Bkk : # 4 .1 – one for the road

Our last meal in Bangkok before we head back to Singapore.. 😦
we were running all our last-minute food errands and headed to Central World , another shopping mall, before we decided to try  one of the restaurants there since it claimed to be :

So we decided why not? to round off our whole holiday and treat ourselves to a good meal 🙂

so we ordered: ( again kudos to troopie mother for helping me take pictures with her super duper cool high tech camera)  – dishes are presented in the order of preferences

Thai Ice Milk Tea

Seafood Tom Yum Soup

Black Olive fried rice

Fried Thai Seafood ‘kuey teow’

Softshell Crab Yellow Curry

Assiette Nara – Assorted Appetizers

Green Mango Salad

Otahs ‘souffle’

Verdict: 3.5 of us will return. Perhaps we didn’t really take to the modern fusion part of it .. Though I must say that I enjoyed the soft shell crab curry very much! no hassle of having to peel the crab, and the curry was not even spicy though ( or was my tongue already numb from the spicy kuey teow and tom yum soup) … The olive rice was really interesting! It looked plain but it had the fragrance of the shrimps and the crispy thing – no idea what that is but complimented the soft texture of the rice very nicely.  As usual, the tom yum soup was just spicy – the spiciness just kicks in after a while only .. totally creeps up on you when you are not expecting it. The spicy kuey teow is very much enjoyed by the people who love their spicy food – it was filled with peppercorns! on top of chillies! talk about spicy! This brought spiciness to a whole new level!!!  The otah ‘souffle’ however, was just abit too light for out liking ..  :/

now as we sadly mark our end of our escapade …..
Great memories and company 🙂 our first outing that almost all of us were around 🙂
We all Love BKK 🙂 Astala vista

Ratchadamri Rd.
Central World, 7th Floor

Bkk : #3.3

After another round of intense shopping and massage, we saved our stomachs for this cheap ‘thai style “hot pot/bbq” that we found round the corner of our hotel. I do apologise I have no idea where this place is because it was like a round the corner stumble upon place .. but to sum up, its super cheap! when converted back to SGD, we paid around $7 per person just for a buffet style of ‘bbq+ hotpot’ …

glance inside

where all the workers gather

The area is very spaced out .. and we saw alot of people that seemed to come here after their work .. so we thought we give it a shot 🙂

so this is what happens :

On every table, theres this :

Every table has this..


and a worker will come by and bring this and light up the whole thing. He will then pour the water until a certain level ..

then .. so we glanced around to see how the people cook their stuff and followed suit.. while waiting for the pot to heat up and all, some of us went to get some of the cooked food and meat

meat balls .. etc

assorted meat

cooked food


and so  …

cooking the meat


Verdict:  1.5/5 of us will return for the chin chow .. ahhaha the free flow dessert – the chin chow was chewy and sweet. Nice to cool off from this ‘bbq/steamboat’ .. we all thought this is like a Thai version of seoul garden .. but hey its cheap so can’t really complain much  :p Good experience nonetheless 🙂

Bkk: #3.2 Platinum Mall

Part#2 of our intense shopping continues at Platinum Mall. … It was a really intense shopping trip that totally tire all of us out until our legs were really sore from all the walking! we headed for massage ..
But prior that, we got hungry from the walking and purchases, we just headed upstairs to the food court for a quick bite.

We all ordered to share – again presented in the order that we all liked:

Thai Mango Sticky Rice

Beef Claypot Noodles

Green Mango Salad

Pad Thai

Duck Noodles

Oyster Omelette

Verdict: 3.5/5 of us will return.I think its just awesome that even in food courts, their mangos are also so sweet! ahahah that was the awesome part of it! sweet and much! When troopie phil kindly helped us buy some of the food, she mentioned how she saw some thai lady adding sugar into the soups and trying and tasting! ahahha .. cultural shock  for us there .. I think i still liked the one at Chatchuchak market. Troopies also said they liked the oyster omelette from the first day as well.

Platinum Mall
222 (Pratunum) Petchaburi Rd, 
Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Bkk: #3.1 Chachuchak Market

We headed down to Chachuchak Market to do some shopping .. 🙂
After a few intense hours of shopping, we went to the food side and get some food to fill our stomachs before heading off to the next destination for more intense shopping 🙂

So we just walked around and found this place. Imagine a shop front ( probably 300 sq feet +), and a makeshift kitchen that probably covers half the area, they can convert it into a small shop ‘restaurant’ only selling fried chicken. The smart part about it was that, they collaborate with other stalls, and have their ‘waiters’ walking up and down the row of stores selling their other specialities. So even if you end up sitting next door or a few doors down, you still can enjoy a variety of food that other stalls are selling 🙂

just a peek at the deco!

Inside Deco


So we ordered to share among us, arranged in the order of our preference:

Fried Chicken

Pad Thai

Spicy Squid Salad

Papaya Salad


Verdict: 5/5 agree that we will not order the fish cake again.. hahaha .. it was just abit too tough and wierd ..  The rest of the dishes .. I must say thai dishes, they don’t look that spicy but they end up very spicy! Like the Squid salad! Goodness.. the spiciness level is like die and go to spicy heaven .. thats the only level to describe it .. and its subtle .. ahhaha .. . I thought the pad thai was great 🙂 so was the chicken and the papaya salad 🙂 The sauce was very special and peanutty but spicy 🙂

Chatchuchak Market

Bkk: #2.4 Audrey’s

For dinner, we had the pleasure of meeting trooper ali’s Bangkok friend .. and we met at this very quaintly decorated place and nice to chillax restaurant called Audrey.

Entrance of the Restaurant

and walking in

Center Piece

After we sat down and broke the ice, our newly found thai friend told us that she had quite a hard time booking this place! She was quite lucky to get the resevation on the day itself! hahaha thankful for the hospitality of these kind thais 🙂 so then we all sat down and ordered to share :

Grilled Marinated Pork wrapped in White Noodle



Fried Calamari

Mushroom Soup

French Onion Soup

Spicy Fried Fish Bits

Fried Rice with Chilli Paste, Topped with River Prawn

Crab Meat Soba

5 Hours Braised Beef Cheeks

and of course to end the meal  arranged with the top favourite down :

Fried Milk Chocolate Puff with Banana Flambe Samosa and Vanilla Ice-Cream

Gooey Chocolate Brownie with Ice-Cream

Strawberry Short Cake

And before I forget, I ordered a drink for my dinner a special off the menu :

Audrey Special: Coffee topped with nuts and cream

Verdict: 7/7 of us will return for the dessert, as well as some of the mains.
The appetizers: what we really liked were the calamari and the rice rolls. The soup was also not too bad and not too starchy.
The Mains: My troops thoroughly enjoyed the Fried Rice. We tried to eat it with the fried spicy fish bits – not a very good idea. The fried fish bits were spicy on its own, when combined with the rice – can die in spicy heaven. Troopie ali came for the fried spicy fish bits – and she loved it and said its exactly what she remembered it to be and she would come back for it.  Do not be fooled by the meek appearance of the dish. Its really SUPER SPICY!  The crab soba was not what we expected.. but tasted ok .. TYhe beef cheek was very tender! and quite nicely paired with the spaghetti.
The desserts: I think they are the winner. Although I preferred the gooey chocolate ‘brownie’ best, but the rest of the troopies enjoyed the chocolate samosa the best! The strawberry shortcake was quite moist and nice as well 🙂 troopie beaties enjoyed it 🙂  I would definitely return for this cake as I think its quite special and have not come across it elsewhere 🙂

Audrey Café and Bistro, 
136/3 Thong Lor Soi 11, 
Bangkok, Thailand 

Bangkok : #2.3 Mango Tango

So following the full lunch, we headed opposite to what trooper ali recommended : Mango Tango 🙂

shop front 🙂

You can’t miss this place .. because this place has many youngsters queuing up for it! and the place is really small and at a corner 🙂 so be prepared to queue up or try going at odd hours instead maybe?

so we ordered :

and also not forgetting…

Mango Sticky Rice 🙂

Verdict: 5/5 of us will return to this place to eat. We especially enjoyed the Mango sticky rice. What so unique about it is that crispy Mango puff thingy that is scattered on the rice. Although complaints from the troopies was that the rice was quite sweet .. but I think what was awesome was that the mango was even sweeter than the rice! ahhahaa but one of the better mango sticky rice we ate throughout the trip. Highly recommended. 🙂


Mango Tango
Siam Square Soi 5,
Rama 1 Rd, Pathum Wan,
Pathum Wan, Bangkok


and please remember:

a mango a day, keeps the doctor away


Bkk : #2.3.1 – snack

we decided to have a pre-dinner snack before heading to check out platinum mall for a while ..
So we explored nearby and went to the paragon food basement..

So we bought to share and try



And troopie philies and I shared the yoghurt:



And the rest of the troops bought the assorted milk to try too


Thai Milk Tea


Matcha (Green tea) Milk


Chocolate Milk

Verdict: I think the yoghurt was the best 🙂 hahahaa followed by the matcha, thai milk tea… troopie beat complained the chocolate milk was not thick enough .. so .. Yoghurt the best 😀

Following that, I had one of my ‘cheated by the picture’ hazelnut ice-cream…



Ferrero Rocher

This was a ‘*wrinkles nose’ moment.. Hazelnut taste was faint 😦 so a big no for me 😦

Bkk: #2.2 – One of our Best lunch ever

This place I am about to blog about, has an equal agreed vote that this was one of our best meal of our trip!
So after they completed climbing temples and visiting palaces, trooper ali brought us here to finish off the afternoon

Entrance: Directly opposite mango Tango

deco inside 🙂

I must make an acknowledgement. I was late because I was caught in the Jam, so all the next few well taken pictures are taken by troopie mother who volunteered and thoughtfully took all the pictures for me before the food got wacked by everyone 🙂

Fried morning glory and Thai Fish cake

OOo and they have this! something like what was found in a-roy

Thai style ‘otah’ in a coconut

and …. we ordered 2 plates of :

Pad Thai

of course, not forgetting :

Thai Green Chicken Curry

Verdict: 5/5 of us are coming back here to eat if we return to Bangkok! I think the pictures can speak for itself. I think we were all famished at the same time, but the pictures are not arranged in an order of preference. We cleaned up everything spotless 🙂 The Thai food here is probably catered more to our ‘tourist-y’ taste buds, but nonetheless one of the most enjoyable meals 🙂 the Pad Thai was awesome in that it was not too dry? and had alot of sauce. The green curry was SPICY but had a real kick to it 🙂 The Thai style Otah was also very rich and tasty when eaten with the coconut flesh together. Definite awesome recommendation 🙂

Ban Khun Mae
Siam Square  Siam Square 7,
Pathum Wan, ปทุมวัน,
Bangkok 10300, Thailand




Bangkok: #2.1

So, the troops went on to visit the temples of thailand. .. Because of religious purposes and also I don’t really have a keen interest to visit temples, so I thought I just go and explore around the food basement of Siam Square!!! Well why not?? 🙂 In the air con and away from the heat :p  so I found this place from trip advisors .. as reccomended ..

Entrance of the Shop

Shop Interior – Nostalgic feel  🙂

So lazing the afternoon away, I ordered myself:

Iced Mocha

Mushroom and Ham Crepe With Cheese

Close up

Verdict: I will totally go back for it ! Pure awesomeness and creaminess to the max!! but for 1, its a little too much after a while! I couldn’t finish eating the whole thing. The creamy texture however, it was like a mixture of cheese and cream + milk?seems to be I think .. But awesome combination 🙂

Vanilla Brasserie
991 Siam Paragon Shopping Center
Rama 1 Rd.,
Bangkok 10330

Bangkok: #1.2

So we were walking around chinatown exploring the place and I must say, its really packed with loads of food!!! In my fondest memory of going to Bangkok, ( I haven’t been back there since .. around maybe 10 years ago?)  I remember buying their version of a “roti prata” from this push cart makeshift stall … and being a kid, anything sweet was just awesome! I remember eating  it drizzled with condensed milk and topped with sugar!!!! talk about sugar high 🙂 AND I managed to find a similar! so I thought I just had to buy it and let the crew try!

Stall 🙂

and of course:

Banana filling! topped with condensed milk and sugar!


and as we continued walking on .. the troopie beaties and kay + phil decided that since they travelled all the way here, we should all try the thai style of sharksfin and birds nest .. As we ploughed through the different rows of stores .. they finally found one where the fins are thick and the birds nest is not diluted :

Yup we headed in here

Kitchen outside 🙂


so of course what we came for :

Thick Sharks Fin Soup

Sharks fin soup Condiment : Raw bean Sprouts and Coriander 

and of course, as sighted in the kitchen :

Fresh Birds Nest

and when its served to us :

Red Birds Nest


Verdict: Troopies were all very happy! We shared it all and glad that we managed to satisfy all their cravings 🙂  Sorry I do not know where the exact address of this place is, but its further down from the same side of TK seafood, just further down from them towards the red shirt side.