nan xiang 南香

Chicken Rice has to be one of my favourite local eats. Everyone goes for the chilli that determines if the Chicken Rice is good, but strangely for me, maybe because I love my carbohydrates, to me a good plate of chicken rice is determinant in the rice.

The rice in this place is one of the best ever chicken rice that I have eaten thus far. The rice is grainy and it has very strong garlic and ginger taste – which i dearly like very much in my aromatic chicken rice. Their chicken is also not dry ( I always eat the breast part and that to me is a good test if the chicken is not over dry or over cooked – that part being the hardest part to cook)

My parents enjoy the chilli as well .. and apparently this stall is a franchise from the original stall at Whampo Hawker Center. We partonised the hawker center and while talking to the lady boss, she said this stall is also part of hers 🙂 so why not 🙂 since it was such a hot day

Roast Chicken

Toufu Fried Thai style

Fried dou miao

Super favourite place  and rice 🙂

Nan Xiang 南香
10 Sinaran Drive,
Novena Square 2,