classes – somehow rush and me go together quite well :/ – that is quite a heavy day .. so i decided to compensate myself and explored around to try something different.. and because I was craving for Spicy tuna sushi!!! yummers ..

So i stepped in this restaurant and try my luck .. ..


See sometimes you just don’t know how to weigh between trying a new restaurant and sticking back to what is familiar to you .. Was feeling quite ‘no pain no gain’ so I decided to try and might land myself pleasant surprise ..


so I ordered myself a spicy tuna roll thinking it will be like what i ate at kaiho .. so very lost in thought and was waiting in excitement .. but what came was :

Spicy Tuna Roll

and I also ordered

Soft Shell Crab handroll

Verdict: Maybe might return . I feel like I ordered the ‘wrong things’ but because I was in a rush, so I figured this might have been the fastest.
The tuna roll : My jaw dropped in the sense I felt like I got ‘slapped out of my imagination’ and ‘reality slapped’ (Don’t mean to exaggerate in my description)  .. Where is my aburi parts? where? why is it not what i imagined it to be???  but it was just ok ..

I think the softshell crab handroll on the other hand, is one of the best ones I have eaten in Singapore. The batter of the crab was nice and evenly coated, as well as, when it came, it was not like  .. in some places, the softshell crab handroll, because the crab is fried on the spot, sometimes it makes the seaweed that wraps it go soft from the condensation of heat from the roll? but this sushi chef cleverly used a roll of lettuce before placing the fried crab on the rice ; My seaweed did not go all soft and soggy. 🙂 Will come back for this! 🙂

Miz Japanese Restaurant
7 Craig Road

Sushi Tei revisited

So we decided to take a little afternoon break from the studying (ok before I also smell a burnt out coming) and headed over to try Sushi tei !! to satisfy the sushi cravings. just for a snack before dinner

we noticed there were things different from the menu last time and ordered ourselves:


Miso Mayo Scallops



Verdict: 2/2 of us will return! everything was still the same as i remembered, only this mentai crab role was a new addition to the menu. We concluded that the mentai was abit overpowering though, it masked the whole taste of the roll.. Maybe if it was not so thick? Would have been just nice. I thought it was pretty innovative of them to pair it with finely shredded sweet potato flakes? Thought that went quite nicely alongside the whole thing.

Sushi Tei
112 East Coast Road
Singapore 428802


We were feeling quite bloated ( ok troop plonkies was – I was hungry :p) so we called it a day after the mugging session and went ahead for dinner at one of our favourite hunts : Ootoya 🙂


I was first introduced to this place by troopie plonks, ans subsequently started bringing my other troopies to try ! I really like this place and ate it in Japan and Hong Kong! I like how everything makes you feel healthy on the menu since all the amount of calories are already counted, as well as the portioning is really just right 🙂

We ordered ourselves each :

I ordered :


Close up

I enjoyed mine thoroughly and ate up everything in my set. I like how the miso soup is filled with ingredients inside unlike Your average instant miso soups in restaurants with miserable toufus.. The basil dressing was something unique to me – and balanced out well with the dish!

On a side note, i changed my rice to what they advertised to be full of calcium and even containing more iron than chicken liver, more calcium than burdock! And full of vitamin A!


Troopie plonks wasnt feeling well so she ordered the porridge – filled with multigrain goodness and loads of healthy things



And for both sets, these also came along side :



Verdict: 2/2 of us will return. I am glad that despite we going to a different branch, the standard is maintained and the staff are very friendly and meticulous in making sure all your order is served up.

Temasek Boulevard,
Suntec City Mall,

Yoghurt biscuit

Jusr to make myself feel psychologically better that in am eating a ‘healthier’ version of my favourite snack, I saw this along with the cheese snack that day and decided to buy it just to see how it tastes like…




I didn’t have my favourite stitch charcter biscuit inside but overall its pretty not bad, if you want something different 🙂 like a once in a while change your palette .

But of course, I say this with biasness because i like the whole series of biscuit, especially the chocolate ones and the milk ones 🙂

6 Eu Tong Seng Street
Central, #B1-028

Cheese biscuit???

I went to yamagawa after my class and decided to buy some snacks for myself to prep myself for my upcoming nerd camp.. So i saw this on offer and decided to give it a shot:



I don’t know what came over me to buy it.. To describe the entire taste, it tastes like chilli mixed with somethig extremely salty and sweet at the same time.. With tinge of cheese tastes -_-

I couldn’t get pass the whole thing i threw it away. Zzzz

No wonder it was in sale -_-
No more for me

6 Eu Tong Seng Street
Central, B1-28-b


We decided to meet up for a quick lunch before I had to make a run for my class that started at 2 pm.

So troopie ali suggested to go to Tonkichi for lunch to fix some japanese craving.

so we ordered :

Troopie ali ordered:


Ebi (Prawn) and Pork Tempura + Chicken Karage

Troop Beaties ordered:


Yokubari Set: Pork fillet, 2 prawn (ebi), oyster and crab croquette

I ordered:



My set came and I was pretty happy – the pork cutlet was not over fried until it was quite hard despite me ordering a leaner cut.

The whole course was finished off with coffee jelly. I thought it was pretty nice, the coffee was quite strong tasting and the white cream ‘syrup’ portion was not too sweet for liking.


Overall verdict: 1.5/3 of us will return, although we still feel its a little pricey for our comfort. .5 because I still very undecided about this place though :/

Tonkichi – Isetan Scotts
4th Level, Isetan Scotts,
350. Orchard Road, Shaw House,
Singapore 038985

Beans anyone?

Mame mame edamame

Edamame is this form of soy green pea that same Japanese Restaurants in Singapore would serve as an appetizer, or you might have to order it off the menu.

It also goes well with cold beer 🙂

This next snack that i am about to introduce was found in the bottom shelves of super markets.

Last time, muji used to release this series of edamame snacks, and the price of it was inflated after it took off being introduced in the newspaper.. So in replacment of that, i found this


It comes in 5 packets, each only 99 calories!!!


And please do shake it before opening so to evenly distribute the salt throughout the biscuit! Its quite a salty fix:)

Ichiban Boshi

So in the end, we headed for a quick lunch break before heading back to the books again.. And troopie plonks was feeling slightly not up to par,we ended up at ichiban boshi! Japanese food to cure the sickie 🙂

So then we ordered to share between us :






Verdict: i think this place is a jap joint pretty value for its money… Affordable and fast as well( we were pretty pressed for time)… And i think what i liked from what we ordered was – the paper steam boat, salmon belly mentai sushi.
I thought the mackeral was a little overcooked, trooper claims seared tuna was not seared enough, the softshell crab handroll – my guess is the oil to fry was probably not hot enough, hence the thing came alittle oiler and big in portion than expected

Ratings: 2/2 of us will return

But if you are in novena and looking for a quick value for money meal, this us the plae to go.

ichiban boshi
238 Thomson Road
Novena Square

Shirokane Tori-Tama Singapore

We were going to have a great dinner to unwind and meet up with the rest of the dolls for some easy drinking.

So mama brought me to her favourite yakitori place that she swears by.

Looking at the menu, its a unique concept that this restaurant specialises and prides itself in chicken related dishes , e.g. chicken liver, breast, heart .. etc … I meant it as its pretty rare to be able to find a chicken centered yakitori place around in Singapore (well to me that is) and Indeed quite an egg-perience (ok lame)

we ordered to share between the two of us

Chicken soup

and of course not forgetting

Chicken liver, Asparagus, Chicken with leek, Stuffed Chicken breast

I think what was the most amazing dish of the night was

yakitori chicken special don

yummers will be back for this special rice

Ratings: 2/2 of us will return here! For me personally for this special chicken on rice 🙂

Shirokane Tori-Tama Singapore
11 Unity Street,
#01-02 Robertson Walk,