Dempsey Brassire

We surprised celebrated our dear troopie Jean’s birthday! Thanks to the careful planning of Mr Kwel, we managed to pull it off and success! :)So we all had our surprise dinner celebration – the weather was totally not in our favour! pouring like mad – tragic times 10!

view inside

Guess who else decided to come and party with us?

hello!! please sit down!

ok.. thought I try to make the entry seem abit more WOAH!! (*sheepish grin)

so we ordered:

Duck Confit

Coq au Vin

Tenderloin with Bernaise sauce

Sirloin Steak with Vinegar Jus


Mussels + fries + mac and cheese

French Onion Soup with thick crostini and gruyere cheese melt

Seafood Tagliutelle with baby lobster, mussels, clams and squid in a spicy tomato sauce

Slow braised beef short rib with truffle & porcini infused mash and roasted root vegetable

Verdict: 7/7 of us wont return.
We overall thought the food was mediocre – like nothing spectacular.
Onion soup was too saltish complained troopie Frank, Mama phua thought her Mussels were average .
Trooper gracie ‘s steak with red wine jus – in her own words, “ok loh ..”
Brithday girls’s coq qu vin -in a own words, *wrinkles nose “its ok…meh”
Troopie Jan’s pasta ” Not bad leh!”
Mr Kwel’s duck confit ” its ok .. not bad”
My short rib ” hmmmm ….. no comments” .. just ok ..
I reckoned in summary, if we all ever return, would probably be for the ambience and good service. They were very patient in taking our orders, waiting for us to decide and sang a lao hong-ed birthday song for us (since only 2-3 waiters/waitresses around) .

and just wanted to also say

Happy Birthday with ❤

p.s. Thank you Mr Kwel for taking the photos! Much appreciated!

The Dempsey Brassiere
7 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249671

Food Trail : #1.2 Addictions Cafe

We wanted to go round the corner for coffee but it was closed that day 😦
So we headed down to Dempsey area as recommended by troopie mermaid for a nice rest and mini snack before dinner 🙂 Sad to say, this was the end of the trail .. how did it feel like we went to many places? hahaha maybe because of the driving .. hahaha .. but it ended with a nice bang 🙂

Entrance 🙂

So, we ordered:

Truffle Fries with rhubarb tomato sauce

Close up


Troopie Shu’s drink:

Melon and Mangosteen Tea



End Product 🙂


Troopie Mermaid ordered:

Yuzu Tea

Troopie Jas ordered:

Root Beer Bailey’s Float


I ordered:

Nutter Coffee-our : Peanut butter, Coffee milkshake


Verdict: 4/4 will return. The ambience is very nice and quiet – partly because we were there on a weekday and in the odd hours of the day… but other than that the al fresco setting is very laid back and comfortable .. it’s as if you are not in Singapore 🙂 The waiters were very attentive to our needs and service was very prompt. Truffle fries were awesome – would have called for a refill if we were not too over stuffed.
The Churros – I reckoned we enjoyed the chocolate sauce the least, but the raspberry and caramel sauce complimented it very well. The Churros were crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside 🙂 just the way we all liked it 🙂
The teas were fantastic as well .. My Peanut butter milkshake, was a little hmmss .. I didn’t really enjoy it much .. :/ Troopie Jas’s root beer float with baileys shot was uniquely nice 🙂 Would definitely like to return to try their mains 🙂

Addictions cafe
22 Dempsey Road

Contemporary Melting Pot & Bar

The siblings and I decided to go have a pre-lunch snack ( and I was starving) … so since we were around dempsey, we decided to just walk into one of the bistro and try it out… so we walked into

Inside of the cafe

Looking around


So we ordered .. well we just wanted something light and a pre lunch greedy snack .. so we got:

Nuggets and Truffle Fries

Mussels with White Wine


Verdict: Hmms.. 2/3 of us will return . Nuggets were alright but i just wished they had other sauces to accompany it .. like to make it special. We ordered that because they also claimed its truffle fries, so we could have the best of both worlds. But unfortunately, there is not much truffle in the fries. The Mussels sauce was -_- .. just bland and unfortunate. Perhaps the mains would be much better. The service and environment, nonetheless, was quite nice and chillax 🙂

Contemporary Melting Pot & Bar
7 Dempsey Rd  Singapore 249671
6475 0105

Easter Holidays#3

House! @ Dempsey!
I met up with another group of friends for dinner! so we decided to go to try our House! – Which is also under the same company that owns Skinny Pizza .. 🙂

We waited until we were all pretty ravenous .. and the food just all came at one shot.
Loved the company and the environment 🙂

I particularly loved the pizza! it  feels like a super guilt-free indulgence 🙂  and the truffle oil makes it better 🙂 hahahaha .. i liked the bitter chocolate tart better than the other one .. but nonetheless  as i always say, company always makes it better 🙂
The ambience is nice, very nice chillax place for friends to come together and catch up with one another, talk over a meal and slowly eat without worrying to have to get chased out.

I would return for the truffle pizza, tart .. maybe the fish and chips? hmms…

Company is just great and I am so excited to be back!!

House, Barracks and Camp
8D Dempsey Road,
#01-01 to 06 
Tanglin Village (Dempsey Road),