Old Hong Kong Kitchen (Square 2)

One of our favourite family restaurants we like to patronise – and the lady boss has really good PR skills. She also even helped me find a housing agent (but I didn’t use her in the end as her rates were too high) when I told her I was going to Hong Kong. She also mentioned how there are alot of hidden areas to eat, like tai hung .. 🙂

Anyway, today we went she was not around .. so we just ordered accordingly to our usuals..

I liked the following:

Seasonal: crabmeat giant xiao long pau

I am biased towards gluten/ beancurd sheets. I think its one of the best chinese dishes/ food that was ever invented by whoever the dude/lady is! kudos to her/his ingenious idea, we can reap from the goodness of such an exquisite manually tedious dish.

Fried gluten and assorted mushrooms

Bai cai with pan fried garlic, shredded dried scallops and red dates

Braised duck slices - teochew style

I especially loved this duck dish .. I will always order this when I am here! its super yummy!! the duck is not too tough, the sauce is not too saltish as well. They have a special dipping sauce to go with the duck, pretty sourish but I quite like the combination.

dangui kurobuta pork on hot pan

cooled down

This didnt go down too well with me .. I thought the dangui masked the whole dish, it made it so bitter. The sauce evaporated and sizzled out pretty fast, so by the time it cooled and settled down, there wasnt any sauce left. I wont order this dish again ;/

I would go back because my parents like the place. We enjoy this taro dessert that comes in a coconut, and steamed (its very popular and well liked with my parents and their friends *ah hem their generation love such desserts .. well.. so do I actually)

Old Hong Kong Kitchen (Square 2)
Address: 10 Sinaran Drive,
#02-80 Novena Square 2, 
+65 6397 7023




Tung Lok Classics

So my very last pit stop before leaving for the airport back to Hong Kong – Dim Sum lunch -_-
My parents found their new place to have dim sum and thought they bring me along to try it..

I remember coming here for a birthday dinner previously and they would provide singing services .. ok to elaborate on it before it seems so shady, they will ‘rap’ and sing a chinese poem about you, write it on a plate the poem and sing it as their form of a present to you! hahaha .. its quite interesting a sight 🙂

so we ordered :

seasonal beef brisket


We were invited to have a christmas celebration with my mum’s friend family.
They kindly invited the whole family to join their family in a joint christmas celebration! since we were all not able to leave Singapore for Christmas this year 🙂


so everything was ordered according to her wishes and specially suited accordingly.. I am not sure if the dishes are ‘order-able’ off the menu .. and I do apologize that my picture taking skills does not do justice in reflecting the amazingness of the food that night.


Assorted sashimi. Uni, Otoro, Sea bream, sweet prawn

Prawn with eggs

beef teppanyaki style with seasonal vegetables

Fried Bean Sprouts with Saffron

Seared Sea bass in special sauce reduction

So to end off the night, we had dessert

Matcha and Goma ice cream with azuiki (red beans)

I would totally come back here! if not for this Christmas celebration, I would not have known about this place!

Level 3, Fairmont Singapore  
Swissotel The Stamford,
Singapore 189560

Izakaya Nijumaru Restaurant

Because of my new passion and found hideout at Cuppage (where all the Japanese Gems are hidden), I decided to celebrate my birthday at one of the restaurants which I found.

The environment is very casual, and all the waitress are very enthusiastic in recommending their specials accordingly to what you feel like eating that day.

We went there and i think the troops loved it as much as I did (ok even if they didn’t I still did)

Salmon Sashimi

Assorted Yakitori


Tenzaru Soba

Ika Butter

This dish has to be my ultimate favourite out of all the rest! I super love this Ika butter! I like how the mayonnaise mixes with the butter to give it like a buttery saltish taste. Eaten with the shredded cabbage, it balances out this symphony. The Squid is nicely barbecued, a little charred but not burnt. Love this dish and will definitely return!

Izakaya Nijumaru Restaurant
5 Koek Road,
Cuppage Plaza 

Outram Park Ya Hua Bah Kuet Teh

Hmmss.. its been a while.. sorry for the late posts.. been studying for my japanese exams.. but nonetheless thank you all for reading my blog! hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoy posting pictures up 🙂 my bb is now a panda theme cool 🙂 ok random …

Bah Kuet Teh.. a dish that was disputed to not be our national dish .. blah blah.. will not go into that .. but since young, probably because my mother doesnt feed us with herbal soup much, so we all prefer to go for the peppery based kind of bah kuet teh .. .. especially when the yu char kuey ( or termed/translated as CHINESE DOUGHNUTS by aussies – i still can laugh typing it out or even ordering it back in melbourne)  is soaked in the goodness of the soup and eaten half soggy half crispy 🙂 and the meat aka Bah Kuet must be the right kind of ribs that is used.. like those has a single bone and not those series of mini bones inside.. ok i prefer it like that..  and fats all boiled into the soup .. so clear that the visible eye is not able to detect it  …

well, i wanted to eat xiao long bao because i have been craving it for a while, but my dad didn’t budge in letting me satisfy my craving.. so we compromised and went for Bah Kuet Teh .. as it has been raining in Singapore for quite a while, so its quite nice to have something hot and soupy just to make yourself feel better ..

so we went to this Bah Kuet Teh place near PSA( Port Authority of Singapore) .. and it was rumoured that once the prince/king of Brunei wanted to eat Bah Kuet Teh but everywhere didn’t want to open for him.. only this stall in particular, hence forth shot to stardoom .. pictures of celebrities that visited the shop pasted all over the shops ..

Outram Park Ya Hua Bah Kuet Teh


Overall.. i will give it a Green light because if the soup pass, it mainly passses … Oh and if it has Te Kah ( Pig’s legs)  is a even more pass… it went down well with my folks and I 🙂 After all, who can complain with good service ( no need to keep on asking them to refill the soup – they stand around and automatically refill), variety is quite there .. abit more than the usual .. but I dont remember seeing any large intestines 😦 ok .. but back to it  let the pictures speak for itself:



The Peanuts were one of my favourites 🙂 It was not like those typical Chinese restaurants where  it                                                                        becomes very chui and  all nua and disgustingly saltish .. like those chinese                                                    restaurants that leave it soaking half dead inside the dish ..Yew Char Kuey

The Yew Char Kuey was crispy but not oily, so when it

was bathing in the goodness of the soup, it maintained

its crispy and soggi-ness .. i enjoyed it 🙂

Tau Pok

Tau Pok

Tau Pok i like .. i like how its like a mini sponge that absorbs all the essence 🙂 and like this one is very thoroughly cooked because there was no hint of the plastic taste .. like food just freshly opened from plastic packagings .. and it was not too over done so i enjoyed this 🙂

Of course Most importantly, the star of the shop:

Bah Kuet Teh

Bah Kuet Teh

totally loved it and its goodness 🙂 it is very enlarged for people that are not able to eat it now 🙂 and of course dedicated to my bah kuet tei-ies 🙂

ok moving on, what i thought was only ok..

kiam chai (salted veggies)

kiam chai (salted veggies)

Kiam Chai i didn’t like it as much as i thought.. maybe cos   there is this big perturding piece that that made it look abit  sian to chew on .. it wasn’t as saltish as i liked it .. and didn’t      really go with my mee sua nicely .. disappointed 😦

mee sua

The Mee Sua i would say i was a lil disappointed .. it was  a little soggy by the time i digged into it  .. but their service                                      was that, unless the person was there then they will serve it .. so that redeemed it …. I should have just eaten it first

tao kuah

tao kuah

Tao Kuah .. I dont know what happened to my picture.. dont know why it looks like dumbo for now .. but  i dont usually eat it,, my parents like it .. maybe its some older generational thing … i think Tao Kua is like a misplaced toufu identity … its like tofu is soft soft and jelly-ish … this one is like a mo peng (pimpled acne-ed) cheater of feelings .. one bite into it it doesnt feel like you are eating something similarly to toufu .. its like a meat wannabe or something .. but the sauce is nice to go with rice

But this place, is one place i will come back to! 🙂 i didn’t managed to take a picture of the te kah because it got wacked up by my dad very fast and instant ..  although its slighly more ex than the normal bah kuet teh shops around ..

ok.. have a great week! i will try to be more frequent in uploading posts!!!

Peach Garden

very back dated.. we went to Peach Garden to celebrate mummy’s birthday lunch .. together with her best friend who bought us lunch for that day 🙂 .. it was a buffet ala carte .. so if i remember correctly, for UOB card members, its $30 ++ per pax and if you bring 2 friends, the third one dines for free or something along those lines …  so.. we really ordered a bulk of things until MY DAD said it was too much.. MY DAD!!!! ahhahaa.. we were all shocked …

What i thought was Good:

XO Carrot Cake

XO Carrot Cake

Wasabi Prawns

Wasabi Prawns

Brinjal Chips with Pork Floss

Brinjal Chips with Pork Floss

Har Gao ( Prawn Dumplings)

Har Gao ( Prawn Dumplings)

upclose on the prawnieesss

upclose on the prawnieesss

at this place, especially the Novena Branch, the Prawns there pass the prawn taste testers … like its 1 prawn by it self kind of dish.. so that was awesome.. went down very well with the fussiest prawn testers … hahah was so good that we all keep on ordering rounds of plates of it …

crabmeat fried rice

Crabmeat Fried Rice

I liked this personally.. i liked the chao -ta taste and the rice was like grainy and not like all stuck together .. it went down well with my and my sis 🙂

Spinach Tofu

Spinach Tofu

I liked this too… spinach and tofu i think that combination is nicee 🙂  and this was not too saltish and starchy .. thats what i thought 🙂

What i thought was ok..

broccoli with crabmeat sauce

broccoli with crabmeat sauce

this one.. took me by surprise .. and was quite disappointed.. like i couldn’t really taste much crab to it .. but other than that.. like.. nobody really touched this dish.. maybe because we had too many other dishes.. but other than that.. neh..

kuroubuta pork
                                                 peking duck with cabbage thingy
left over peking duck.. the pecking duck there was nice .. ahhaha.. this was also ok .. maybe because we were too stuffed from eating all of the food.. but nonetheless my only complain is just that its a little too saltish ..
pulu hitam

pulu hitam with coconut ice cream

nice decoration .. my photo doesnt give it justice.. but everyone thought it was alright… we were all treated to like free desserts 🙂 which was awesomeee 🙂

What was not good:

Roast Pork

Mongolian Prawns?

nopes.. these didn’t pass the prawn taste testers .. they didn’t like the sauce..

Beef in special chinese sauce

this also didnt go down too well .. we thought the beef was too over cooked .. the sauce was something different from the usual and not too bad.. just that the beef was slightly over cooked …
there were many other food that was not taken because it was all snapped up before i could come around taking it.. but i would say i would very much go back for the buffet because the service is really good and the food all came really fast .. so i am glad to be able to go back 🙂 maybe

East Ocean Teochew Restaurant

One thing i enjoy and appreciate about chinese cuisine is the intricacy and the variety the chinese are able to think up just using very simple ingredients.. Dim Sum is a real test of the chef’s creativity in being able to re-invent dishes that appeal to the masses tastes now and as well as retain the traditional tastes in dishes that has been circulating the world for a long period of time..

not sure about your families .. i guess our family doesnt fit into the normal conventional family that is happy sharing probably .. the normal amount of dishes .. hahaha.. we really enjoy our food to the max .. in our own way that we can find enjoyment.. or however you put it …

anyway, prior my dad’s operation, we went to eat dim sum at East Ocean Restaurant at Shaw Centre .. because he wants to eat dim sum .. and dim sum in my family is always a green light .. especially at this restaurant for most of the dim sum does satisfy our fussy tastebuds .. nonetheless, its always very crowded and hard to get seats, so always make sure you do make reservations before hand otherwise, you can just give up going there …

What we thought were not ok ( only 1-2 persons out of the 5 of us that liked it)

Dish no# 1. Papaya Fungus soup

mo gua fungus tong
mo gua fungus tong

Only my parents liked it .. maybe its just a dish that is more popular with ole pokes .. ok .. but i mean if you like this kinda real authentic cantonese soups then maybe you will like it … when i took 1 spoon of it, the whole thing just tasted like the fish maw water – aka the water that the fish mall is soaked in until its ready to be put into soups –  didn’t go down well with me but my dad enjoyed it ..

Dish No. #2 Prawn Cakes

prawn cakes - fish cakes wannabes

prawn cakes - fish cakes wannabes

Okk.. i personally do not consume any prawn items .. but my siblings are really good prawn critics .. according to them, its a little too oily and bland … they always like real prawns items.. like har gao or like min har gok .. so this also didnt go according to their standards .. my mum wanted to try it .. but good try  .. nehhhhhh ;p

Dish No. #3 Feng Zao ; Chicken Feet

Feng Zao - Chicken feet

Feng Zao - Chicken feet

According to my Feng Zaos monsters, some how this place’s one is not as nice as the ones they have tired before. .. something about the thing itself mashy and the sauce is not really nice … they had better

we also tried prior this trip the statay you yu (cuttle fish) and didnt really like it because it was too oily…

What we thought were Ok (2-3 out of 5 people liked it)

Dish No. #5 Sa Po Lo Mai Fan

    Sa Po Lo Mai Fan

Sa Po Lo Mai Fan

My mum sis and I enjoyed this.. although i wished it has that chao ta burnt taste even more .. but i liked the presentation of this dish and i liked it that its not too saltish and dry at the same time? sometimes some places while cooking it on high heat like over brunt it until it becomes dry and all .. this one’s moisture is just right and the rice is grainy? its not those mashed up dontknowwhat the rice become , not rice not porridge kind of tragic state ..

Dish No. #6 Po Lo Char Siew Pao

po lo char siew pao

po lo char siew pao

only a few of us liked it .. i think the po lo is just not as ‘crispy’ enough .. and a little too overpowering over the char siew.. nonetheless as Singaporeans, we should feel proud of this dish because we re-invented this po lo char siew pao .. hahahaa.. for the many times i go hong kong, when we order this dish in restaurants, they claim to not have it or not heard about it before ..

What we thought were Good:

Dish #7 Pei dan shou yoke zok ( century eggs porridge)

Pei dan shou yoke zok
Pei dan shou yoke zok

My favourite dim sum must have .. i like my porridge watery and every scoop there is meat .. though my bowl had more meal than century eggs .. but its especially good when accompanied with my dad’s must have :Dish #8. Xi Yao Chao Min(soya sauced fried noodles)

soya fried noodles

soya fried noodles

do not understimate this plate of simple fried noodles .. it totally completes a typical hong kong dim sum or normal home cooked/ bought back breakfast … according to my friend that asked a hongkonger how do they eat this plate of breakfast noodles, it is mentioned that noodles are dipped into porridge.. yeah DIPPED .. and i tried it.. not too bad.. like just eating porridge and noodles at the same time .. although i must say this noodles here is just awesome and makes me feel like i am in hong kong eating dim sum …Dish #9 Har Gao (Steamed Prawn Dumplings)

har gao

har gao

a big big must have for my siblings .. they enjoy the har gao here because its 1 big prawn inside the thing and not those minced up nonsense prawn paste cheater of feelings (literally and figuratively)  … so its a big wack for the prawnie lovers .. i would highly recommend this to prawn lovers …  as well as … another must have :Dish #10 Min Har Kok ( Fried Prawn Dumplings)

ming har kok

ming har kok

again.. they actually came in 4s.. but my hungry and starving sister couldnt wait to eat it so she took one off the plate before i can even snap a picture of it …oh wells… but that is another highly recommended dishi personally would recommend this if you enjoy carrot cake and yam cake,Dish #11. Zeng Lo Bak Gao ( Steamed Carrot Cake)

lo bak gao (zeng)

lo bak gao (zeng)

This was one of my favourites .. and a must have for me .. i loved the sauce and i like the carrot cake that its not starchy? and you can like bite into radish slices which i totally enjoy .. and of course we must have :Dish #11 Lo Pak Gao ( Fried Carrot Cake)

lo bak gou

lou bak gou

it goes down really well with me 🙂 and everybody .. 🙂 another one that came surprisingly good to us was …

Dish #12 Yu Tou Gao(Pan fried Yam Cake)

yu tou gou

yu tou gou

yam cakes.. i usually avoid them at dim sum tables .. i dont really like how they really soak up alot of oil and turn out mashy inside? but this one changed my impression of it all .. the yam was fried until crispy such that when you use your chopsticks to break away a corner of the yam cake, you can taste the “pang-ness” of the yam .. the fragrance of the yam just penetrates your mouth and its really good..

Dish No. #13 Zeng Pai Guat (Steamed Pork Ribs)

zeng pai guat

zeng pai guat

everyone enjoyed this 🙂 i liked how they put like mini tofu puffs at the bottom to absorb the essence of the pork ribs .. salty-ness level is controlled well and the ribs are like just nicely cooked.. not too tough or not too mashy .. the meat was not so readily stuck on to the bones, hence the higher rating 🙂Dish #14 : Cheong Fan ( Pan fried plain Cheong fan)

cheong fan

cheong fan

this is another delicacy some how i cannot seem to find else where.. its just very simple pan fried cheong fan with egg.. and dipping sauces include sweet sauce ( those that used in yong tau fu) and peanut sauce .. very tasty and simple delight indeed 🙂 we also did order Shrimp and Char Siew Cheong Fan , the normal steamed ones, and of course it all also got wiped out before i can take a picture of it 😦  the Scallop ones were not as nice because it was the cheap scallops they used ..Dish no.#15 Char Siew Sau( Sweet BBQ Pork Pastry)

Char Siew Sou

Char Siew Sou

and of course another must haves .. with or without charsiew pau, this is another must have .. i think they do it really well also in singapore and the pastry really crumbles into your mouth 🙂 nice flakish crumbly feeling totally goes :)and finally of course, the star of the place.. the pioneers that discovered this wonderful dish that made my sister so round … and inspire other restaurants to come up with it .. they are really the masters of it ….Dish no. #16 Lau Sar Pau ( Custard Salted Egg Yolk Pao)

ehh?? a normal pauuu??

ehh?? a normal pauuu??

This is no ordinary pau … inside contains the deadliest combination ever … egg yolk and custard.. as wierd as it sounds … but .. when combined, somehow the sweet and saltiness at the same time just melts in your mouth .. and its called lau sar pau for a reason … such as thiss :

one bite and you know ...

one bite and you know ...

okk.. hope you all enjoyed my dim sum entry as much as i enjoyed writing it .. will post more to come ..

I think its a hit for me, for the memories, as well as the liu sha bao – i think its one of the best and original starters of it in Singapore
East Ocean Teochew Restaurant
 1 Scotts Road 
Singapore 228208
6235 9088

Loy Sum Juan Restaurant 黎三元酒家

this is my first post in my first ever made food blog .. thank you all for taking your time to read it .. Sorry please forgive the quality of my pictures.. i used my 3 megapix blackberry to take the picture.. so its not as good as other food blogs that you see around ..

Today since its the day that my dad gets to choose what he wants to eat before he gets cut up, we went to lai sum yuen …

Not sure if you all ever had those kind of Chinese restaurants or family restaurants that your parents or family always frequent in the process of growing up … Lai Sum Yuen was sure the one place that I often frequent when i was younger … I always remembered from their last location at Tiong Bahru Plaza, the really big corner restaurant that had never ending number of tables, the metal cushioned chinese chairs that always “greeted” you with a “Eeee” sound  .. the father of the restaurant who wore white pants just sat by the cashier and collected money .. for all other matters is not within his charge … and last but not least the friendly auntie waitresses that never failed to stop us from running around the restaurant ..


Now they have moved to the former food alley and were featured in the newspapers recently .. so we all just decided to give it a shot to see if their standard was still as good as former times .. and here is their website

Surprisingly, the owner of the shop, she recognised my dad and remembered him … amazing.. service that already won us over .. looking around the restaurants, its really pilled with families .. especially old people and young children i noticed … She suggested that we ordered their Set A ($88) as it had mostly their signature dishes (jiu pai choy) such as their Steam fish head, Shrimp paste chicken, Steamed Garlic Prawns, Egg Tofu with 2 different types of mushroom and Mango Sago with Pamelo for dessert.. but that was like some of the dishes being switched around of course .. and we Yongs being Yongs .. we do not conform to a set menu style of eating … so us being us, we add on a Seafood Horfun with gravy which totally rocked the whole world…

Sharksfin with Crabmeat Highlight#1: Sharks Fin Soup

I was quite huh at my dad for ordering sharks fin soup at first because its not what we usually eat when we go to these kinda family restaurants .. but nonetheless, this bowl of sharksfin i would say was one of the most uniquely home made style of sharks fin i ever ate ..  it does look the same as the normal kinds served in chinese restaurants and weddings, but i must say its not as starchy as those usual kinds? and the crabmeat  each spoon i scooped into my mouth i could really bite into crabmeat as well as sharksfin? its reall value for money i think if you really want to eat sharks fin

Hmmss.. wellss i really would apologise because we were all so hungry chomping down all the other food that i forgot to take a picture of them before starting .. like sometimes when i wanted to take somebody would start into the dish so .. hahaha and i happily forgot about it because i was so happy chomping down the  food .. which i must say tasted as nice as when i was young … I am so glad to be able to step into such a restaurant that didn’t lose their standard ..despite the upgrading and all of the place .. 🙂 but thankfully, i managed to halt everyone and take a picture of …. my favourite :

Highlight #2 :   Steam Fish Head

Steam Fish Head :)

Steam Fish Head 🙂

Normally for my family, steamed fish , well depending on the fish must:

1) be of the correct steamable size – too big the flesh inside would be uncooked, to small it will be overcooked

2) flesh must not stick to the bone – that is really a real test of the chef’s skill

3) the sauce accompanying it must go well with rice ..

4) the timing must be perfect- in the sense that the time the fish announces its arrival to the table, it must be cooked to the right temperature and texture

fortunately for us, we were not disappointed .. they still served the steam fish on the same ole big burner thingy .. which is good.. and being reputable for their steam fish, totally met our standards .. there is a little raw part within the fish so that by the time you all had your first helping, the mini burner would cook it .. all these years it still does amaze me how that little thing can cook your fish .. so by the time you had your second helping, it is just right and nicely cooked for you …

the sauce was different from the normal cantonese restaurants we visited .. it was thicker and slightly sweeter because of the spring onions and turnip ( i think) that flavoured it really well .. it had a every even consistency and was really apt to go with rice 🙂

Overall i would really re-visit this place because it has many memories for me, and its a taste that i grew up with so to some extent thats really hard to change in a person .. i really enjoyed myself there and service there was really made you feel very homely because of the friendly aunties ..  🙂 Highly recommended for family dinners that includes old people and young children

Loy Sum Juan Restaurant 黎三元酒家
 28 Murray Terrace,