High society for the high class :p

My second visit here with the same trooper, following our so-so dinner. We visited this place before, and the waitress led us back to exactly the same place sitting at the same seats!!!!



So we decided to order something different from our past visit..

Trooper yuns was attracted by the appearance of this when she walked on and ordered


Ispahan: Macaroon with raspberry and lychee marshmallow

I ordered for myself just something simple


Apple Crumble

And a mocha



The ambience of this place is quite nice and chillax.. Especially on a rainy day! Just relax and chill – although I wished the tables were a little higher so its easier to eat.

Verdict: 2/2 of us will return.
It’s a very nice place for dessert and catchup.. And the mocha was pretty decent.
Troopie yun’s cake was exactly what she expected – but better 🙂 the raspberry balanced out the sweetness of the macaroon and the lychee flavoring very well, making it not too sweet overall in slicing through the sweetness.
My apple crumble was just simple – nice and more crumbly = yummy! Apples themselves were not drowning in thick syrup – so was pretty good I would say 🙂

And to end off


Happy birthday my dear trooper! Thank God we are still friends:) May we continue being friends for life 🙂


High Society Mansion
No. 9, Scotts Road, 
#01-01/03, #02-15, 
Pacific Plaza, 

High Society Mansion

Finally after a long while, managed to meet up with troopie yunners 🙂
Its been such a really long time since I saw her 🙂

So after dinner, we had desserts at this newly opened cafe nearby called high society. I reckoned its the same as the one at MBS, opened as part of the extension of thatcdshop. You can enjoy the music and have some delightful deserts to accompany it.

We each ordered

Strawberry Shortcake

decaf latte

and for myself,

dark chocolate praline cake with a biscuit base

My mocha ❤

Verdict: 2/2 of us will return.

We liked the ambience. It’s quite chillax and they were playing quite nice background  jazz music.

My mocha hmm .. the chocolate was abit too overwhelming for me .. their coffee to chocolate ratio probably needs to be worked on.
The cake however was pretty good!although it got abit too much towards the end, but the chocolate layers complimented each other very nicely. Exactly how it was described.

Troopie Yunner’s decaf latte ( from a coffee person that diligently drinks her coffee on a daily basis) she said was not too bad ..
Enjoyed her strawberry shortcake too 🙂

High Society Mansion
No. 9, Scotts Road,
#01-01/03, #02-15,
Pacific Plaza,