Old School Days

I do sincerely apologise for the lags in my posts. I have been kept up with a current ‘Christmas project’ that I have been very excited to launch/ facilitate and make it happen. It has been very encouraging to have friends around support my cause and some actively participate in it.

My post will be about old school days, since its quite a similar theme to my project #bagakid. (no I am not kidnapping children and selling them – thats crazy)

Old school days  with Old school friend.
Mama P and I were just round the corner testing out this ganban yoku heated room therapy at upper Thomson 🙂 hahaha .. It was a pretty heated refreshing experience 🙂 After detoxing there, we then headed around to check out some of the places to try .. and we found this place as highly rated by fellow trooper jean beanies, so  .. 🙂 The whole atmosphere felt like I was back in my school, especially with my high school friend, talking about things. 🙂


As the name suggests, the place is decorated with nostagic old-school way .. filled with old school toys such as yoyos, or even very antique items that were used during our parents times.



Even the menu looks like something we were all familar with .. an exercise book. I remember these little things that really made my life miserable in school. Only because all the spellings in Chinese and English were all in this book form. .. Those were horrible! hahah ..  but I did take alot of pride in ensuring I wrote my name neatly on the front of the book – serve as a small consolation that my spelling might be not good, but I have neat handwriting :/ ..  ok carrying on to  the fun part of the ordering is , they will give you


Even the cutleries! Enamel cup!! how nostalgic!!! 2012-12-05T02-10-29_4

yup so you take your orders down on a whiteboard. Quite a playful start. ..  So we ordered to share:


Mee Siam


Fried Chicken Nibbles


He bee (Prawn paste) glutinous rice roll

and close up


Close up!

Lemon grass and lime

Lemon grass and lime



and of course, to round off the whole meal, the one and only!!!!


Banana and Chocolate Fudge cake!!!!

Close UP

Close UP

Verdict: 2/2 of us will return.

The cake- definitely! even blogging about it now makes me wish that I can zoom down and just buy one piece to myself. Its very rich but not until you get sick of it (well, provided you share it with people around you) The bananas, you can definitely see them and chew on the chunks of it. The cake is very moist as well? Its pretty awesome. I would return for this. For all the chocolate banana lovers around – this is a Must Try!!!!!!  ok my weakness so I am biased .. hmm

Mama P complained the mee siam – was abit too oily and watery. She had better ones and her mother can make better ones (I can testify to that).
She enjoyed the roll, something simple and different.

The chicken was very small and bite size, it was quite hard to stop after a while.

Drinks wise, we enjoyed both our drinks quite a bit. 🙂 Their spin off of a mocha is quite delightful 🙂

Nice delightful place 🙂 a real hidden gem around the neighbourhood. 🙂

P.s. Recognise any of the items below?



Old School Delights
215M Upper Thomson Road

Kilo at Pact

So after dinner, we headed down towards Orchard Central to check out this new place called Kilo at Pact. They are a boutique cum cafe – a very quaint concept in the Orchard area. 🙂


from the outside

Counter where you order from

So we ordered just some drinks and desserts to share:

Yuzu Spritzer


Osmanthus O’cha

Earl Grey tea

Chocolate Tart

and of course my favourite!!!!

Foundant chocolate cake!!! with banana Ice-cream and Strawberry

Close Up 🙂


Verdict: 2.5/4 of us will return for desserts only

Troopie Grace complained the spritzer was just small and pricey for its size.

But the dessert .. the Chocolate tart was not too heavy, but rich at the same time.
The foundant cake, paired with the banana ice-cream ( I never really seen this flavour of ice-cream around) was quite delightful. 🙂 I enjoyed both the deserts thoroughly 🙂


Kilo at Pact
181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central

Au Chocolat

Following our lunch, Troopie Plonks and I went to try out this new place called Au Chocolat.

See how huge this place takes up! This is just the restaurant part of it …

I will  just let the pictures do the talking

We started from here

Display of the macaroons


and many other deserts ++++

So with so many choices, I felt like a kid lost in toy’r’us .. but even better! A HUGE CHOCOLATE SHOP!!!  .. 🙂

We proceeded to the restaurant part and started our orders. We decided we wanted something to balance out the chocolate drink, so we ordered:

Caramel Apple Skillet topped with walnuts and Vanilla Ice-cream


Have you heard of a literal frozen hot chocolate? frozen hot chocolate does not = to ice chocolate. They are two different things altogether. See, from my experience, ice chocolate means, cold chocolate flavoured milk, cream/sometimes ice-cream and chocolate syrup + powder blended up and topped with ice cream. Frozen hot chocolate is literally, hot chocolate frozen, topped and decked with cream. As below:

Frozen Hot Chocolate

and let me just take a close up of one spoon of this delight

Close up

Chocolate goodness indeed 🙂

Verdict: 2/2 of us will definitely return here! Especially for a chocolate fix! They also serve high tea (which we regret not trying), menu seemed quite extensive.

The apple skillet – I only wished the base was slightly more heated up .. if not for that, overall this dish was pretty good. Nothing to niche pick about but just something nice to go along with this super uberly rich chocolate drink.


The literal Frozen Hot Chocolate is so going down my chocolate drinks dictionary! It was so rich and after one sip, we just started giggling at each other. Immediate Sugar high?  perhaps. The feeling of bliss – all condensed into this drink 🙂

Marina Bay Sands
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Avenue, 
Singapore 018956

Sirotan Cupcakes

We were all planning a surprise .. well a mini surprise for our September babies ..
and since they were so into this plushie called sirotan , a very Kawaii Japanese seal that disguises itself in multiple things, from food like strawberry, to an insect such as a bumble bee.

That being said, troopie alicia suggested we try something different this year and opted to have sirotan themed cupcakes ( the cake version of sirotan looked abit squashed from the picture) ..
We also each ‘pot-lucked’ a dish (reliving good ole Melbourne ‘poor international student aka maid’ days) ..

All the food from us

Trooper Serene’s Chicken Wings

Troopie Alicia’s re-invented spam musubi

Troopie sanne’s assistant cold Caesar Salad

Troopie sanne’s assistant Mushroom Soup

My Duck San Choy Pau


There were many much more food on the table. I was helping troopie wennie with her chawamushi( steamed egg) dish but i totally wrecked it 😦  .. and I think our favourite was the spicy salmon that troopie alicia had made! If you spot on the  first picture, the dish that looks like its white and covered in mayonnaise – was totally walloped by all of us!

After this awesome home cooked meal,

OOOO whos hiding in the box?

Happy Birthday from all of us ❤



For the above savoury meal, should you see any dishes and require the recipe, please feel free to pm/e-mail me.

We ordered sirotan cupcakes, topped off with plain vanilla cream and with a salted caramel filling inside. We ordered from this facebook website called Bake’n’ Bits. She was a very nice and patient lady in trying to advice us and accommodating to our taste preferences.  Overall, the cupcake was pretty moist, and I quite like the caramel filling – not too overpowering. I am not a cream person so the cream was abit too much for me.. But I guess to shape the seal, we do need a considerable amount of cream in it. .. But it looked too cute to be eaten!!! (mine committed suicide halfway when I was trying to take a bite)










High Society Mansion

Finally after a long while, managed to meet up with troopie yunners 🙂
Its been such a really long time since I saw her 🙂

So after dinner, we had desserts at this newly opened cafe nearby called high society. I reckoned its the same as the one at MBS, opened as part of the extension of thatcdshop. You can enjoy the music and have some delightful deserts to accompany it.

We each ordered

Strawberry Shortcake

decaf latte

and for myself,

dark chocolate praline cake with a biscuit base

My mocha ❤

Verdict: 2/2 of us will return.

We liked the ambience. It’s quite chillax and they were playing quite nice background  jazz music.

My mocha hmm .. the chocolate was abit too overwhelming for me .. their coffee to chocolate ratio probably needs to be worked on.
The cake however was pretty good!although it got abit too much towards the end, but the chocolate layers complimented each other very nicely. Exactly how it was described.

Troopie Yunner’s decaf latte ( from a coffee person that diligently drinks her coffee on a daily basis) she said was not too bad ..
Enjoyed her strawberry shortcake too 🙂

High Society Mansion
No. 9, Scotts Road,
#01-01/03, #02-15,
Pacific Plaza,

Gastronomia for seconds

Another trip to gastronomia to buy some sweetness back to the family 🙂

So I bought this for my parents:


And this for myself



Verdict: 3/3 of us won’t buy this ever
Pound cakes : the cake was not very moist – it was in fact dry and too sweet for my parents. They prefer those from Fredo Galaxy instead.
Nutella cake : it was too sweet for me too and got very ‘sick’ after making my way 1/4 through it. The nutella was not as thick as I liked it, tasted more like a hazelnut cake slice :/ I think I will just stick to the yoghurt crumble instead 🙂

1 Kim Seng Promenade

Sun with Moon

Troopie mother and her friend wanted to go sing karaoke but we found out that the place had closed down :/ hahaha so we decided to go have a snack and chillax instead 🙂

So we walked towards wheelock since troopie mother was craving for Japanese desserts.. So we ordered to share:





And for myself because I was hungry


Verdict: 3/3 of us will return. Apart from the layered cake that was not as yummy as we thought it looked.. Looked nicer in the picture than it tasted.. :/ sesame beancurd was very wobbly and “QQ” 🙂 a favourite of troopie Melissa 🙂 the green tea parfait was delightful according to troopie mother 🙂
Was a nice catch up session 🙂

Sun and Moon
501 Orchard Road,
Wheelock Place,



The troops decided to have a BBQ so we all pot-lucked and brought things .. I was in charge of salad and dessert … So I decided to head down to Gastronomia and pick up some stuff to try! So I bought to try to contribute to the mini pot luckish:



Potato Salad


and for the sweets to round off the whole meal :



Banana Chocolate Cake


Layered Chocolate Cake


White Chocolate and Yoghurt Crumble




Verdict: 8/8 of us will go for the yoghurt crumble 🙂 ahhaha
I liked the potato salad as well 🙂
The rest of the other cakes were too rich for our liking .. and partly we were so overstuffed from the Awesome BBQ food 🙂

Gastronomia (Bukit Timah)
501 Bukit Timah Road
#01-05 Cluny Court

Laurent Bernard Choclatier

So following dinner,  troopie jan, jeans and me went for dessert near by to Laurent st Bernadat.







Peek inside the shop

Pleasure Cake

Molten Lava Cake



Rasberry Sorbet


Verdict: 2.5/3 of us will return . I came here previously and am glad to have introduced them to this place!
The sorbet though was a “no-go” .. abit too thick. but delivered its promise in its texture and sourness :/
Pleasure cake was awesome 🙂 Standard still there
Lava cake was oozing with goodness 🙂
A very nice place to chillax and talk the night away… 🙂

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier
The Pier at Robertson Quay
80 Mohammad Sultan Rd


Food Trail # 1.1 Grin Affair

Our dear troopie shu is going overseas for work .. so since most of us are free / on mc / no need to work , we went on a mini food trail around some parts of Singapore 🙂

I couldn’t make it for lunch, but managed to meet them for tea/ desserts 🙂

This place is quite a hidden and hard place to find – like the entrance of it! as its nicely nested in the HDB flats ..





and we ordered to share with each other :



From the Top: Matcha and azuki bean, Honey Lavender and Blueberry,
Bottom Left : Hazelnut, The lychee passionfruit with sea salt pistachio,


Close up 🙂


Verdict: 4/4 of us will return 🙂 for the cakes in the following order: The lychee passionfruit with sea salt pistachio (loved how all the flavours complimented each other), Hazelnut(the coffee tinge kind of balanced out the whole cake nicely) , Honey Lavender and Blueberry (Lavender was abit too over powering), and lastly the matcha and azuki bean ( not a very nice favourite among all of us). A grin affair indeed! 😀 its so convenient to eat the cake, without having it topple all over! So glad there are 4 of us around to try the different flavours 🙂

Grin Affair
3 Everton Park
Singapore 080003