The Bakery Chef

A casual meet up to explore this place in the hood

we ordered to share (ok i had the waffle to myself but couldn’t finish)

so we ordered to share

Chocolate Guanaja

Chocolate Guanaja



Red Velvet Waffle

Red Velvet Waffle

de constructed

de constructed

Verdict: 2/3 of us will return. 

Coffee: Impressive latte art! My friends had a whale and a bear latte art drawn on their coffees. Taste wise was really ok if you like your after taste to not be so acidic.

Cake: consistent texture.
sweet level: 4/5

Waffle: This was something new that kinda worked. the whitish part is cream cheese, not normal cream.Nonetheless, it was quite solid the waffle, probably due to the chocolate inside. If you like your waffles to have a slightly heavier consistency, I would recommend this one. Crispiness was not compromised even though the mixture was towards the heavy side. 🙂
Just a thought:
1) I think they could try to infuse the cream cheese into the waffle , as I bit into it, there was chocolate inside the waffle, so instead of chocolate, i think if they did it with the cream cheese instead and continued to drizzle the chocolate sauce on the outside, it would have been quite a pleasant surprise.
2) come up with a cream cheese ice-cream equivalent if the above mentioned menthol of infusing the cream cheese is too much of a hassle. Chocolate ice-cream was too much for me.

sweet level: 4/5

Looking forward to return and try the other desserts 🙂

Note* : If i had to measure sweetness level through a cup of milo drink, imagine when making a cup of milo:
Sweet Level (1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest) 

  1. Not at all sweet ( = 1tbsp of milo)
  2. Subtle sweet ( = 1.5 tbsp of milo)
  3. Generally Sweet ( = 2 tbsp of milo + 1 tbsp of condensed milk)
  4. Just nice (= 2 tbsp of milo + 1 tbsp of condensed milk + 1 tbsp of sugar) 
  5. Too much (= milo (9 tbsp of milo+ 2tbsp of condensed mik and sugar))

Damage: $15-$18 per pax

The Bakery Chef
Blk 161 Bukit Merah Central
Singapore 150161
Operating from:  10am-9pm (Fri- Mon),
10am – 7pm (Tues & Thurs)

Quarter to Three

There is always another stomach for dessert
we headed off and stumbled upon this place



Chocolate Macadamia (dark chocolate mousse cake with Macadamia nuts)

Chocolate Macadamia (dark chocolate mousse cake with Macadamia nuts)

Step Inside Love: Lemon-Sponge Cake with Cheese and Cherry Frosting

Step Inside Love: Lemon-Sponge Cake with Cheese and Cherry Frosting

Hazelnut Praline

Hazelnut Mousse Cake


Verdict: 2/3 of us will return.
All the cakes were very nice, but I think consensually we thought the Chocolate Macadamia  was slightly flat…
The lemon sponge was very solid but yet not too heavy. My friend who ordered this is not a very sweet tooth, but she finished the whole cake. ( a very good yardstick to measure against).

Quarter to Three
88 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088509

Paris Baguette Cafe

So for desert, we decided to give this newly opened place around Orchard a try.

It was very packed and crowded! Free seating! But the waiters/waitress were very attentive. Proceed directly to the cashier to order, and wait for your order to be brought to you. They don’t only sell bread, they also have puddings, cakes etc… so you have alot to choose from!

I asked the waiter what he suggested was the best seller, he strongly asked me to order the  Oh~ my baby cake. I asked him for his opinion for the second cake choice ( no cheese for troopie su ann) and  he said the next best would be the strawberry short cake, unless we liked the yoghurt one. So we decided to go with:

Mocha for me :)

Mocha for me 🙂

2 cakess!!!

2 cakess!!!

Oh~ My baby Crepe Cake (layered with Strawberry)

Oh~ My baby Crepe Cake (layered with Strawberry)

Strawberry Short cake

Strawberry Short cake

Mango Smoothie

Mango Smoothie

The other side!

The other side!


Verdict: 2/2 of us will return definitely!

The crepe cake was just awesome! It was so much better than the one that I ate at sun with moon – but ok given that both flavours are different so its hard to compare – The crepe was just not too thick and soggy, yet moist at the same time. The cream was not too much, and just overall, I am not a very big fan of strawberry cakes, but I must say I quite like this cake and would definitely come back for this.

The strawberry shortcake was also moist and soft. True in comparison to this crepe cake is quite pale, but overall, if we hadn’t ordered the crepe one, I would this this cake is still quite decent.

Mango smoothie was good and not too thick until after half the glass you feel sick from drinking it.  I was also happy with my Mocha 🙂


Paris Baguette Cafe
435 Orchard Road
#02-48/53 Wisma Atria

Kilo at Pact

So after dinner, we headed down towards Orchard Central to check out this new place called Kilo at Pact. They are a boutique cum cafe – a very quaint concept in the Orchard area. 🙂


from the outside

Counter where you order from

So we ordered just some drinks and desserts to share:

Yuzu Spritzer


Osmanthus O’cha

Earl Grey tea

Chocolate Tart

and of course my favourite!!!!

Foundant chocolate cake!!! with banana Ice-cream and Strawberry

Close Up 🙂


Verdict: 2.5/4 of us will return for desserts only

Troopie Grace complained the spritzer was just small and pricey for its size.

But the dessert .. the Chocolate tart was not too heavy, but rich at the same time.
The foundant cake, paired with the banana ice-cream ( I never really seen this flavour of ice-cream around) was quite delightful. 🙂 I enjoyed both the deserts thoroughly 🙂


Kilo at Pact
181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central

High Society Mansion

Finally after a long while, managed to meet up with troopie yunners 🙂
Its been such a really long time since I saw her 🙂

So after dinner, we had desserts at this newly opened cafe nearby called high society. I reckoned its the same as the one at MBS, opened as part of the extension of thatcdshop. You can enjoy the music and have some delightful deserts to accompany it.

We each ordered

Strawberry Shortcake

decaf latte

and for myself,

dark chocolate praline cake with a biscuit base

My mocha ❤

Verdict: 2/2 of us will return.

We liked the ambience. It’s quite chillax and they were playing quite nice background  jazz music.

My mocha hmm .. the chocolate was abit too overwhelming for me .. their coffee to chocolate ratio probably needs to be worked on.
The cake however was pretty good!although it got abit too much towards the end, but the chocolate layers complimented each other very nicely. Exactly how it was described.

Troopie Yunner’s decaf latte ( from a coffee person that diligently drinks her coffee on a daily basis) she said was not too bad ..
Enjoyed her strawberry shortcake too 🙂

High Society Mansion
No. 9, Scotts Road,
#01-01/03, #02-15,
Pacific Plaza,

Cake Flor

This is another new find from my brother .

See, ever since we went to Japan for a holiday, even when the autumn season of food, hes been very crazy about chestnuts .. And ever since, he has included the whole family in his pursuit of Chestnut desserts…

Usually, when it comes to chestnut desserts, i usually avoid it .. I mean usually I eat chestnut as a snack, or in my mum’s cooking .. but never as a dessert .. however, after eating this, I feel very convinced I have crossed over to expanding the way that chestnuts can be and should be eaten in desserts as well 🙂

Presenting …

Cake Flor.

Waguri Millefeuille 和栗ミルフィーユ



Chestnut babyyy ❤

This is my new favourite cake as of now 🙂

Super love it 🙂 Big HIT for me

and the base is so crisp and doesn’t get soggy even with the amount of cream dalloped on top.  The chestnut doesn’t have strong traces of colourings (which is good I like) . Although eating it can be a little messy, but,  Its the next awesome close chestnut original tasting cake you can get if you are not in Japan.


Duxton Hill
#01-01, 2 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089588

Phone: +65 6223 8628    Fax: +65 6223 5248

Business hours:
Monday to Saturday: 11am- 7pm
Sunday (Public Holidays):  11am- 6pm

Cafe hours are from 11am – 6:00pm (Mondays to Saturdays) and 11am – 5pm (Sundays & Public Holiday).


Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

Following my brithday celebration, we went to Robertson Quay to chill and I brought them to a newly found chocolate place that my brother had been raving about (especially their pleasure cake sinfully heavenly)..

The ambience here is like a hidden spot away from the hustle and bustle from the city.. Its quite interesting to people watch here. .. as there are many bars around.. so you can see the usual couple watch – we spotted a pairs of interesting couples .. and a nice place with a nice ambience to chillax

we settled ourselves down after waiting for abit and ordered ..

Laurent Cafe


Chocolate Mosaic

this was a very interesting dessert. It was ice cream inside, coated in a chocolate coating. The hot chocolate sauce next to it was meant to be poured onto this chocolate ball, and.. you will see the chocolate ball having its own mini ‘opening ceremony’ to reveal its hidden treasures inside

poured over

I spy with my eye

Of course I didn’t come all the way here without ordering the special Pleasure cake!!!

Pleasure cake

its quite a skill to cut through the layers without having layers of your cake breaking into different sizes and pieces. I loved the crunchy base and the layering of the chocolate, being held together with the hazelnut mousse was gave it an elegant touch.

Chocolate Souffle with Rasberry Sorbet

of course, not forgetting to order this special that took quite long to come (the best things in life is worth waiting for eh?) we were not disappointed.. but the friend that ordered this complained that it was abit too bitter for her taste – bitter in that it had too much cocoa powder..

I would return for my pleasure cake indulgence and chillax over a nice cup of tea while reading a good book.

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier
80 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-11
The Pier @ Robertson Singapore
Tel: +65 6235 9007