I remember reading off another person’s blog about this burger place that sells really awesome burgers!
So i got lost while trying to find the place, and its like on another side of causeway bay!

The journey was worth it!
i came home with a super enormous burger!

Portabello Mushroom Burger

Upon further inspection..

Mozzarella cheese stick


Yummers! would return for a burger fix!

7 Caroline Hill Road
Causeway Bay Hong Kong 


798 Unit & Co

Brother and I met my only friend for lunch,
and brother decided to treat  him ..
Brother was craving fish and chips,
so we went to the next available restaurant at times square



Brother's Fish and Chips

Wagyu beef Burger

Brother's Hoe Garden

Overall just thought this place was quite ‘mehs’ .. Nothing spectacular.
Burger patty was a little dry – as complaint by friend
Nice place however, to chillax over a nice cup of beer.

798 Unit & Co
Shop 1203, 12/F, Food Forum,
Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, 
Causeway Bay

Mr. Steak Grill

My dear friend came up to visit!

On her last night at dinner, I brought her to this place behind Patterson street to chill and have a good dinner and nice farewell to thank her for being there in my most vulnerable moments! But she insisted that she paid for it! felt bad :/ but glad she enjoyed the dinner!

Salmon and Calamari thingy



would return for the ambience 🙂


Mr. Steak Grill
Shop C&D, 5-7 Cleveland Street,
 Causeway Bay

Zoe Cafe

My mum, who is in Singapore, had heard of this place and told me to go and check out if I am free in Hong Kong.,. so since mummy said to try it, why not?

Being the usual noob that is bad in directions, I circled the place twice before chancing upon this faithful little shop 🙂


The shop is so quaintly decorated .. and it has a ‘afternoon tea tai tai hang out feel’ to it .. So i walked in and decided to buy some dessert to top off my dinner.

Dark Chocolate Tart

I also got another opportunity to try their famous Zoe cake!

Zoe Cake

I meant it kept winking at me “GET ME GET ME!!!” so .. ok 🙂 its very light, has a hazelnut touch to it 🙂 pretty nice if you are looking for a light dessert to sum up your week

Shop 6 , G/F, Sunning Court,
4-14 Hoi Ping Road,
Causeway Bay

UCC Coffee Shop

My friend treated me back with his first pay check!
So we decided to check out this Jap cafe style restuarant that we walked by the last time around ..
we were drawn by the hiyashi rice and I found out that both of us were into it .. So we returned

as we walked in, there was this help yourself salad bar

it was like a Japanese family restaurant style .. alot of kids and families gathered. I wasn’t too hungry after the salad, so I ordered myself a beef stew. It was pretty good! and had bread to accompany it.

Beef Stew

He had

beef curry cassarole baked rice

upon the first bite, he concluded that it tasted like a ‘Curry puff tasting beef curry cassarole baked rice’.. LOL what a description so i decided to take a bite and taste it for myself. .. Indeed it had hints of curry powder and did taste like it!
A yummy treat indeed! 🙂
and a super filled tummy 🙂
Would return to chillax, sit by the window and people watch.
UCC Coffee Shop
2/F, Causeway Bay Plaza 1,
489 Hannessy Road 
Causeway Bay 


Shanghai Hong Kong Noodle House 上海香港麵家

I got quite bored and wanted supper .. Didnt have a fulfilling dinner.. so I trudged around after shopping around and chanced upon this place


It was quite an interesting shop, to me, because everything was pretty rustic .. like even down to the tables and chairs .. it felt very like ‘ ok, order, hurry eat and get out!’ .. But the waiter was very nice and patient in taking orders from my broken cantonese. I ordered


Yummies! would come back here for this

Xiao Long Baos

this didnt go down too well for me .. It had very minimal soup and the meat had that porky after taste ..

Shredded Chicken with shanghainese glass noodles in peanut sauce

I loved this .. it was cold .. portioning a little big  but its simple and something different from the normal type of noodles.. I think this was meant to be an appetizer on the menu, but it totally filled me up!


Would return for this and the soyabean.


Shanghai Hong Kong Noodle House 上海香港麵家
29 Jardine’s Bazaar,
Causeway Bay

Brunch Club & Supper

What an apt restaurant name that immediately caught my stomach and eyes!
Ever since coming to Hong Kong, I am pretty determined to try to find one of the best eggs benny.. I think it really cheers me up from the tiring work week.. for some reason and brings back really happy memories in Melbourne 🙂

Ice Mocha

This ice -mocha was just flat and bad.. the coffee/ latte was not strong enough and it was a little ‘thin’.

Eggs benedict 🙂

I liked how almost everything is like on the plate – real feast for the eyes and stomach. Loved the mushroom sides .. and most importantly

Happy Eggs

I would return for the ambience .. its a nice cafe to people watch and read a book . Wont come back for the coffee.
A nice chillax on a lazy Sunday afternoon

Brunch Club & Supper
1/F   13 Leighton Road, 
 Causeway Bay

Xia Mian Guan

My first pay check came in!!! well in march.. a belated celebration
So i went with my friend and gave him a treat 🙂
but boo .. i felt so bad.. the food was just mediocre -_-
disappointing .. I saw a long queue outside before and thought it would turn out good…

4 seasons beans


Zha JIang Noodles

Gong Bao Chicken

I was disappointed .. I think partly because I was so excited to share my joy of my first paycheck that boo .. the disappointing food kind of throw me off ..

Xia Mian Guan
Shop 203-204, 2/F, Windsor House, 
311 Gloucester Road
Causeway Bay 

Nam Ah Restaurant 南亞1964

You know how at times, you always seem to walk past certain restaurants and then, it ends up on your ‘next time i must come back and try’ list, well this one is one of them.

I always see it being so crowded with families, and from the menu, they served Malaysian Singaporean Cuisine, infused with some Hong Kong style of cooking inside.. So i decided to go ahead since they had something on the menu that attracted me!!! I always wanted to try what Portuguese baked style of food tasted like, so what not a bettter time like now,  I ordered myself ..

Portuguese Baked Chicken

It tastes really interesting .. portuguese baked chicken .. although I wished it was a little thicker on the sauce ..
Good try but not what I would return for :/
Nam Ah Restaurant   南亞1964
G/F, 17-19 Leighton Road,
Causeway Bay

Milk Top

Milk Puddinnn!!

As I decided to go around exploring in Sogo, chanced upon this and decided to give it a try! ..
I am not a big fan of puddings, but, this one is plain AWESOME!
its so nice chilled and very jelly-ish milky texture!
i tried all strawberry, chocolate and original .. I still think original is the best 🙂

Milk Top
Shop B2-12A, Basement, Sogo,
555 Hennessy Road
Causeway Bay