The Flying Squrriel

Happy Friday everyone!!

have a good chillax weekend.

I have always seen this place being posted up on instagram .. food really looked appetizing

so I met my friend and we ordered to share:

Chicken Karage

Chicken Karage

Hana maki

Hana maki

Negi-toro tataki

Negi-toro tataki

close up

close up

Chirashi don

Chirashi don

for dessert

Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble


Verdict: 2/2 of us will return

Overall, if I had to comment, I would order everything again. (maybe minus the chicken karage because it was just ok… and the apple crumble ) I loved it all, especially the chirashi don! be sure to dig deeper into the bowl as there is like their home made sauce mixed deep with the rice.

I think the best thing about sitting at the counter seat was being able to witness how the chef prepared food for other people .. it was like an artist at work using ordinary ingredients to make it aesthetically beautiful without compromising on the taste.


would return for:

1. Chirashi don
2. Hana maki
3. Negi-toro tataki

would want to try: 

1. Uni Shooters
2. TFS signature roll
3. Spicy Maguro Maki
4. Foe Gras Aglio Olio

Damage: $30-40 per pax (inclusive of 2 alcoholic drinks per pax) 

*disclaimer do not drink and drive

The Flying Squirrel
92 Amoy Street
Lunch: 1130am-3pm, last order 2pm
Dinner 6pm – 11pm (Mon-Thurs),
6pm-12am (Fri-Sat),



decided to check out this neighbourhood since my bestie passed her driving!! 🙂 

Happy Friday everyone!

Ice camomile tea. Ice green tea

Ice camomile tea. Ice green tea

Seared scallop with Parma ham

Seared scallop with Parma ham

Seafood Linguine baked in parchment paper

Seafood Linguine baked in parchment paper

close up

close up

Roast Pork Medallion

Roast Pork Medallion

close up of what medium rare pork medallion looks like

close up of what medium rare pork medallion looks like

and for desert to share:

Chocolate Foundant Cake

Chocolate Foundant Cake

Verdict: 2/2 of us will return!

1. The scallop appetiser was really something different from the usual in a good way, if you like creamy sauces 🙂 Scallop was well cooked => not too raw that it is too mushy and not too over cooked that it tastes like rubber. 

2. Mains:
Seafood linguine was really flavourful. The sauce was not too saltish and overall had an impactful seafood flavour. Linguine was al dente and seafood was really fresh and plentiful. 
Pork Medallion : the first time that I am eating it medium rare – I always thought pork should be cooked till well done . It was really succulent and didn’t have that raw porky after taste. This cooking style was recommended by the friendly waitress and no turning back for me. 

3. Desserts:
was really just nice to share after the filling mains 🙂 . Crispy on the outside, molten in the inside 🙂 

4. Others: 
For one, service here is very good. We did not have a reservation but the waitresses and waiters attended to us very quickly and keep coming back to check in on our progress throughout the meal. 

Damage: $51 per pax

the secret italian kitchen
12 Greenwood Avenue 
Singapore 289204

Brunch Club & Supper

What an apt restaurant name that immediately caught my stomach and eyes!
Ever since coming to Hong Kong, I am pretty determined to try to find one of the best eggs benny.. I think it really cheers me up from the tiring work week.. for some reason and brings back really happy memories in Melbourne 🙂

Ice Mocha

This ice -mocha was just flat and bad.. the coffee/ latte was not strong enough and it was a little ‘thin’.

Eggs benedict 🙂

I liked how almost everything is like on the plate – real feast for the eyes and stomach. Loved the mushroom sides .. and most importantly

Happy Eggs

I would return for the ambience .. its a nice cafe to people watch and read a book . Wont come back for the coffee.
A nice chillax on a lazy Sunday afternoon

Brunch Club & Supper
1/F   13 Leighton Road, 
 Causeway Bay

Milk Top

Milk Puddinnn!!

As I decided to go around exploring in Sogo, chanced upon this and decided to give it a try! ..
I am not a big fan of puddings, but, this one is plain AWESOME!
its so nice chilled and very jelly-ish milky texture!
i tried all strawberry, chocolate and original .. I still think original is the best 🙂

Milk Top
Shop B2-12A, Basement, Sogo,
555 Hennessy Road
Causeway Bay


No Signboard

So my boss Loves crab .. super duper loves crab! and he told me that he visited Singapore previously and went to No signboard to eat the chilli crab and he super duper loves it! He even excitedly told me that they will be opening a branch in Hong Kong and have already booked a table on the opening day to satisfy his crab craving.. so, I was also invited as well 🙂

Home food in a foreign land .. Shudders just the thought of how they will tweak it to cater to local taste buds .. nonetheless, something familiar who can complain??? 🙂

this post is a compilation of the 2 trips he brought us within 1 week (he really loves his crabs) since the opening of no signboard

Shop Front

Coffee Ribs

My boss thoughtfully ordered more vegs for me since he knew i enjoyed eating vegs 🙂

Spinach in clear broth with ikan billis, fried garlic and red dates

Claypot tofu with seasonal vegs and seafood

and of course, most importantly, not forgetting:

Chilli Crab

Everything was just good  .. A nice taste of home and familiarity 🙂 I wasnt disappointed, although I wished they had more dishes! I think what was very popular and a favourite, amongst my boss and my colleagues, was the idea of the man tou both steamed and fried to be dipped and eaten with the chilli sauce as an accompaniment.

Company was good ( except half the time I probably couldn’t really catch what was going on, being the youngest and only foreigner around) but I am glad they enjoyed and had a taste of Singaporean Cuisine 🙂 Chilli Crabs are Singapore’s national dish and pride indeed 🙂

No Signboard
66-72 Paterson Street, 
Causeway Bay




戶井北海道米比薩 (Toi hokkaido rice pizza)

So then we explored causeway bay then settled on dinner while exploring ..
we chanced upon this Hokkaido Rice Pizza!
Never have I heard of eating rice pizza .. so ok we gave it a go

Sukiyaki Rice Pizza - can tell by the slices we enjoyed it

Close up

Fried Chicken Knees

This is a surprising Hit 🙂  I think its quite a nice place for a bar snack-ish food as well. Maybe I am noob-ish still in navigating around Hong Kong still, but I would go back for the chicken knees! Its been quite a long while since my tokyo holiday with my family that I find chicken knee!! Its so hard to find it in Singapore .. so yups! this is one of my favourite dish of the night.

The service was quite humms .. took a while to take our orders down ( i also wonder if its because of my broken cantonese as well)

work is going to begin in a few days .. my racing heart ok! till more finds 🙂


Toi hokkaido rice pizza (戶井北海道米比薩)
Shop 9, 1/F, JP Plaza, 22-36 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay

許留山 (Xu Liu Shan)

Following the disappointing lunch, I needed to redeem myself. One place that you have to go in my opinion that stamps “Yes! I HAVE BEEN TO HK!!) is the famous dessert place Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert   許留山

It was opened in Singapore for a while but didn’t take off at that point in time .. so it closed down . This dessert place is scattered all over Hong Kong and serves to me one of the most iconic mango desserts.  Their qualities are consistent over almost every outlet and every season, they come up with different new seasonal drinks and desserts.

Of course, my favourite + my siblings’ favourite is :


I might have mis-spelt the actual name of it .. but this is my most favourite off the menu apart from all the others that is on.  🙂

Total hit for me 🙂 I will come back and eat it 🙂

許留山 (branch)
Yee Wo St,, Causeway Bay