La Nona

So then we headed down to holland V after another studying session for dinner 🙂



Was craving mushroom risotto so we ordered to share:





Tomato Cream Crab Linguine


Close up


Porcini Mushroom Risotto


Close up


Verdict:2/2 of us will return! Well the mushroom risotto was a disappointment for me… I wished they had more mushroom stock inside it! It was too buttery for my liking… The crabmeat linguine was nicer though:) nicely balanced between tomato and cream sauce 🙂 the sauce for the calamari was also nice 🙂



In the midst of my studying, my dear troopie beanies called me out to dinner with her And pleasantly surprised me with a small gift to cheer me on for studying, as well as part of her project bless 🙂 super awesome to cheer up the week 🙂


Chip Bee garden is a really nice and quiet neighbourhood to walk around in 🙂

So we went to MichelAngelos, as she has a groupon voucher that can offset a free main! Yay for groupon!
And we ordered:


Bread sides


Red : sundried tomato pesto Brown: peanutty? Green: Olives


Rigatoni Salsiccia: Spicy Italian Sausage meat with large tubes of pasta, mixed with mushroom and wilted baby spinach


Risotto con Porco e Porcini : Risotto with stock mixed with Porcini and champignon mushrooms and white wine , truffle oil and braised pork belly

Of course to round off the meal, one must not forget dessert!!!


Sticky date pudding

Verdict: 2/2 of us will not return. According to trooper beanies, she ordered the same dish 3 times and there seem to be no consistency – sadly each time worst than the previous. The pork chunks in my risotto was super saltish and big .. But without that blooper would have been quite nicely done 🙂
Dessert i felt cheated reading reviews about the sticky date pudding and ordering it. The pudding without the sauce was insanely sweet, however there’s not enough butterscotch sauce for our liking (if this makes sense).

Nonetheless, great catch up time 🙂 that’s what dinning should be about 🙂

Blk 44 Jalan Merah Saga,
#01-60 Chip Bee Gardens,

Trattoria Cucina Italiana

We decided to try another new place- its one of those restaurants that seem to be tucked away nicely despite being in a prime location, but you won’t try it unless someone suggests and remembers about it

So we ordered our usuals

our place mats

our place mats were those paper that is used for  beehoon takeaways at hawker centers? ok .. don’t know if you want to say its creative? or ????

pepperoni and mince meat pizza


Crabmeat Linguine

This pasta is just bad .. the seafood smell was just so overpowering .. it could have been better with more sauce.

The only redeeming dish was the calamari …

I wont return

Trattoria Cucina Italiana
313 Orchard Road, 
313 @ Somerset,