Chillax Massage Cafe

After a torturous day dealing with some car breakdown episode :/ .. shall not go there, I met troopie gracie down at chillax café at serangoon gardens . Ever heard of a café that combines massage and food? Welcome to the red line side :o)

peek inside

Ok so after a long wait ( for me after the long drama and wait for me to settle the car matters),  we ordered, (P.s. They awesomely have an ALL DAY brunch menu!!!! <3)

Truffle Shoestring Fries

and troopie gracie ordered herself

Seafood Aglio Olio

and for myself

Eggs Benny

Verdict: 2/2 of us will return :). I loved that the truffle fries had actually mini truffle bits to it! And it was quite at an affordable price! The best part is if you go during happy hour, you get it at happy hour price.


Troopie Grace ordered seafood aglio oilo. She mentioned it was ok like nothing to complain about, cooked to her liking.  Simple dish but executed well.
My Eggs benny on the other hand, I thought the sauce was very special – which enticed me to order it. It was your normal hollandaise sauce but, mixed in was yuzu instead of the lemony sourish flavour. I quite like that spin off 🙂  Was not at all disappointed , although I personally wished they didn’t have to drizzle it with the green pea (just a personal preference to not like them).
Chillax Massage Cafe
28 Maju Avenue
Serangoon Garden Estate


We decided to go check out Prive because my bestie knew I have been wanting to go there for quite a while.. And since I had the car that day, why not? 🙂

We took a while to find the place eventually because we were too engrossed talking and didn’t pay attention to google maps, so half the time we were going up wrong exits and flyovers before finally reaching!

Upon driving in, the dock and view was pretty! It was as if this part of singapore didn’t exist, we felt like we were in a different country altogether

We heade there and seeing that the weather was good, we sat outside.








View once again


Her Prawn Bisque


Straight Cut Fries with Truffle Mayo


Prawn Wantons inside!!!


My Prive Signature Mushroom Soup


Her Eggs Benny!


My Eggs Royale

I would totally return for the ambience, the meal was so filling – we out did ourselves again.
I just wished the fries were shoe string instead of straight cut ( personal preference) and loved the truffle mayo- something different
The hollandaise was buttery on the first bite, and super rich as you take a few more bites. The rockets in its natural form helped balanced out the richness of the sauce. One thing i liked about my eggs were that I could have sworn they used some different eggs from the normal brunch hunts around. The yolk was bigger and had more texture in comparison to most other types of eggs in other plates of brunch places that always end up shriveled and drowned in hollandaise sauce.
We would return to try the dessert as well, and the best part was, the second order of eggs benny or eggs royale was 50% off!! But dbs credit card promotion!!

Verdict: 2/2 of us will definitely return for a eggs benny crave! My new favourite place 🙂

2 Keppel Bay Vista
Singapore 098382

Through the Cellar door

So I was craving for English Breakfast 🙂
and since I was going to meet some friends around Vivo City for a movie, I decided maybe it would be a nice place to go over and get some studying done before having to enjoy the movie .. 🙂

and I chanced upon ..

The Cellar Door ..


hmm .. what should I try...



Eggs Florentine



This place was a miss for me..
I felt like as I was eating the whole breakfast, the hollandaise sauce was too heavy on the lemon.. It was as if I was eating the eggs with lemon.
I wished it was creamier instead. Quite a waste as the eggs were nicely done.
The mocha was pretty decent but i think the proportion of chocolate to the coffee was a little too much for my liking..
A reedeming factor was that the environment was very tranquil with quite scenic views of Sentosa

Verdict: I don’t think I will return for the breakfast :/

The Cellar door
#01-108/109 Vivo City, 1 HarbourFront Walk.

Group therapy

So we decided to in the spirit of impromptu ness, we went to try one of the food at dempsey, which i have been hearig pretty good ravings

The place is nicely dec-ed out in a very causual setting.. It kind of reminds me of the cafe that the sitcom FRIENDS, that they always patronise to some extent.
Nice place to people watch
We went ahead and ordered




I would return to try the other things on the menu. I think my drink would have tasted nicer if there was some chocolate or butter scorch syrup added.. Because it tasted like ice blended rum and raisin ice cream. The pasta had truffle oil but i dont know whether its because of my drink that i could not taste any of it, or that the dish itself perhaps didnt have as much truffle oil as i thought it would have had.
My friend totally enjoyed her eggs bene on thick toast! They were very generous with their hollandaise sauce!

Ratings: 2 of us will return- I feel cheated mine didnt turn out as well, but i loved how this is nicely tucked in behind cbd area and perhaps better luck in choosing something better

Group Therapy
49 Duxton Road

40 Hands

So the siblings and i decided to go check out the upcoming chillax places at tiong bahru area to source out other new branch alternatives ..
We chanced upon 40 Hands and decided to give it a go ..



My Mocha - delightful


Eggs Benedict


Salmon Cream and Bread


Extra Order of Fries

I think overall my order was the best – not saying that it was super spectacular. The Hollandaise was little.My sister’s Salmon Cream bread thingy – her salmon was way fishy and it just spoilt the whole sauce .. My brother didn’t really enjoy his americano coffee, as well as his set :/

so i guess this is a miss ..
but i think maybe i would want to come back for the ambience and would like to try the other things on the menu instead ..

Ratings: 2/3 will not return


I went to celebrate a friend’s birthday .. She chose Epicurious for a brunch celebration .. Remembering I went there to the Railmall branch to check out .. We went to the main branch instead.

The decoration theme was the same – it had that old school canteen kinda touch to it .

3 of us ordered the same thing : Eggs Benedict!


I was a little disappointed in the Mocha. It didnt come as thick as I would have liked it previously .. but

Eggs Benedict

the eggs benedict made up for it! I loved the potatoes and the herbs that are roasted along together with it. Hollandaise was nicely made. The colour of it was just inviting and I couldn’t wait to dig in!!!
So glad they suggested this place! and they also liked it as much as I did! 🙂 a definite return 🙂 Just that maybe we went during peak hours, so the place was congested and crowded .. but worth the wait nonetheless 🙂

Happy 24th my november buddy!! 🙂

Epicurious at the Bay side
#01-02 The Quayside, Robertson Quay

Tel: 6734-7720

A Private Affair

we graciously got invited by my mum’s friend to her birthday celebration at Private Affairs 🙂 I must say we went in with an empty stomach, and left rolling out of the restaurant. We had the Buffet Brunch and it was awesome!!!
My favourite was the Eggs Benedict! I loved how he charred the Hollandaise sauce. His wagyu Beef Burger as well – just awesome the truffle mayo! Just I think I couldnt really enjoy it since I was so stuffed. My mum’s friend was very well acquainted with the main chef, so we also ended up getting alot of freebies and things not on the menu.
I will let the pictures do the talking

I overall enjoyed the experience and would return again!
But I do hear that they will be moving next year to a more central area … so I would return and look forward to another meal of chef Paul’s creations 🙂

Private Affairs