Bistro Du Vin

Just thought a nice way to kick start the week and write on this place that hopefully chase all the monday blues away!
We have a shorter week! public holiday on the coming friday!

Anyway, this was a super duper last minute place. troopie Jean last minute called me to ask if I was free to join her for lunch at Bistro Du Vin  .. so  .. in the spirit of inpromptu-ness, WHY NOT? and its Bistro Du Vin, under the les Amis group. I had an unforgettable dining experience at Les Amis back in 2009, so I reckoned this place should be good 🙂 My Mentai monster (aka brother) also says the food here is good (very rarely this fussy person praises a restaurant he likes)  so ok 🙂  Then, Mama phua also decided to join us very last minute too! so happy 3 friends 🙂

A peak inside

We all ordered from the lunch set (I think its quite worth it and affordable) :

Home made bread

for appetizers, both troopie Jean and I had

Endives Salad with Blue Cheese, Walnut and apples

and for mama phua, she had

Char-grilled escargot wrapped in country smoked bacon with braised lentils

For the mains, the girls had

Duck Confit Leg served with leek-pommery mash

and I had

Roasted Sea Bass with crusted potato with parsley and black pepper balsamic butter

and to finish the course, our desserts! Troopie Jean had

Apple tart

Mama phua had

Creme Brulee

and I had

Poached Peach with lemon sorbet

and of course for the  of us

Tea with desserts

Verdict: 3/3 of us will return.
For the appetizers, our salad was hmm .. well the blue cheese taste was stronger than I expected – so to all the blue cheese lovers , this is your heaven i guess :p The escargots – mama phua whipped it up in minutes, so equals to yummilicious 🙂

For our mains, I was slightly disappointed .. my fish I felt that they didn’t really cook it well enough, to my expectation. I thought from the description, it would be crispy on the outside, but it wasnt’ 😦 I think Skyve did a better job with the cooking the fish. No doubt however, the fish is very fresh and well seasoned. The meat was not mushy and it was solid – easily comes off the skin.
The duck confit, is very well enjoyed by both troopies. Mama phua returned this time around specially for the duck confit. Troopie Jean had also enjoyed her duck and said it was very well cooked, not too saltish and just right 🙂

Desserts : The apple tart was yummy ( I should have ordered that). Very light and thin yet flavourful 🙂 you can see the skills displayed by the thin-ness of the sliced apple, as well as the puff pastry. I think this is what distinguishes the les amis group from the other french restaurants around singapore, from my experience, that the precision and display of the chef’s skill is like a signature of their restaurants. My sorbet and peach was refreshing – for those non-sweet tooths, this would be your thing! Creme brulee was torched to perfection – nice and jellish in the bottom, crusty on top.

The next time around, I am so coming back here for the duck confit, or the scrambled egg with the foie gras!
However, mama phua mentioned the last time around she came here, the menu was slightly different, So the chefs probably changes their menu often – which is good I think, goes to show the food they work with are fresh – aka those in season- . One should have more variety and experiment with different kinds of food 🙂 Service is excellent as well!

Bistro Du Vin
1 Scotts Road,
Shaw Center