Had a mini farewell dinner for a friend who was leaving for good.
a highly recommended place to try:
Thai-style kind of steamboat

So, we ordered  a set meal for 4 and added on items  such as Bacon Enoki Wrap, Pork Belly, Thai Fish Cake .. etc

Dipping Chilli ( From left to right represents the degree of spiciness)

Dipping Chilli ( From left to right represents the degree of spiciness)


Before starting


Part of the set : Seafood, Pork, Chicken,




Pork Belly


Process of cooking


After a few rounds

Verdict: 5/5 of us will return
So the steps to it is that, you first cook the meat on the protruding side, then you go on to pour chicken stock (in a teapot) into the pot until it reaches a certain level. In doing so, the juices of the meat will flow into the broth and after a while, your broth will be very sweet and nice. In the soup, throw in the vegetables to cook, as well as fish cakes etc etc ..
Apart from the smell (my bag was smelly for 3 days – no exaggeration),  It was pretty good and value for money. Quality of the meat and ingredients were not the cheap kind that disintegrates the moment you pick up using your chopsticks or not like you see in most steamboat restaurants. Nice for a change.

103 East Coast Road
Singapore 428797


My dear friend is going to re locate to Shanghai .. so because she was craving thai food and her mum is also in town, so I decided to to bring them to try this place since they haven’t tried before, something different from the normal.

Since we were all hungry, so we ordered:

Green Mango Salad

Stuffed Chicken Wings with Thai Chilli Sauce

Clear Tom Yum Soup with Fish Slices

Chicken Pad Thai

Thai Green Curry wtih Chicken

Verdict: 3/3 of us will return! I am so glad that she enjoyed it so much, together with her mum and managed to satisfy her craving! 🙂 I came to this place more than 3 years ago i think .. and I am glad the standard is still there! I loved the stuffed chicken wings and everything we ordered! What a bittersweet meal, getting to know her mum and her :/ I think its very interesting, every family and their own dynamics 🙂

163 Tanglin Rd
Tanglin Mall,
Singapore 247933


Joe’s Kitchen

So, just for taste teasers, my mum decided to also add to our dinner, a place highly reccomended by one of the pastors at church : Joe’s Kitchen

We headed right a few steps away from the Hong Kong Street zhi char place and found this place.


Seems to have quite a write up on this place.. 🙂


Spot the famous patronisers


So anyways, because we ordered quite a fair bit from our zhi char, so we thought we order some of the reccomended dishes :


Thai Prawn Fish Cake



Honey Chicken

Verdict: 3/3 of us are coming back here to try the other things on the menu!!!
The Honey Chicken was like fantastic. Ok apart from that u couldn’t go wrong with fried food, but even when we brought it home,( we probably stay 15-20 mins away on a clear traffic day) the chicken was not soggy but still remained crispy? Which i thought was pretty amazing.
For all the prawn lovers, the fish cake was bite full of prawns- super liked by my mum.

Joe’s Kitchen
Blk 125 Bukit Merah Lane 1,


We all decided we would meet up over dinner – it has been such a long while since we saw each other, so a friend suggested thai food, and hence we went to al roy.

Its my first time dinning there, and i was very impressed by the taste and variations of thai food that was available. Would definitely return here and bring friends to try too!








We were all stuffed from this meal but goodness! Its one of the best thai food I have eaten so far this year!
The tom yum soup – is authentic Tom yum because according to my friend, she said in thailand their Tom Yum soup is clear based.
The stuffed chicken wings were huge! I enjoyed the pad thai and the vegetable, fried with belly pork, how wrong can it go? Awesomeness! But the most favourite dish of all, was the coconut Otah! That one was a super stunner(in a good way) and blew our minds off totally! 🙂

109 North Bridge Road
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