The Flying Squrriel

Happy Friday everyone!!

have a good chillax weekend.

I have always seen this place being posted up on instagram .. food really looked appetizing

so I met my friend and we ordered to share:

Chicken Karage

Chicken Karage

Hana maki

Hana maki

Negi-toro tataki

Negi-toro tataki

close up

close up

Chirashi don

Chirashi don

for dessert

Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble


Verdict: 2/2 of us will return

Overall, if I had to comment, I would order everything again. (maybe minus the chicken karage because it was just ok… and the apple crumble ) I loved it all, especially the chirashi don! be sure to dig deeper into the bowl as there is like their home made sauce mixed deep with the rice.

I think the best thing about sitting at the counter seat was being able to witness how the chef prepared food for other people .. it was like an artist at work using ordinary ingredients to make it aesthetically beautiful without compromising on the taste.


would return for:

1. Chirashi don
2. Hana maki
3. Negi-toro tataki

would want to try: 

1. Uni Shooters
2. TFS signature roll
3. Spicy Maguro Maki
4. Foe Gras Aglio Olio

Damage: $30-40 per pax (inclusive of 2 alcoholic drinks per pax) 

*disclaimer do not drink and drive

The Flying Squirrel
92 Amoy Street
Lunch: 1130am-3pm, last order 2pm
Dinner 6pm – 11pm (Mon-Thurs),
6pm-12am (Fri-Sat),


Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant (Oasia Hotel)

So its one of those days when everyone will just ask each other what they want to eat.  No one decides and every time we end up with “aiyah, anything lah, you all decide” . Then when you finally decide to go to the place, then settling down, then the pouring out of suggestions about where we should have gone instead comes .. -_-

We were deciding between korean food or this, but we decided to go ahead with Japanese food only because we have all bathed and don’t want to come out smelling like barbecued meat.  This place seemed pretty new in the hood, so we decided to go ahead and try it.
I read on ieatishootipost and he seemed to give pretty good reviews about this place. So here we are.


The wait to get served and have our orders taken was SUPER LONG (with no exaggeration at all – we waited around for 1/2 hr to 45 mins to get our orders taken)

Bah hu (pork floss) with pickled raddish and corn  appetizer

Assorted Sashimi

My mum ordered the cod fish set.  This is what  all was accompanied with it:

Soft Shell Crab Tempura

Cod Fish



Wagyu Beef set

Assorted kushiyaki : from the top left clockwise –  Gyu tan (beef tongue), Asparagus, wagyu beef, Stewed Pork belly,  Chicken wings, 


Spicy Salmon Aburi Roll

Spicy Tuna Aburi Roll


Verdict: 3.5/5 of us maybe will return for the sashimi. The sashimi is really fresh! and affordable as well! I reckoned we came a little too late, (+ the long and slow service), so they basically ran out of almost everything, including my favourite Sword fish belly 😦 .  I will definitely return for the sashimi. I think it was really what was described in ieatishootipost.

Overall the  kushiyakis, my sister and I ordered the gyu tan ( beef tongue). She felt it was too gamey for her, but I overall thought it was ok. It was not too over cooked until it became rubber. The pork belly was pretty interesting to me – I have not had it done this style for a long time .. and it was nice. Beef was tender as well.

The rolls however, I think the style is different from the kaiho sushi one. This one is really spicy, but I think I still prefer the one at kaiho sushi.

The set meals here are really quite worth your while. We were browsing through and they really include quite a variety of things inside each set. If I have to sum up this place in short, I think price wise is comparable to Sushi Tei and the setting is very family friendly.

Service however, really, its frustrating and just robs the joy out of your meals sometimes. It was so hard to get their attention even though we were seated near the kitchen to some extent… ZZz to take order is one thing, and we waited another good 45 mins for our first dish to come.

Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant
8 Sinaran Drive
#01-05 Oasia Hotel
Tel: 66596683






Kaiho Sushi re-visited

I dragged troopie beaties to Kaiho Sushi to let her try what I was raving about since my last visit there!

So we ordered:

Grape Sangria :/

This came a little different from what I expected .. But ok its not too bad 🙂

So troopie beaties decided to try this since she loves her tempura prawns much:

Ebi( Prawn) Tempura Spicy Aburi Sushi


we ordered to share between us:

Baked Scallop Mentai Yaki

comments: I wished this dish was just a little more creamier? It got creamier towards the center and the mushrooms did compliment it quite well to some extent. But I don’t think I will order this again .. Appreciate the effort and time that went into the making of this dish nonetheless.

and of course, what I also came for:

Spicy Salmon Aburi Sushi

and of course, what we came for:

Spicy Soft Shell Crab Aburi Roll


Verdict: 2/2 of us are coming back here for a sushi fix!!!! 😀 Super glad she enjoyed this place as much as I do! (I must start a new favourites folder and include this place in!)

Kaiho Sushi
5 Koek Road,
Cuppage Plaza, Singapore

Miz Japanese Restaurant

ok.. in a rush again before I had my block classes – somehow rush and me go together quite well :/ – that is quite a heavy day .. so i decided to compensate myself and explored around to try something different.. and because I was craving for Spicy tuna sushi!!! yummers ..

So i stepped in this restaurant and try my luck .. ..


See sometimes you just don’t know how to weigh between trying a new restaurant and sticking back to what is familiar to you .. Was feeling quite ‘no pain no gain’ so I decided to try and might land myself pleasant surprise ..


so I ordered myself a spicy tuna roll thinking it will be like what i ate at kaiho .. so very lost in thought and was waiting in excitement .. but what came was :

Spicy Tuna Roll

and I also ordered

Soft Shell Crab handroll

Verdict: Maybe might return . I feel like I ordered the ‘wrong things’ but because I was in a rush, so I figured this might have been the fastest.
The tuna roll : My jaw dropped in the sense I felt like I got ‘slapped out of my imagination’ and ‘reality slapped’ (Don’t mean to exaggerate in my description)  .. Where is my aburi parts? where? why is it not what i imagined it to be???  but it was just ok ..

I think the softshell crab handroll on the other hand, is one of the best ones I have eaten in Singapore. The batter of the crab was nice and evenly coated, as well as, when it came, it was not like  .. in some places, the softshell crab handroll, because the crab is fried on the spot, sometimes it makes the seaweed that wraps it go soft from the condensation of heat from the roll? but this sushi chef cleverly used a roll of lettuce before placing the fried crab on the rice ; My seaweed did not go all soft and soggy. 🙂 Will come back for this! 🙂

Miz Japanese Restaurant
7 Craig Road

Sushi Tei revisited

So we decided to take a little afternoon break from the studying (ok before I also smell a burnt out coming) and headed over to try Sushi tei !! to satisfy the sushi cravings. just for a snack before dinner

we noticed there were things different from the menu last time and ordered ourselves:


Miso Mayo Scallops



Verdict: 2/2 of us will return! everything was still the same as i remembered, only this mentai crab role was a new addition to the menu. We concluded that the mentai was abit overpowering though, it masked the whole taste of the roll.. Maybe if it was not so thick? Would have been just nice. I thought it was pretty innovative of them to pair it with finely shredded sweet potato flakes? Thought that went quite nicely alongside the whole thing.

Sushi Tei
112 East Coast Road
Singapore 428802

Ichiban Boshi

So in the end, we headed for a quick lunch break before heading back to the books again.. And troopie plonks was feeling slightly not up to par,we ended up at ichiban boshi! Japanese food to cure the sickie 🙂

So then we ordered to share between us :






Verdict: i think this place is a jap joint pretty value for its money… Affordable and fast as well( we were pretty pressed for time)… And i think what i liked from what we ordered was – the paper steam boat, salmon belly mentai sushi.
I thought the mackeral was a little overcooked, trooper claims seared tuna was not seared enough, the softshell crab handroll – my guess is the oil to fry was probably not hot enough, hence the thing came alittle oiler and big in portion than expected

Ratings: 2/2 of us will return

But if you are in novena and looking for a quick value for money meal, this us the plae to go.

ichiban boshi
238 Thomson Road
Novena Square

Kaiho Sushi

This next awesome sushi deserves a post by itself.

I was introduced to this place by my friends, that were raving about how yummy this particular sushi roll was. I must say, after tasting it, we wolfed down at least 2 rolls each person because it was so splendid and brought so much joy to the mouth. 🙂 It thus became a food type that we would really crave.


Aburi Spicy Salmon Roll

This is one of the most awesome dish ever 🙂 I have not found another place yet that meets its match . Its a super HIT for me 🙂 Definitely would make the trip back here 🙂

Ratings: 4/4 of us will definitey return to this place

Kaiho Sushi
Address: 5 Keok Road
#03-01/02 Cuppage Plaza, Singapore

Opening Hours
12pm – 2.30pm, 6.30pm – 11pm
(Closed on Mon)

Sushi Tei

Our gang(and my family) has been very obsessive over Sushi Tei.

Especially when my dad was admitted to the hospital, it was impossible for my mum to have to juggle between work (ok she had me to watch her positions) as well as cook up meals. So everyday(almost) for this period of time, we were familiar faces at this sushi tei outlet . I think they could recognize us, not only by the time we arrive, but also we probably stun them with the amount of food we ordered.

This is on my “must-eat-before-going-Hong Kong” list, so we ordered:

Sushi Tei
290 Orchard Road