Paris Baguette Cafe

So for desert, we decided to give this newly opened place around Orchard a try.

It was very packed and crowded! Free seating! But the waiters/waitress were very attentive. Proceed directly to the cashier to order, and wait for your order to be brought to you. They don’t only sell bread, they also have puddings, cakes etc… so you have alot to choose from!

I asked the waiter what he suggested was the best seller, he strongly asked me to order the  Oh~ my baby cake. I asked him for his opinion for the second cake choice ( no cheese for troopie su ann) and  he said the next best would be the strawberry short cake, unless we liked the yoghurt one. So we decided to go with:

Mocha for me :)

Mocha for me 🙂

2 cakess!!!

2 cakess!!!

Oh~ My baby Crepe Cake (layered with Strawberry)

Oh~ My baby Crepe Cake (layered with Strawberry)

Strawberry Short cake

Strawberry Short cake

Mango Smoothie

Mango Smoothie

The other side!

The other side!


Verdict: 2/2 of us will return definitely!

The crepe cake was just awesome! It was so much better than the one that I ate at sun with moon – but ok given that both flavours are different so its hard to compare – The crepe was just not too thick and soggy, yet moist at the same time. The cream was not too much, and just overall, I am not a very big fan of strawberry cakes, but I must say I quite like this cake and would definitely come back for this.

The strawberry shortcake was also moist and soft. True in comparison to this crepe cake is quite pale, but overall, if we hadn’t ordered the crepe one, I would this this cake is still quite decent.

Mango smoothie was good and not too thick until after half the glass you feel sick from drinking it.  I was also happy with my Mocha 🙂


Paris Baguette Cafe
435 Orchard Road
#02-48/53 Wisma Atria

Tiong Bahru Bakery

Have you had one of the best croissants in Singapore?

This renowned chef that set up his bakery in the heart of Tiong Bahru and queues to purchase the bread early in the morning start as early as 7 am! Even ex-pats in Singapore also seem to swear by this place…

So my mum kindly bought back for us for breakfast ..

Tiong Bahru Bakery

She bought two kinds, firstly

Chocolate Croissant

one bite

and of course, what most of the family likes and what she also likes


one tugg and ..

Verdict: 4/4 of us will return.

I liked how the plain ones, you can see the layers nicely folded and wrapped. It’s nice to see that the layering and makes you ponder the amount of butter and effort it takes. This croissant differs from the others you see around Singapore because it leans towards the “dough-y” bread side in comparison to those light and fluffy airy ones.  So to all the butter lovers out there, please do make a pit stop here for a short snack!

The chocolate flavoured one on the other hand, I felt personally was a little too sweet for me…  and probably I think I might have re-heated it over the toaster for too long a time, the ‘soft like crumbly crust’ became a hard biscuit. I will just be sticking to the plain ones for now.

Tiong Bahru
56 eng hoon street


The troops decided to have a BBQ so we all pot-lucked and brought things .. I was in charge of salad and dessert … So I decided to head down to Gastronomia and pick up some stuff to try! So I bought to try to contribute to the mini pot luckish:



Potato Salad


and for the sweets to round off the whole meal :



Banana Chocolate Cake


Layered Chocolate Cake


White Chocolate and Yoghurt Crumble




Verdict: 8/8 of us will go for the yoghurt crumble 🙂 ahhaha
I liked the potato salad as well 🙂
The rest of the other cakes were too rich for our liking .. and partly we were so overstuffed from the Awesome BBQ food 🙂

Gastronomia (Bukit Timah)
501 Bukit Timah Road
#01-05 Cluny Court

Pies and Coffee

So then thought I have a quick snack before I commence my study session:
Headed down to this place to check out :


and a peek inside:


So I decided to try something different:



Verdict: 0.5/1
I won’t order this again. Potato and laksa gravy somehow just doesn’t go together.. By the time I scooped to the bottom, the gravy has thickened? And the seafood taste is a little too strong and puts me off for my liking… The ambience here however is very nice for a chillax and relaxing hangout. Maybe I should have just stuck to their chicken pies instead

Pies & Coffee
33 Rochester Drive,
Rochester Mall,

Mini One [DONQ]

So I was walking around taka basement and chances upon this! The smell was too buttery and enticing! Just had to get it!!! Decided to buy back for my family!


You can smell it when you enter the basement





Verdict: 4/5 of us will return. My bro said it was just ok but after eating one that was baked on the spot, I thought it was quite good! Probably not as buttery but light and make a convenient snack nonetheless 🙂

Mini One [DONQ]
Takashimaya Food Hall #B2
391 Orchard Road 
Ngee Ann City

满汗 big meal

Let me introduce you to one of the instant mee saviours …
I was first introduced to this brand of instant mee from my dear troopie gracie when she went to Taiwan for her holiday and bought us all this brand of instant mee to try out!  Ever since then, I could no longer look back .. 🙂

Instant Mee Saviour

So step 1 : Just a tour of the inside

See! they even provide a fork! how detailed ..

and of course, the best part of this noodle that beats all the other noodles flat is that, there is meat inside!!! (can i hear the angels singing in the background?) yes MEAT not mock but 100% REAL MEAT!

so ok.. while waiting i cooked myself an egg to accompany such a meal ..

and wait ..

and wait ..

and wait …

and ………..

end product 😀

Verdict: Super love this!! 🙂 The portion is really quite huge – I almost couldn’t finish it up! the soup abit saltish for my liking but, the meat is marinated quite well and yummy!! 🙂 abit oily but oh wells, guess thats the way Taiwanese instant noodles are!!
You can find this at Fair price! 🙂

did you turn black choco panda?? :(

I was just rummaging through my fridge and I found this :

will the real panda please stand up?

I just love the expressions of these pandas 🙂

happiness is : to be a panda




and of all .. I think my most favourite at the moment 🙂


Verdict: I think the bite says it all? 🙂 hmm but comparing this with the previous flavours that I have tried, I think if I had to rank .. I would rank the white chocolate first, followed by this , then the strawberry! 🙂 Could never get enough of this! they are so cute! and taste nice inside the stomach 🙂

QQ Rice

I just wanted something light to eat before my exams, but just something that might sustain me, but not end up too filling .. so i headed to my usual favourite QQ rice ball and ordered myself :

Smoked Duck Flavoured ‘onigiri’

Instructions as to how to roll it

while unwrapping

and my finished product is :


Close up!!

Verdict: I will definitely order this again! There are many other flavours to choose from, and I like how the portion is really just nice in the sense – not too much that it makes you stuffed, and not too little that you need to keep eating something else to fill the stomach. ( this is in the scenario that you are just not feeling hungry for the day.)

QQ Rice
10 Sinaran Drive,
 Novena Square 2


Have a break! Have a !!

My very dear friend of mine knows my fascination about chestnuts, so she chanced upon this in giant and bought it for me!


Am super blessed to have such sweet friends 🙂


Verdict: the first bite the chocolate tastes like coffee chocolate. I like the size! It’s so cute and small! And of course the thought behind it 🙂 nice to have once in a while 🙂

Vege chips

Another snack that I found at Katong 112 .. Vegetable snacks! I mean they are supposedly (maybe not but) “psychologically” healthier snack form since its vegetable based? ahhaha so I bought 2 to compare:

A peak insidee



sweet potato. pumpkin

Verdict:  end of the day, if you want to be healthy, just eat the vegetable instead. Seriously! hahaha… the vegetable flavoured one, its like a nice saltish snack to have to make you feel psychologically better that you are eating something healthy. The second one however, is like .. I think the sweet potato chip is fine – its like potato chips and just sweet – (on second thought I think I had rather cooked one sweet potato and eat it instead of this)  .. the pumpkin just tasted weird. .. I don’t really know how much more to describe it .. but just weird.  Wont Go back to buy both

Katong 112
112 East Coast Road
Singapore 428802