Founder Bah Kuet Teh

Met up with troopie Jans and Jean + Mr Kewl for some catch up session over bah kuet teh 🙂

Talk about hectic week!

the queue the founders is always long.  You know you are at Founders when …….. You see the walls plastered with celebrities pictures.
we ordered:

Bah Kuet Teh


Beancurd sheets

Salted vegetables

mee suah

Pig Trotters aka “te kah”

Verdict: 4/4 of us will return.

The peppery base of the pork rib soup was not too overwhelming with pepper, and was quite substantial a dish on itself.  The pork rib itself was quite tender( not due to tenderisers) and fell off the bone easily when pulled. Turns out this is both troopie Jean and Mr Kwel’s favourite bah kuet teh place. 🙂 And the best part, another eating place that opens till late!! 🙂

2 votes from troopie jean and me for the salted vegetable being one of our favourite dishes there.  It was not saltish enough for troopie Jan.

Founder Bah Kuet Teh
347 Balestier Road
(New Orchid Hotel)

BTK : Boon Tong Kee

So the for the past few days, my meals have been pretty miserable.. Well when you are studying, then eating right doesn’t quite become your priority..
Anyway, on my way home from a class, I decided to indulge in a treat so to ‘encourage’ my burnt out self and make up for the sucky delivery from golden pillow.

So i ordered everything but chicken rice – it was too late in the night, eat too full will make me fall asleep.. Portion wise would be enough to tide me over the next 2 meals as well 😉




Verdict: This is a real indulgence! Its so expensive for a zhi char standard, but its so good!!!
The 3 types of egg veg – their soup was just so awesome to slurp up! Just wished it could do with more salted eggs instead
The sweet and sour pork – loved how the battered pork still remains crispy even when drizzled in sweet and sour sauce!! My definition of good standard of sweet and sour pork 🙂
The fried toufu: this is like melting drops of heaven! This toufu is comparable to ah guan’s except in a different style of cooking. I dont know how they managed to make the flour so lightly coated, but yet make the thing crispy and melt in the mouth!
The staff that attended to me was also super friendly.. Hahah who tried to make small talk with me and went all the way to apologise for the error of their machine when i tried to use credit card to pay for my food.

Verdict: This is such an awesome 24 hr joint for supper! Am so totally comig back!!

Boon Tong Kee
399 Balestier Road, Singapore