Symmetry Cafe

Been wanting to post about this place

Its one of those places where you read a lot of reviews about but just don’t know if it did live up to the reviews ..

for starters, the ambience is nice ..

from the outside

from the outside

So we ordered:

Passion Fruit Tea

Passion Fruit Tea

Pink Grapefruit soda

Pink Grapefruit soda



Hot Mocha

Hot Mocha

truffle fries

truffle fries

Big Breakfast : 2 Eggs of choice, maple-glazed bacon, chicken sausage, sauté mushroom, mesclun, jam & toast

Big Breakfast : 2 Eggs of choice, maple-glazed bacon, chicken sausage, sauté mushroom, mesclun, jam & toast

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

Flan: berkshire pork, saute mushroom, egg, soubise sauce, cream, pommery mustard

Flan: berkshire pork, saute mushroom, egg, soubise sauce, cream, pommery mustard


Verdict: 2.5/4 of us will return.

1. Be prepared to queue quite a while if you don’t reserve beforehand!  – though i must say we managed to get our seats without reservation quite fast .. perhaps 1/2 hr wait? we met with the lunch crowd

2. I really liked the Flan , it was something different from the usual brunch affair. The pork was thoroughly braised and so soft that it just melts in your mouth. For mustard/dijon lovers like me, i couldn’t really taste the mustard, and the texture of the sauce tasted like there was mashed potatoes mixed in. Not that that was a bad thing altogether, but just quite a different taste : I was pleasantly surprised.

3. The hollandaise for the Eggs Benedict was not as sharp as I expected it to be,  and pretty minimal. The rest were pretty normal, though I must command their creativity in presenting Jam and Butter : They merged the two and what you got was a pink slab of butter -> sweet and salty at the same time! saves the hassle for lazy spreaders. 🙂

4. If you are a fan of toby estate’s coffee, you would enjoy the mocha and latte at this place. I must say the mocha is pretty decent

Damage: $30 ish per pax 

Symmetry Cafe
9 Jalan Kubor
Singapore 199206

Loysel’s Toy Museum

Met up on a lazy weekend.

We decided to go check out this place – pretend to be hipsters for the day etc ..

order up!!

order up!!





Big breakfast

Big breakfast

1040 1043

Ending off with dessert:

lemon tart

lemon tart

Verdict: 4.5/5 of us will return
1. Brunch was quite good I would say.. would not say to die for totally but still decent we all reckon.
2. Coffee -> one of the determining factor for good brunches. This place boasts of using Toby estate coffee beans. Hmm .. Not that I am a total coffee connoisseur but I reckon if you do like your coffee to have a ‘mocha-ish’ taste you might like their coffee.
3. lemon tart was well balanced : not too sweet and not too sharp. Well-liked and approved by the sweet tooth around.
4. Do you know you could rent bicycles to cycle around the compound?

5. one good thing about hanging around hipsters area : sometimes if you are lucky, you get to see celebrities! we chanced upon :

Christopher leeeee

Christopher leeeee

Loysel’s Toy Museum
66 Kampong Bugis,
#01-01 Sam Tat Building,
Singapore 338987


The Providore Cafe

was looking around for a central place to catch up

always walked past this but didn’t go in to have a look




Breakfast BLT: Grilled Bacon and Provolone Cheese on Ciabatta Bread with Roasted Tomatoes, Fresh Avacado, Rocket and Garlic Aioli


Egg Benedict: Poached Eggs on Toasted Brioche with Wilted Spinach, Cooked Ham and Hollandaise

Mushrooms side

Mushrooms side


Ricotta Pancakes: with Caramelised Banana, Candied walnuts and Providore Yellowbox Honey


Verdict: 3/3 of us will not return.
The Pancakes were the light and fluffy ones .. I personally like the thick and heavy ones .. but it was ok ..
Eggs Benedict was quite ok  .. sauce was too sharp
BLT was quite average


The Providore Mandarin Gallery
#02-05, Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Rd,
Singapore 238897


Decided to check out this place

A hidden gem around the corner!
Becareful if you walk past it, you might just end up missing it :p

Scrambled Eggs with Home Made Sour Dough (+) Portobello Mushrooms and (+) Pork Sausage

Scrambled Eggs with Home Made Sour Dough (+) Portobello Mushrooms and (+) Pork Sausage

Hot and Cold Wicked (Mint Mocha)

Hot and Cold Wicked (Mint Mocha)

Dirty Ronin Sandwhich (Spicy Italian Sauage and Egg in Ciabatta bread)

Dirty Ronin Sandwich (Spicy Italian Sausage and Egg in Ciabatta bread)


Verdict: 2/3 of us will return.

1) Scrambled Eggs were fluffy yet moist and ‘thick’ (does sound weird that both adjectives are placed together)
2) wicked drink -> hmm personally for me, abit too much of the peppermint taste that I can’t taste the balance of the choc and latte
3) Dirty Ronin -> well.. it does look simple and something that you can make at home, but what was the difference was the bread. My friend liked it much

Service here is one of the kind -> no menus and the waitress will come by your table and recite the whole menu for you. We were waving for the attention of one of them, when she missed us and got reprimanded in front of us by her boss. They take service here very seriously and really make the effort to please every customer.

** it does get crowded lunch time/ 2-ish … adding on that the place is pretty small and narrow.. fyi

17 Hong Kong Street
Singapore 059660


Eggs & Berries

Wanted a little change of environment
decided to go on to explore the west side  🙂

It was too hot so we decided on this place

Italia Eggs Benedict Doppie

Italia Eggs Benedict Doppie

Avacado Shake

Avocado Shake

Blue Berry Shake

Blue Berry Shake

Griiled Chicken Tigh

Grilled Chicken Tigh


Verdict : 05/2 of us will return.
1) the drinks : was just horrible.  Although the colour on the surface looked like it was really rich, the milk was more overpowering than the actual fruit itself.
2) Mains were slightly ordinary. It was good but not so much a definitely die I want to come back IMMEDIATELY .

Eggs and Berries
3 Gateway Drive
#02-06 Westgate Mall
Singapore 608532

The Bravery

You could miss this place by a bit if you didn’t catch hold of the door.
Another hidden find around 🙂

The Bravery  🙂

Just a look around

Just a look around

Pan Cakes Stack with Ricotta Cheese, Honey and Crushed Pistachio

Pan Cakes Stack with Ricotta Cheese, Honey and Crushed Pistachio

Brave Begedil : Poached Eggs with Turkey Bacon and avacado on a corned beef hash

Brave Begedil : Poached Eggs with Turkey Bacon and avacado on a corned beef hash

Iced Mocha vs Iced Chocolate ( Which one is which?)

Iced Mocha vs Iced Chocolate ( Which one is which?)

Verdict: 2/2 of us will return.

We enjoyed every aspect of it.
Ambiance: was very chic, minimalist, artsy and interesting displays
Food: The stack, although looked like it was drowned in honey, but as I was working through it, it was really one of those fluffy and light kind of pancakes 🙂
Brave Begedil was something really interesting as well. The hash was not too saltish, and the eggs were poached really well? 1/2 runny and 1/2 molten.  Thoroughly enjoyed.
Drinks were good.  Iced Mocha was slightly sweet for my liking.

The Bravery
66 Horne Road
Singapore 209000
*closed on Tuesdays!


I always wanted to try this place out ever since I saw it published on a Japanese magazine.

So thought I called my troopie Maizy (aka steady) to meet me to try it. Its been really years since I last saw her, and I think this place seemed to have a very nice chillax ambience, and would be a nice place to catch up and relax 🙂

On the way to finding this place, I got lost (ok whats new). Its at the very extreme far end of Raeburn park, and its towards right far end of the industrial estate looking side. head along there and you will find the cafe!


I was 1/2 hour ++  late trying to find this place. It was also raining on the day! double whammy .. but ok finally reached in 1 piece 🙂


wall deco

so we ordered off the brunch menu

Parco Continental Colazione : Freshly Baked Bagel with Crème Fraiche, Grilled Ham,
Frankfurt Sausage, Golden Hash brown, Seared Tomato,
Gratinate Portobello with Gruyere Cheese and Poached

and for myself,

Portobello: 2 Farm eggs* on Grilled Portobello Mushroom served with
Smoked Salmon, Poached Asparagus, Baked Sweet Potato
with Crème Fraiche, Cherry Tomato Bruchetta and Toasted
Black Olive Bread 

perfect egg



in between our catch up, we got interrupted by the owner of the restaurant, who offered us some sweets / pre-desert snacks. He is a very friendly Italian chef that makes the effort to make sure everything is alright at your table. So he served us

lady kiss, almond biscuit

The sandwich biscuit he called them lady kiss. The second is a moist almond biscuit.

We then proceeded to order dessert. What is a meal without dessert really!

Parco Caffe Chocolate Lava: Dark Molten Chocolate Lava Cake served with Vanilla Gelato

Strawberry Cheese Cake

Verdict: 1.5/2 of us will return.

troopie maizy mentioned that Dessert wasn’t a stellar. That I agree. The strawberry cheese cake was disappointing.. well not quite how we expected it to turn out, and yet disappointing in that, the biscuit base is too soft?.. 😦 Her main, the Bagel was not ‘good dry’ .. But the sausage and has was nicely done .. but other than that, not something to shout about.
I thought the molten cake was good. Size was right and the cake was ‘crispy’ and oozy (with chocolate lava).
My main, hmm I didn’t see and could not understand how the sweet potato would compliment the hollandaise? My eggs were poached well though I must say, and the hollandaise was one of the better ones I have eaten by far. The Cherry Tomato Bruchetta had too much raw garlic on it – making it abit too spicy for me.

Overall, we both enjoyed the ambience and the coffee.  Maybe the next round if we return, we might just hit the pastas or other mains instead. Service is very efficient and warm.  I liked it that the chef at least bothered come out and greet you and make sure everything is good. The location of this place is just abit too far off .. but I guess thats where the ambience factor comes in.

Parco Caffè @ Raeburn Park
10 Raeburn Park #01-28
Singapore 088702

Chillax Massage Cafe

After a torturous day dealing with some car breakdown episode :/ .. shall not go there, I met troopie gracie down at chillax café at serangoon gardens . Ever heard of a café that combines massage and food? Welcome to the red line side :o)

peek inside

Ok so after a long wait ( for me after the long drama and wait for me to settle the car matters),  we ordered, (P.s. They awesomely have an ALL DAY brunch menu!!!! <3)

Truffle Shoestring Fries

and troopie gracie ordered herself

Seafood Aglio Olio

and for myself

Eggs Benny

Verdict: 2/2 of us will return :). I loved that the truffle fries had actually mini truffle bits to it! And it was quite at an affordable price! The best part is if you go during happy hour, you get it at happy hour price.


Troopie Grace ordered seafood aglio oilo. She mentioned it was ok like nothing to complain about, cooked to her liking.  Simple dish but executed well.
My Eggs benny on the other hand, I thought the sauce was very special – which enticed me to order it. It was your normal hollandaise sauce but, mixed in was yuzu instead of the lemony sourish flavour. I quite like that spin off 🙂  Was not at all disappointed , although I personally wished they didn’t have to drizzle it with the green pea (just a personal preference to not like them).
Chillax Massage Cafe
28 Maju Avenue
Serangoon Garden Estate


We decided to go check out Prive because my bestie knew I have been wanting to go there for quite a while.. And since I had the car that day, why not? 🙂

We took a while to find the place eventually because we were too engrossed talking and didn’t pay attention to google maps, so half the time we were going up wrong exits and flyovers before finally reaching!

Upon driving in, the dock and view was pretty! It was as if this part of singapore didn’t exist, we felt like we were in a different country altogether

We heade there and seeing that the weather was good, we sat outside.








View once again


Her Prawn Bisque


Straight Cut Fries with Truffle Mayo


Prawn Wantons inside!!!


My Prive Signature Mushroom Soup


Her Eggs Benny!


My Eggs Royale

I would totally return for the ambience, the meal was so filling – we out did ourselves again.
I just wished the fries were shoe string instead of straight cut ( personal preference) and loved the truffle mayo- something different
The hollandaise was buttery on the first bite, and super rich as you take a few more bites. The rockets in its natural form helped balanced out the richness of the sauce. One thing i liked about my eggs were that I could have sworn they used some different eggs from the normal brunch hunts around. The yolk was bigger and had more texture in comparison to most other types of eggs in other plates of brunch places that always end up shriveled and drowned in hollandaise sauce.
We would return to try the dessert as well, and the best part was, the second order of eggs benny or eggs royale was 50% off!! But dbs credit card promotion!!

Verdict: 2/2 of us will definitely return for a eggs benny crave! My new favourite place 🙂

2 Keppel Bay Vista
Singapore 098382

Through the Cellar door

So I was craving for English Breakfast 🙂
and since I was going to meet some friends around Vivo City for a movie, I decided maybe it would be a nice place to go over and get some studying done before having to enjoy the movie .. 🙂

and I chanced upon ..

The Cellar Door ..


hmm .. what should I try...



Eggs Florentine



This place was a miss for me..
I felt like as I was eating the whole breakfast, the hollandaise sauce was too heavy on the lemon.. It was as if I was eating the eggs with lemon.
I wished it was creamier instead. Quite a waste as the eggs were nicely done.
The mocha was pretty decent but i think the proportion of chocolate to the coffee was a little too much for my liking..
A reedeming factor was that the environment was very tranquil with quite scenic views of Sentosa

Verdict: I don’t think I will return for the breakfast :/

The Cellar door
#01-108/109 Vivo City, 1 HarbourFront Walk.