Group therapy

So we decided to in the spirit of impromptu ness, we went to try one of the food at dempsey, which i have been hearig pretty good ravings

The place is nicely dec-ed out in a very causual setting.. It kind of reminds me of the cafe that the sitcom FRIENDS, that they always patronise to some extent.
Nice place to people watch
We went ahead and ordered




I would return to try the other things on the menu. I think my drink would have tasted nicer if there was some chocolate or butter scorch syrup added.. Because it tasted like ice blended rum and raisin ice cream. The pasta had truffle oil but i dont know whether its because of my drink that i could not taste any of it, or that the dish itself perhaps didnt have as much truffle oil as i thought it would have had.
My friend totally enjoyed her eggs bene on thick toast! They were very generous with their hollandaise sauce!

Ratings: 2 of us will return- I feel cheated mine didnt turn out as well, but i loved how this is nicely tucked in behind cbd area and perhaps better luck in choosing something better

Group Therapy
49 Duxton Road

40 Hands

So the siblings and i decided to go check out the upcoming chillax places at tiong bahru area to source out other new branch alternatives ..
We chanced upon 40 Hands and decided to give it a go ..



My Mocha - delightful


Eggs Benedict


Salmon Cream and Bread


Extra Order of Fries

I think overall my order was the best – not saying that it was super spectacular. The Hollandaise was little.My sister’s Salmon Cream bread thingy – her salmon was way fishy and it just spoilt the whole sauce .. My brother didn’t really enjoy his americano coffee, as well as his set :/

so i guess this is a miss ..
but i think maybe i would want to come back for the ambience and would like to try the other things on the menu instead ..

Ratings: 2/3 will not return


I went to celebrate a friend’s birthday .. She chose Epicurious for a brunch celebration .. Remembering I went there to the Railmall branch to check out .. We went to the main branch instead.

The decoration theme was the same – it had that old school canteen kinda touch to it .

3 of us ordered the same thing : Eggs Benedict!


I was a little disappointed in the Mocha. It didnt come as thick as I would have liked it previously .. but

Eggs Benedict

the eggs benedict made up for it! I loved the potatoes and the herbs that are roasted along together with it. Hollandaise was nicely made. The colour of it was just inviting and I couldn’t wait to dig in!!!
So glad they suggested this place! and they also liked it as much as I did! 🙂 a definite return 🙂 Just that maybe we went during peak hours, so the place was congested and crowded .. but worth the wait nonetheless 🙂

Happy 24th my november buddy!! 🙂

Epicurious at the Bay side
#01-02 The Quayside, Robertson Quay

Tel: 6734-7720

A Private Affair

we graciously got invited by my mum’s friend to her birthday celebration at Private Affairs 🙂 I must say we went in with an empty stomach, and left rolling out of the restaurant. We had the Buffet Brunch and it was awesome!!!
My favourite was the Eggs Benedict! I loved how he charred the Hollandaise sauce. His wagyu Beef Burger as well – just awesome the truffle mayo! Just I think I couldnt really enjoy it since I was so stuffed. My mum’s friend was very well acquainted with the main chef, so we also ended up getting alot of freebies and things not on the menu.
I will let the pictures do the talking

I overall enjoyed the experience and would return again!
But I do hear that they will be moving next year to a more central area … so I would return and look forward to another meal of chef Paul’s creations 🙂

Private Affairs


So where else can i find a good brunch??
I am fussy about my poached eggs meals

1. Hollandaise must be nicely balanced – not too creamy, not too egg yolky , pleasantly yellow with tinges of lemon

2. Happy Eggs – otherwise defined as runny egg yolks upon being sliced on the first cut, doesnt look too shrivelled, with a little bit of it pre-cooked

3. Toast/muffin/crumplets – not too brownly toasted, not overtly toasted until you can taste the burnt parts, can’t be soggy until its soaked with egg yolks and hollandaise

see quite an easy customer I am 🙂

that being said, I think I have found one of my favourite brunch places for a quick brunch fix 🙂

Café Epicurious at The Rail Mall

Eggs Benedict 🙂 love the potatos

Ceasar Salad

Mocha in a nostagic mug

This place is a hit for me .  The pictures are taken at Rail mall – their second outlet . The ambience here is very bustling on a Sunday morning, nicely situated. Food is great and Service is also great 🙂  I will return back here when I need my brunch fix 🙂

Café Epicurious at The Rail Mall

392 The Rail Mall, Upper Bukit Timah Road
Tel: 6894-5926


My dad decided to spend some quality time with my sister and me.. So we went down to check out Robertson Quay for an english breakfast and we chanced upon


BEEF HASH- With sautéed potato, shaved leg ham, bacon and poached eggs 

THE ASHES - Pork sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, hash brown, Roma tomato, mushroom, baked beans with toast 

Bondi -Poached eggs, baby spinach, Roma tomato, mushroom with Turkish toast

Soy Chai Latte

I think this place is just average though .. my chai latte was not heavy on the chai – I didn’t really like it, although i think its one of the better ones that I could find in Singapore .. but just not the best and I wont return for it ..
My shriveled poach eggs just didnt make my meal appetizing ..

60 Robertson Quay
#01-15 The Quayside
Singapore 238252

Marmalade Pantry

I brought and introduced my friend to this place,just as I was introduced to this place.
I think so far their food hasn’t been disappointing

our drinks:

Summer smoothie


our mains

Crabmeat Linguine

Steak Sandwhich

and of course to top off the meal : Desserts

Chocolate deluxe cupcake

Sticky date pudding

I love their sticky date pudding! I think its one of the best around so far that I have tried

Marmalade Pantry
2 Orchard Turn,
#03-22 ION Orchard, 


On the way to work, my sister and I always drove pass Hatched and been wanting to give it a try ..
So we just went in one day before work and tried

Parking was fine.. the menu was quite nicely dec-ed out


Ok so when the food came.. I was pretty shocked at mine

Eggs Royale?

Er the dark sauce that was drizzled by the side was like soyasauce?? er that I didn’t really take a liking to this fusion concept .. Hollandaise sauce was a little pathetic ..

Sides : Bacon

Sides: Spinach

Foie gras scrambled eggs with toast

My sister didn’t think very well of this either.. She said it was just alright .. (although she eventually finished up everything -_-)

I don’t think I will return back here again ..

26 Evans Road,
#01-06 Evans Lodge