Sia Kee Duck Rice

What is life without duck rice?

m i s e r y

I grew up eating this stall of braised duck rice, and I must say till today, the standard does not drop, but the price inflates.
I recognise this stall by their red plates and bowls.

Nowadays, with technology, its so convenient to just go and place an order over the phone and swing by to pick up.
Instead of always having to stand around and wait for places to sit down on the table in the hot sun, all at the convenience of your all home 🙂

Sia Kee Duck Rice occupies the same coffee shop as the famous Sin Huat Seafood. Sin Huat Seafood operates at night, and in the day time Sia Kee Duck Rice. There is also a turtle soup shop round the corner, so for all the gutsy people who love to eat/drink exotic food,  do make a trip down to try this delicacy.

1 Duck coming up

Fish Cake and Peanuts


and of course, duck rice is never complete, without the holy grail : the s a u c e


Verdict: 4/4 of us will definitely return for this 🙂

This dish might look really simple and easy, but there is alot of effort that goes into it. From the basic slicing of the duck – it takes real skill to do that. One time when we bought this back, the cut of the duck was grainy and rough, although it was from the same stall. It is a father and son team, but we think the father cuts the meat better than his son.  It was also then we realised that the way the duck is sliced is also quite a skill to acquire. Additionally, it does make a difference to the taste and texture of the duck meat, with all being equal.

The fishcake and peanuts are our must order when we are at this stall. There is just something about their fishcake – that it is soft yet ‘bouncy’, just the way we all like it.

The sauce to us differs from all the other stalls outside only because its thicker and richer than those you get outside. The sauce is the make and break factor for duck rice.

The rice is of course, well seasoned and not to saltish. You can also alternatively choose porridge (I prefer porridge) if you are not that hungry that day.

* P.s. The uncle mentioned that he also sells duck intestine? for those that love innards, duck intestine sold here looks like a transparent fish cake. There is no taste to it (to me) . This is only available on weekends.

**pps, if you intend to drive down to ta bao or dine there, do park along geylang lorong 35 otherwise its pretty hard to get parking around that area.

and of course, you can always call and place an order to take away before going to pick it up.

Sia Kee Duck Rice
659 Lorong 35 Geylang
Tel: 97575255