Happy Birthday Onezero

Happy Birthday to me!!
yes! one of my many nick names is onezero.
So my dear friends decided to celebrate my birthday at this place called zero zero at central. [Onezero goes zero zero] *faints


ahhaa so the four of us met and ….

Balloon for me!!!

So this place in general is pretty chillax .. Theres live music to accompany your dinning experience ,

live band

+ 2 waiters that claim they are show luo and andy lau .  .. so hahaha playful friendly staff.

so we went ahead with the Something on the Rock set menu, which consist of,  Amuse Bouche, Cold Dish, Side dish/soup, Main Course and Dessert.

So our Amuse Bouche:

for 2 🙂

Foe gras + Peach Shot, Potato cake with Tabiko (fish eggs) and Sear scallop with Watermelon

We were instructed to eat starting from the shot glass downwards to end off with the scallop and watermelon to cleanse our palettes and prepare for what is to come 🙂

for starters, 3 of us ordered the smoked duck with apple,

Smoked duck with apple


and troopie Jean ordered the maguro(tuna) tataki carpaccio .

Maguro Tataki Carpaccio

Following that, we all spontaneously ordered Truffle oil mushroom soup

Truffle Oil Mushroom Soup

Following that, troopie Jean and Janice ordered for their mains:

Duck Confit with Potato Slice

and both troopie grace and I ordered the Pork Collar + miso sauce on Hoba Leaf.

Pork Collar on Hoba Leaf + Miso sauce

and of course, dessert.  Both troopie Jan and I ordered

Chocolate Cheese Cake

and both troopie grace and Jean ordered:

Crispy Puff. Banana. Ice-Cream


Verdict: 2.5/4 of us will return.

The amuse Bouche was pretty innovative.  I didn’t know scallop and watermelon actually went together! Interesting combination! Although i don’t think the rest of them liked the combination and found it quite weird.

The soup was a little too saltish for troopie Jean and Me. But for the salt partners troopie Grace and Jan, they just thought it was alright for them.

Our sides were all ok .. not a big shout out to start off with.

For the mains, we all actually wanted to order the steak on hoba leaf. The Andy Lau waiter said that it was sold out .. so  😦 the pork I reckon personally is not that a good idea .. its so hard to cook the pork thoroughly  .. and pink uncooked parts of the pork makes it abit hard to eat because of the porky taste .. The onions were  too overpowering.
The duck confit team, slightly too saltish for troopie Jean, but ok for Troopie Janice. They liked the potato.

Desserts wise, The puff team enjoyed theirs quite thoroughly. The puff was not softened by the ice-cream in the middle and maintained its ‘crispyness’. Banana topped off the dessert on the whole.  Chocolate cheese cake was not too sweet and nicely balanced out.

To further lighten the night, with compliments from the restaurant:


Thanks friends for organizing! 🙂
Great service kinda makes up for the food, but great company enriches the dinning experience.
Zero Zero
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central,
Singapore 0589817







Lung King Heen

So brother decided to give me a mine ‘farewell’ lunch before hopping on the next flight back to Singapore for good …
so we decided to indulge ourselves in …
a nice meal before take off ..

we ordered to share an executive lunch and some dim sum – ok while writing this post, it feels as if the 2 of us ordered everything off the menu .. almost everything

Overall, I only liked the soup, the abalone tart.. I didn’t think very well of the dim sum .. . I don’t think  I will return back .. Only maybe for the abalone puff, soup the squid dumplings (something different from the usual)..  the view was just fantastically amazing .. redeemed the dinning experience …

Man .. a sad meal before heading home  for good .. nonetheless, it has been a good learning experience. 🙂

Lung King Heen
4 Seasons Hotel
8 Finance Street, Central

Butao Ramen

This is the king of all Hong Kong Ramen I have eaten.


My brother kept raving about this ramen place that he thinks is better than any other ones he has eaten so far in Hong Kong .. So I decided to go and give it a shot. He warned me that the queuing time is crazy, so I thought I go at an in-between timing, but I still ended up queuing for 1 hour before I could get a seat.

My Order

Condiments to put into Ramen

The end product

I think its pretty awesome!!! Will return to eat it again!!


Butao Ramen
Wo On Building,
8-13 On Lane Street,
Lan Kwai Fong, Central
Hong Kong

Yachiyo Ramen

My kind tawianese ex colleague decided she would buy me lunch to bid me good bye. So we went near her work place to this new ramen place that she said was not bad. So we decided to have a quick one too, since she had to return to work.

Yachiyo Ramen



Of which she highly recommended the fishcakes …

fish cake!

salt ramen 🙂 love the eggs 🙂

mixed gyoza - curry and original flavour


The reality is really kicking in ..
This ramen is not bad ..  I loved the gyozas as well!

Yachiyo Ramen
3/F, Soho Square,
21 Lyndhurst Terrace,
中環擺花街21號Soho Square 3樓

The Lounge

So I got to know a new friend and .. its been really fun getting to know her! shes been very kind in including me in all her outings and to explore new places to eat and try!!!

An alternative to brunch …

So we decided to have a mini -tai tai- moment and went ahead for high tea! (partly also because we couldn’t get reservations elsewhere in other hotels) and since both of us had to be heading off after high tea for other plans ( yes in continuation of spooky week, my friend decided we should go to check out Ocean Park’s Halloween night – which I hear is 10 times adult scarier than disney’s *gulps)



I think high tea is always enjoyable especially between the ‘hectic-ness’ of life ,  the company as well tops it all 🙂 .. I loved the ambience and can finally learn to understand why most of the hong kongers that I have met and encountered always seem to insist on the importance of view .. It does brighten up the atmosphere and subconsciously make people chillax .. well to me at least..   we were alternating between sweet and salty tiers of food to try  .. We were also served complimentary desserts as well! so can you imagine how filling that high tea was!!!  I loved the scones, the jelly shots the most .. the rest was also not too bad ..

I would definitely come back to see what other seasonal specials they have in accompaniment to their high tea menu 🙂

The Lounge,

Lobby Level, Four Seasons Hotel,
8 Finance Street, Central,
tel + 852 3196 8888


My kind tw boss decided to bring me along for his food hunting sprees, and we ended up in .. Cui hwa .. Its a famous local cha chan ting and serves local delights! of which, one of the most famous dishes is this condensed milk toasted bread! super comfort food! I totally brought my sister back to eat it again!

Condensed Milk Toasted Bread 🙂

Then my very close friend also came up, and we went also to tsui wah and I ordered a baked spaghetti pork chop. Yummies! went back to eat it again 🙂 

Baked Porkchop Spaghetti

Another must try is their fishball noodles (very different from the ones back in Singapore because the soup base is also different .. and the fishballs of course mushier and not as bouncy as the Singapore ones.)

The best part is they are opened 24 hours! so when you need a late night supper snack, just trudge down!! 🙂

Tsui Wah
G-2/F, 15-19 Wellington Street,
G/F, 84-86 Des Voeux Road


Eat Right Programme

A friend came and visit me in Hong Kong.. so we were randomly walking around and trying to find a place to sit down and chat .. so we chanced upon this place

Love the name

hahaha so we went downstairs .. and went to check it out .. but he didn’t end up eating .. but i was hungry .. so i went ahead :p

Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon too overpowering .. hollandaise was just nice .. didn’t like the toast .. but ok .. seems healthier .. Maybe might come back to try the other things :p

Eat Right
23 Staunton Street, SOHO




I saw an advertisement for sweets and desserts (yup another media sucker)
So curious me rolled there ..
and also to chat with friend

Tea Set

we shared this :


the looks were so deceiving.. the whole waffle was soggy! I was utterly disappointed ..
Guess another lesson learnt – not to be such a media sucker!!

But the ambience is nice .. might come back to try the cakes instead


G/F, 9 Staunton Street, SOHO,


Zhan Ji

So i trudged off and met a friend since hes also looking for a job in Hong Kong .. He wanted to go to the famous wanton mee place at Wellington Street, Central.. but was too crowded, so I suggested going to the one across the street called 沾记

Its on the side that when you go up the soho escalators, immediately on your left with your back away from IFC ..

Wanton mee, Kai lan with oyster sauce and Home made fish ball and beef

Home made fish ball and beef slices

ok, you all must be wondering wth? you are in hong kong and you don’t order the wanton mee?? firstly, nothing against the noodles, but as you probably have noticed, I hate prawns. I can take them in soup, but to eat it, I hate the texture.  So ironically I land myself in the land of prawn heaven but I dont eat it ;p

So the fish ball was quite mutan sized – not used to it being so big and soft (nua-ish) in comparison to the Singapore bouncy and smaller fishballs. It had a lemony taste, more ‘fish-pasty-ish’ and the beef  to me felt like they overused their tenderizor ..  nonetheless the noodles is Q-ish ..

None the less the shop does have alot of awards and News paper cuttings. It has its own character in that there is only a certain number of variations in the types of noodles that you can order, as well as side dishes.

Its a miss for me . I used to like it in 2008 when I went there to try with my family, but now I don’t think I will return for seconds :/

first proper meal in hong kong – failss
i felt bad to suggest it