The Bakery Chef

A casual meet up to explore this place in the hood

we ordered to share (ok i had the waffle to myself but couldn’t finish)

so we ordered to share

Chocolate Guanaja

Chocolate Guanaja



Red Velvet Waffle

Red Velvet Waffle

de constructed

de constructed

Verdict: 2/3 of us will return. 

Coffee: Impressive latte art! My friends had a whale and a bear latte art drawn on their coffees. Taste wise was really ok if you like your after taste to not be so acidic.

Cake: consistent texture.
sweet level: 4/5

Waffle: This was something new that kinda worked. the whitish part is cream cheese, not normal cream.Nonetheless, it was quite solid the waffle, probably due to the chocolate inside. If you like your waffles to have a slightly heavier consistency, I would recommend this one. Crispiness was not compromised even though the mixture was towards the heavy side. 🙂
Just a thought:
1) I think they could try to infuse the cream cheese into the waffle , as I bit into it, there was chocolate inside the waffle, so instead of chocolate, i think if they did it with the cream cheese instead and continued to drizzle the chocolate sauce on the outside, it would have been quite a pleasant surprise.
2) come up with a cream cheese ice-cream equivalent if the above mentioned menthol of infusing the cream cheese is too much of a hassle. Chocolate ice-cream was too much for me.

sweet level: 4/5

Looking forward to return and try the other desserts 🙂

Note* : If i had to measure sweetness level through a cup of milo drink, imagine when making a cup of milo:
Sweet Level (1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest) 

  1. Not at all sweet ( = 1tbsp of milo)
  2. Subtle sweet ( = 1.5 tbsp of milo)
  3. Generally Sweet ( = 2 tbsp of milo + 1 tbsp of condensed milk)
  4. Just nice (= 2 tbsp of milo + 1 tbsp of condensed milk + 1 tbsp of sugar) 
  5. Too much (= milo (9 tbsp of milo+ 2tbsp of condensed mik and sugar))

Damage: $15-$18 per pax

The Bakery Chef
Blk 161 Bukit Merah Central
Singapore 150161
Operating from:  10am-9pm (Fri- Mon),
10am – 7pm (Tues & Thurs)

Black Ball

I have been obsessively crazy over this dessert
Black Ball

Signature : Grass Jelly, Red Bean, Sweet Potato ball, Yam Ball, Yam. Sweet Potato and Pearl

Signature : Grass Jelly, Red Bean, Sweet Potato ball, Yam Ball, Yam. Sweet Potato and Pearl

Signature with Creamer

Signature with Creamer


Verdict: 1/1 of me will totally return

What is so special about this? that was the first thought that I had when my friends were raving about it.
1) I realised the grass jelly ( well chin chow) was very different from the Singapore Hawker centers/ super market kind. This grass jelly was really chewy? and not jelly like texture did not have as strong a taste as the local ones here (not also saying that the local ones here are super strongly “Chinese Medicine Centered, pretty mild actually to me)
2) maybe being a sucker for yam related desserts, at first, the yam ball/ sweet potato ball was like a.. to describe it is pearl mixed with the real yam .. same with the sweet potato ball ..  its bait weird but acquired i would say
3) I always say I want to try the other bubble tea but always end up eating the signature :p


High society for the high class :p

My second visit here with the same trooper, following our so-so dinner. We visited this place before, and the waitress led us back to exactly the same place sitting at the same seats!!!!



So we decided to order something different from our past visit..

Trooper yuns was attracted by the appearance of this when she walked on and ordered


Ispahan: Macaroon with raspberry and lychee marshmallow

I ordered for myself just something simple


Apple Crumble

And a mocha



The ambience of this place is quite nice and chillax.. Especially on a rainy day! Just relax and chill – although I wished the tables were a little higher so its easier to eat.

Verdict: 2/2 of us will return.
It’s a very nice place for dessert and catchup.. And the mocha was pretty decent.
Troopie yun’s cake was exactly what she expected – but better 🙂 the raspberry balanced out the sweetness of the macaroon and the lychee flavoring very well, making it not too sweet overall in slicing through the sweetness.
My apple crumble was just simple – nice and more crumbly = yummy! Apples themselves were not drowning in thick syrup – so was pretty good I would say 🙂

And to end off


Happy birthday my dear trooper! Thank God we are still friends:) May we continue being friends for life 🙂


High Society Mansion
No. 9, Scotts Road, 
#01-01/03, #02-15, 
Pacific Plaza, 

Honeymoon Dessert

So after dinner we went over to somerset 313 for a nice chinese dessert. We decided to try out this hong kong dessert place and ordered



Mango Sago with mini ahballings


Double Boiled Ginger Milk


no. 38- Mango sago with Pomelo, with additional dau hui


ginger base ah balling and sweet potato


Mango Sago with pomelo


Mango 'slushee'


Almond paste with rice dumplings

This place is such a disappointment. I didnt eat any ahballings( I mean that would be like cannibalism right? since this blog is named after that) my feedback that the troops gave me was:
Almond paste with rice dumplings – almond paste was not thick enough
The Mango dessert with mini ahballings – just horrendous in the starchiness of the dessert overall
The ginger base ah balling and sweet potato – was too spicy for liking
The only enjoyables were the mango sago with beancurd and the double boiled ginger milk
The rest of the dessserts were a flop. My mango slushie came with too much ice bits – subtle mango taste

Verdict: 2/8 of us may return. Majority of us : Disappointed. Looks like being brought over to Singapore didn’t make its cut.

P.s kudos to mr kwel for helping me in taking the pictures 🙂
Honeymoon dessert
313 Orchard Road
Unit #04-20 and #04-32

Singapore (238895)

Smitten…by the Patissier

So since my little sister is back, I decided to pamper her a little and also want to try it out since it has been around for a while .. Well i do like the cakes from the Pattiser – they have been my family member’s birthday cakes for a few years and counting ..

I ordered home :

Banana Chocolate Meringue roll


meringue roulade: passionfruit mousse, and fresh mangoes and strawberries.

I didnt think well of it .. I think by the time I brought it home, it was super nua-ed .. and like .. I think I will just stick to ordering the normal meringue cake. My sis also didn’t think well about the banana chocolate – i thought it was good though :/ at least the meringue part was not soften ..

Ratings: 2/2 people will not return to try it

Smitten…by the Patissier
Takashimaya Food Hall
Ngee Ann City #B2
391 Orchard Rd


Antoinette (Mandarin Gallery)

I met another friend to catch up over what she has been up to .. and we went to Antoinette  – after walking and shopping around buying all the vitamins to stock up ..

we shared their nogurt ice-cream crepe. Not too bad a little too sweet for our liking

Nogurt ice-cream with crepes

even the tea could not really balance out, but i liked the crepe texture. it had mini crispy bits to it that didn’t make the whole thing very flat tasting.

I would come back to try their brunch or cakes since i heard so much about it

333A Orchard Road,
#02-33/34 Mandarin Gallery,


I saw an advertisement for sweets and desserts (yup another media sucker)
So curious me rolled there ..
and also to chat with friend

Tea Set

we shared this :


the looks were so deceiving.. the whole waffle was soggy! I was utterly disappointed ..
Guess another lesson learnt – not to be such a media sucker!!

But the ambience is nice .. might come back to try the cakes instead


G/F, 9 Staunton Street, SOHO,


許留山 (Xu Liu Shan)

Following the disappointing lunch, I needed to redeem myself. One place that you have to go in my opinion that stamps “Yes! I HAVE BEEN TO HK!!) is the famous dessert place Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert   許留山

It was opened in Singapore for a while but didn’t take off at that point in time .. so it closed down . This dessert place is scattered all over Hong Kong and serves to me one of the most iconic mango desserts.  Their qualities are consistent over almost every outlet and every season, they come up with different new seasonal drinks and desserts.

Of course, my favourite + my siblings’ favourite is :


I might have mis-spelt the actual name of it .. but this is my most favourite off the menu apart from all the others that is on.  🙂

Total hit for me 🙂 I will come back and eat it 🙂

許留山 (branch)
Yee Wo St,, Causeway Bay