Fukuoka #7.3

So to round off my trip, We were disappointed earlier that in Saga, we couldn’t get beef .. so we decided we should at least have a meal that ends with beef. We were waitlisted for 1 hour ++ because this place was SO FULL!! and I must say, although we were quite hungry and irritated to have to wait so long for the table, the wait was well worth!

Ningyocho Imahan

we all went for the sukiyaki set. I really do admire the Japanese in their patience and pride in making a type of cuisine so refined and everything is broken down into steps that probably have been well thought out and practiced over the years.

Huge chawamushi


We chose a set that included premium and normal beef.

Premium beef

Normal beef - melts in the mouth supers

Wordy toufu looking thing is handmade gluten

Goodness *slurps

This is a picture of the normal beef. IT MELTS IN THE MOUTH! literally! even uploading this picture makes my mouth water thinking of it … We were so pleasantly surprised, squealed with excitement and gave the server a shock hahaha in the process. The normal beef had such high standards.. the premium beef! we can’t wait to try it!

Look at the marbling in the beefie man!!!!!

All good things must always come to an end .. we slowly devoured all our beef .. and with the remaining eggs, the lady poured it into the pan, and cracked a few more as well .. thus looking like :

At the end of the sukiyaki course, egg is being poured into the pan, cooked in the essence of what was left from the whole cours

Then .. all is not wasted as there are beef essence (we also kept some meat to last us till the end when the rice came! Each precious piece! The lady must have thought we were crazy or something! hahahaha ..

remaining sauce is cooked with egg and poured ontop of rice 🙂

mixed together to become :


A totally enjoyable and unforgettable meal! I must say this was one of the best highlights of the trip! Nonetheless, look forward to return again in future, and re visit some of the places!

Ningyocho Imahan
JR Hakata
shiteiamyupuraza Hakata
9F, 1-1, Hakataekichuogai,
Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi,
Fukuoka, 812-0012 


Whenever we reach a food basement, My brother will drag me around (because I can speak basic Japanese) and ask me to ask the sales person if they sold his favourite Warabi mochi. Warabi Mochi, as explained by wiki, is is not a true mochi but a jelly-like confection made from bracken starch and covered or dipped in kinako (sweet toasted soybean flour). It is popular in the summertime, especially in the Kansai region and Okinawa and often sold from trucks, similar to an ice cream truck in Western countries.

Throughout this whole trip, I think he couldn’t be happier when He himself spotted his favourite, while we were waiting for a table for a good dinner at Hakata Station.


and of course not forgetting:

Green Tea Warabi mochi

The mochi monster was so happy, he ordered another (well he ate up my mum’s portion)  … So i guess that being said, this place rocks socks to him.

JR Hakata
shiteiamyupuraza Hakata
9F, 1-1, Hakataekichuogai,
Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi,
Fukuoka, 812-0012

Fukuoka #5.6

So we walked towards this tourist attraction, near Canal City Hakata. Also known to be the ‘Newton’ of Hakata, where the whole lane is filled with street side stalls selling variations of yakitoris and other cooked food. Nakasu, (中州)、literally meaning “sandbank,” Nakasu is Kyushu’s largest entertainment district.We walked a while before settling down . It was a good experience but we felt like it was such a tourist trap – we probably were overcharged for food that we could get at cheaper and better prices.

at a glance

street stalls

Mixed Oden


Assorted Yakitori as arranged by the waiter

I must admit, I do love how they incoporate mochi into the oden – although I dont think my family thoroughly enjoyed eating mochi in salty based soups.

6 min from Hakata to Tenjin Station by subway.  

Because they were so unsatisfied with this meal, we walked on and we saw MOS burger! so all the hungry ones ordered drinks and a burger to share

Yakiniku rice burger

Needless to say, it tastes so awesome in its own country!!! If only we all settled for Mos Burger instead -_-

we were making our way back and we saw how pretty the lightings were to celebrate such a festive and big event in Japan! Despite all that had happened earlier on in the year, they push forward their celebration perhaps as a form of encouragement and way to make the environment less tense and send ‘genki-ness’ across the state.

nicely lit up

Fukuoka #5.4

We finally arrived in the City!! Finally I see civilisation!!! and shopping malls! and buildings!!! I saw a big Tokyu Hands! Can’t wait to get in there!!!
So we checked in, and started exploring the city – in search of the best ramen!
one very kind local brought us to the reccomended one that I found off the internet! IchiRan Ramen!!!

Ichi ran ramen

so i listed out in step form an easy way to go about ordering your Ramen.

Step 1.  Tell the person for how many people. Most importantly, ask for an English Order Sheet. Select accordingly to the flavours that you want. 

English Order sheet

Step 2. Press Accordingly on the Vending Machine what additional toppings/ how you want your Ramen done. Ask the person to assist you if you cannot understand the Japanese.

Vending Machine


Step 3.  Hang your Coat/Jacket behind you with the Hanger Provided. Sit according  to the Booth that is designated to you

Hang your coats to avoid getting it dirtied

My Booth

Step 4:  Help yourself to hot tea/ drinks

Step 5: Do not be alarmed by the bamboo ‘curtain’ behind. This is where the servers will serve you your ramen and toppings. Read the accompanied instructions on how to peel your egg.


Instructions on How to Crack Eggs

Step 6: Wait for the arrival of your Ramen and enjoy it! 



Close up

My mum ordered the spicy version of it

Spicy Version

This place totally rocks socks! One of the best Ramen I ever had on the trip!!! The ramen is to be accompanied with their vinegar – which I thought was weird at first, but upon trying it, just enhanced the taste of the Ramen! The egg was enjoyable, and so was the char siew – melt in the mouth! Totally enjoyed this dinning experience! I think its a pretty considerate concept in terms of, although its pretty sad case to be eating behind a booth, but probably for clients that come alone, they won’t feel so awkward.

Ichiran (蘭),
5-3-2 Nakasugawa,
Hakata-ku (2 min from subway Nakasu-kawabata exit 2; five other outlets around town),
☎ +81 92 262-0433, [18]. 


Fukuoka #5.3

So on the way to the city, we broke our journey up, so we could all take turns to drive as well .. and we made a pit stop at yama da(山田)

yama da Stop

So of course, pit stop = more eating!

Tako Pachi - not bad

Milk Ice cream = YUMMERS

This ice-cream is so creamily awesome!

Tori karage (Fried Chicken)

Fishcake with Cheese ❤

Charcoal cooked chicken - bleagh

Now that All the eating is done , we embarked on our journey to the city! In search for a good ramen!! 🙂

Fukuoka #5.2

So, because our friend’s car broke down halfway while trying to meet us to head towards the city together, we had some time to spare to walk and explore around this Onsen city. As the shops were slowly opening,  We chanced upon this famous Croquette shop that prided itself in delivering the best croquette around. Celebrities also patronize them!

Famous Croquette Shop

so we went ahead and ordered 2 to try. I ordered a lobster,  Kani(crab) croquette and curry Beef one for my sister to try.

Lobster croquette

Kani cream

Beef Croquette

It lived up to its name! and being one of the first customer of the day, probably added to the punch. I love croquette and I think the croquettes were fried very well – it doesnt have that left over oil kind of taste and its very crispy.

We walked around and sighted a few more interesting sights and quaint shops with their own characteristics

Love the way this shop is decorated

This shop sold mainly self hand painted items. I bought a couple of souvenirs from here for my friends, a super cute handmade paperweight in the shape of a Japanese doll! its was just awesome browsing through the things that were crafted there!


Saw this out side this shop that, the whole first level sold all types of glass ornaments, from crystal bracelets to display ornaments. The second level, sold music boxes! Different types of music boxes galore!!!

OK.. too much shopping .. time to set off towards the city!!!
Bye Yu Fuin!
till next time

Fukuoka #5.1

What a bitter sweet day .. Today is like the last meal we can have at the ryokan 😦



Sunny Side up

Toufu in soy sauce and ginger on top

Simmered Chicken

Mackerel, plum and seaweed.

May I say this seaweed when accompanied with rice is like .. you just can’t stop eating the rice .. Do not underestimate this small pile of seaweed!

Simmered Lotus root and burdock

yup our sad last day breakfast, in comparison to the past few days – seem to also reflect our sadness to leave the place ..

the ryokan lady was really sweet in giving us this special new year’s sake (dai jin jo) and  wished us well before we headed off  ..

To the city we go!

Fukuoka #4.3

So we rushed back for dinner almost couldnt make it in time – thankfully for my dad who sped back all the way worried that the roads would get slippery when all the ice formed. The ryokan woman was also very worried for us because we came back so late. We were comforted with good dinner!

dish #1 anchovies, picked raddish, black sweet beans

dish #2 : magurou and tai sashimi
love the plate

dish #3 - chayamushi

with ginger ontop

inside hidden a doubled layer toufu - egg and toufu chawamushi! alot of work indeed!!

Dish #4: Surprise soup

dish #4 : toufu soup with toufu on mustard ♥

dish #5: grilled fish

dish #6 : ponzu salad

dish no#7 : Beef!

Dish no #8: chicken wing stew

dish #9 : tempura shitake mushrooms and snow pea

dish #10: baked apple

We were quite sad to leave.. this is like our last dinner here before we go into the city to celebrate New Year! It was a really good experience staying at a ryokan. I am not a mountain and scenary person, neither are my siblings. Thus, from our unappreciative of such sights backgrounds, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience here and look forward to coming back here to stay again!

We caused quite a bulk of trouble for the ryokan woman, when we accidentally threw the car key on the roof, but she was ever so patient in helping us call the roof man to get it down for us .. as well as trying to provide mops and sticks to try to get the key down.


Fukuoka #3.2

Following the satisfying breakfast, We broke off from my friend’s family to explore around Beippu City .
Being part of a foodie family, we would explore a culture through their cuisine and went in search for a good sushi place.
We chanced upon

Ikesu Kappou Heike


As we enter in the shop

As we enter into the shop, I think we all felt a sense of relief! We have found the right place!!! ahhahaa!! Looks like a promising Sushi place to be 🙂
While talking to the waitress, we found out that shes half Singaporean and half Japanese! How cool is that! and she was very kind in trying to reccomend things for us!

Appetizer - Squid in Special Soy Sauce

Mackerel Sashimi

This Sashimi is one of the most freshest sashimi that I have ever eaten in my life!! because when the fish came, it was still like spasming!! the tail was wriggling! AND the best part of it was that, even after we finished eating the whole thing, IT still MOVED! I am not exaggerating here! but this has got to be one of the most fresh fish i ever eaten in my LIFE

Ika Sashimi noodles

This is one of the best form of squid I have eaten. The thought of it at first was pretty “huh? are you sure?” but  when dipped into the pigeon egg, it made the sashimi sweeter 🙂 significantly!! the work of the sashimi master is just fantastic! each noodle is very evenly cut ! Super impressed!

Unagi Tempura Don! Look how HUGE the eel is over the rice

Now, this is what you call a tempura Eel don! – man the Eel is so much more than the rice!

Tempura platter

3 types of dipping condiments to go with tempura. Extreme right is Curry salt!

An interesting way to match tempura! really interesting!!!  🙂

Tako Tempura

We decided to go with this – just to satisfy our own curiosity on how it would go, as reccomended by the waitress. It surprisingly didn’t turn out too rubbery, as well as had quite an interesting texture to it.
Overall we enjoyed this place dearly and will return, if we come back to Fukuoka 🙂

Ikesu Kappou Heike
Post Code  874-0919
7-2-14, Ishigakihigashi,
Beppushi, Oita Prefecture


Fukuoka Day #3.1

just like yesterday, we woke up in excitement to see what special is being whipped up for us today! We are quite a privilledged lot. Accordingly, this Ryokan only have Japanese Guests – we are the only foreigners that were staying there. We came to know about this place through my parent’s church friend- a retired Japanese that worked as a Chef in one of the big hotels in Singapore. He conducts gourmet tours around Japan in small selective group. My parents went for one of his tours and yup thats how we got to know about this ryokan.

Breakfast day#3

Dish #1 Fried toufu with ginger

Dish #2 - pan fried mackeral with sesame - super fishy didn't go down too well with me

Dish #5 : Salad with cream mayo dressing

dish #6 : dried shitake mushrooms

Dish #7 - sweet miso paste with sesame seeds