Founder Bah Kuet Teh

Met up with troopie Jans and Jean + Mr Kewl for some catch up session over bah kuet teh 🙂

Talk about hectic week!

the queue the founders is always long.  You know you are at Founders when …….. You see the walls plastered with celebrities pictures.
we ordered:

Bah Kuet Teh


Beancurd sheets

Salted vegetables

mee suah

Pig Trotters aka “te kah”

Verdict: 4/4 of us will return.

The peppery base of the pork rib soup was not too overwhelming with pepper, and was quite substantial a dish on itself.  The pork rib itself was quite tender( not due to tenderisers) and fell off the bone easily when pulled. Turns out this is both troopie Jean and Mr Kwel’s favourite bah kuet teh place. 🙂 And the best part, another eating place that opens till late!! 🙂

2 votes from troopie jean and me for the salted vegetable being one of our favourite dishes there.  It was not saltish enough for troopie Jan.

Founder Bah Kuet Teh
347 Balestier Road
(New Orchid Hotel)

Old Airport Road

Troops and I decided to try a different place to satisfy troopie mother’s craving for local food and we all met at old kallang airport road 🙂

So we ordered quite a fair bit to share..




All of this ordered from this store


And of course from the famous lao fu zi


And to round off dessert, I let them try Lao ban, but I found another stall that I thought tasted better than Lao ban – thicker in their bean taste


Verdict: 3/5 of us will return. I will definitely return for the char kuey teow and the beancurd. The hokkien mee is the top dish liked by the troopies.. But the carrot cake and oyster omelette is a little disappointing.. :/


Our Round #4 was proceeding to next door at Jumbo for a Chilli Crab feast since troopie plonkies claimed that she could finish a whole crab to herself!!!! 😀 and also because troopie Serene and Troopie Jassie haven’t eaten their dinner ..


So we all ordered to share:

Stuffed You Tiao

Salted Egg Yolk Prawn


andd….. of course most importantly ….

Fried Mantous



wait for it ….



Washing hands dish





Chilli Crab


Verdict:  5/6 of us will return here for the Chilli Crab. The stuffed you tiao with squid was a little over stuffed – there was no equal balance with the you tiao and the stuffings, hence the dish came out soggy and was not very nice. The salted egg yolk prawn, according to my prawn taste testers were more buttery than saltish. They would prefer if there were more salted eggs instead of butter.  No major complaints about the Chilli Crab. The sauce was just as tasty – to me quite a strong tomato based but spicy enough for me to continuously dip the mantous into the sauce … Although I also wonder if its because its been such a long while since we all ate Chilli Crab that we all enjoyed it so thoroughly .. 🙂

Riverside Point 
30 Merchant Road # 01-01/02
Riverside Point
Singapore 058282 



War of the beancurds

So i was hopping to visit a sick friend on the way home from mugging and decided to buy her and her in law something vegetarian friendly as well – i mean can’t possibly go to people’s house empty-handed right? : dau hui (豆花)otherwise known as sweet beancurd.

There was this write-up in the papers last year I think, comparing these 2 popular ‘brands’ of beancurds at old airport road.. So I thought I buy 2 of it and asked her to compare the differences …

So I bought from





Verdict: 2/2 of us concluded that, this one is less sweeter than the other, but also still as nice 🙂 Like the cute picture on the tub 🙂 However, 51 is smoother in texture, easier on the throat, but sweeter. 🙂 My sister would be inclined to 51 better than me 🙂 So i think my vote ultimately goes to …. lao ban 🙂

Lao Ban
51 Old Airport Road,
#01-127 Old Airport Road Food Centre,

51 Soya Bean
51 Old Airport Road,
#01-72 Old Airport Road Food Centre,

BTK : Boon Tong Kee

So the for the past few days, my meals have been pretty miserable.. Well when you are studying, then eating right doesn’t quite become your priority..
Anyway, on my way home from a class, I decided to indulge in a treat so to ‘encourage’ my burnt out self and make up for the sucky delivery from golden pillow.

So i ordered everything but chicken rice – it was too late in the night, eat too full will make me fall asleep.. Portion wise would be enough to tide me over the next 2 meals as well 😉




Verdict: This is a real indulgence! Its so expensive for a zhi char standard, but its so good!!!
The 3 types of egg veg – their soup was just so awesome to slurp up! Just wished it could do with more salted eggs instead
The sweet and sour pork – loved how the battered pork still remains crispy even when drizzled in sweet and sour sauce!! My definition of good standard of sweet and sour pork 🙂
The fried toufu: this is like melting drops of heaven! This toufu is comparable to ah guan’s except in a different style of cooking. I dont know how they managed to make the flour so lightly coated, but yet make the thing crispy and melt in the mouth!
The staff that attended to me was also super friendly.. Hahah who tried to make small talk with me and went all the way to apologise for the error of their machine when i tried to use credit card to pay for my food.

Verdict: This is such an awesome 24 hr joint for supper! Am so totally comig back!!

Boon Tong Kee
399 Balestier Road, Singapore

Sin Heng Claypot Bah Kuet Teh

So my friend was craving to eat liver .. so on the way to sending her home, we decided in the name of being spontaneous, to go try this bah kuet teh.


She mentioned that its a place that shes been patronizing since young, thus she really knows the people there. Claypots! Must be like their signature style ..! interesting because most of the bah kuet teh that I have eaten doesn’t seem to come in this style .. so of course, left ther ordering to the familiar one 🙂

Herbal Bah Kuet Teh with Liver and Stomach

Salted Vegtables "cai bueh"

you zhar kueh

we were too stuffed from all the junk we have been (ok more I have been) eating from a friend’s house nearby .. ahahah and personally, I don’t really like the herbal based kinda bah kuet teh ..
Glad my friend satisfied her craving! She also mentioned how she have friends living in the west that would drive down specially to eat this stall of bah kuet teh!

Verdict: 1/2 of us will return! I wont come back but to all the people who like herbal bah kuet teh base, do give this place a shot!

Sin Heng Claypot Bah Kuet Teh
439 Joo Chiat Road

Newton Hawker Center

Newton Hawker Center revisited – Well its one of the places i must go despite the hikes- just to satisfy  my local food cravings.. But I must make a disclaimer that I will be biased towards this post, because Newton to me, is like another place of familiarity that, despite at times we will complain how overpriced the things are here, it still never fails to be a convenient meeting ground for all of us that stay scattered all over Singapore.
so my poor friends dragged along by me went and we ordered a whole table of food!!

No matter where you are in the world,
to me no other country can ever match such comfort food.
I am so glad to be back here before I head back to face my own wars .

The only meh thing was just the duck noodles.. other than that, everything else satisfied my cravings 🙂

Thank God for friends 🙂

Newton Hawker Center
500 Clemenceau Ave 

Easter Holidays

I got really home sick in Hong Kong, So I AM HOMEE 🙂 well for this short holiday .. being newly employed within 1 month and my boss ‘allowed’ me to take my first leave of the year (1 day) since the next few days the market will also be closed to celebrate easter holidays .. I wonder what impression I left but oh wells,

So time to hit my favourites that I have been craving for 🙂

Together with the gang, we went to chomp chomp!! munch on some local delights before having to return back to Hong Kong ..

Hawker Centers to me, are like nostalgic places filled with wonderful memories. I totally missed Hawker food in Hong Kong .. the stuffiness of the place, the oily food and i think one redeeming part is, despite being so Hot stuffy and oily, having to scout for tables and witnessing numerous tissue papers as forms of “Stay away MY table” kind of reservations,  its a nice communal place for familes to come together .. and interestingly you do really see all kinds of people gathering here . Its quite a ‘happening’ place where so much is going on and quite a embedded unique sight in itself.

My fond memory of Hawker Centers commenced in Secondary School, after basketball trainings, we would trudge to the nearest hawker center – it being the cheap and easiest place to meet , or slowly as we progressed into Junior colleges or overseas studying or polytechnics,  we would go on food expeditions ( thats where my love for food was built upon) and order a buffet of food .. so full until the table is crowded (no exaggeration) with nothing but food.

Chomp Chomp is a hit for me, I love the Hokkien mee( red plate one), Chye Tau Kueh, and of course its signature huge sugar cane juice 🙂  and maybe because this belly is totally missing singaporean hawker food 🙂 Good Company always makes food taste better 🙂

Chomp Chomp
20 Kensington Park Road, Singapore 557269