We decided to meet up for a quick lunch before I had to make a run for my class that started at 2 pm.

So troopie ali suggested to go to Tonkichi for lunch to fix some japanese craving.

so we ordered :

Troopie ali ordered:


Ebi (Prawn) and Pork Tempura + Chicken Karage

Troop Beaties ordered:


Yokubari Set: Pork fillet, 2 prawn (ebi), oyster and crab croquette

I ordered:



My set came and I was pretty happy – the pork cutlet was not over fried until it was quite hard despite me ordering a leaner cut.

The whole course was finished off with coffee jelly. I thought it was pretty nice, the coffee was quite strong tasting and the white cream ‘syrup’ portion was not too sweet for liking.


Overall verdict: 1.5/3 of us will return, although we still feel its a little pricey for our comfort. .5 because I still very undecided about this place though :/

Tonkichi – Isetan Scotts
4th Level, Isetan Scotts,
350. Orchard Road, Shaw House,
Singapore 038985

Curri Curri Curri Pan

I love curry pan!

My first taste of it was at the Isetan fair, I just curiously bought to bring to my Japanese Class for a dinner substitute .. I must say I am super pleasantly surprised! and I told my friends to go back and buy! it was so good and it was just a fair!!! 😦

and the suckiest part was that I was going on a diet (well to accompany my sister because of health issues that my father faced, and my sister was going abroad to further her education and my mother was worried she will put on more weight when she indulged more .. Long story – basically I dieted with my sister to keep her company)

So my sweet friend, a few days later, invited me and gang to her boyfriend’s bar to watch world cup! AND!!! she surprised me withhhhh :

What lies inside?????

my little gold nugget of joy 🙂

Super big smile 🙂 and sweet surprise
+++ the world cup team that I was rooting for WON! 😀 go Argentinaa!! 😀

wished they come to Singapore 😦