Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen

It takes one bowl of bad ramen to keep you off ramen forever, but a few good bowls to entice you to continue one’s love for ramen.

I stumbled upon this new ramen place that opened in Novena and decided to give it a chance..

View of inside


I went to this place during off-peak hours, and managed to snag a seat ( thankfully they are opened during off-peak hours) 🙂

After much deliberation, I chose the Shio Egg ramen ( Salt flavoured broth egg topping ramen) .. and what came surprised me

Egg Ramen

Close up of Char Siew


Verdict: I am so coming back here! I thought they mistook my order because I didn’t expect my bowl to be filled with 3 half eggs! and these eggs were those kind that are marinated in broth and sauce – so they are not the bland kind. The char siew was also very nicely done. This kind of cut of char siew is very meaty and yet they didn’t over cook it so it came quite tender. Although I think what would have topped off the experience is if they char grilled the charsiew or blow torched the fella.

The broth was a little blend for me… but the toppings and gyoza( i ate it up too fast) totally made up for it ..

Next time I am returning to try this

Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen
 10 Sinaran Drive,
 Square 2, Singapore



Keisuke Tonkotsu King (Orchid Hotel)

Troopie beaties and I decided to go check out this ramen place ..
Its been on our “we should try it” list, and after a long while, here we are!!!!

The place is really small and crammed! So be prepared to queue at peak hours 😉


We sat at the counter near the ‘open kitchen’ and the best part about this place, there is free flow of eggs! Yes!



And this is how you place your order:


So then I ordered,


And troopie Beaties ordered:


Verdict: 2/2 of us don’t think we will be returning… For me, I felt that the broth was just abit too thick for liking.. And the after taste of it was just hmms.. Abit on the oily side, but char siew was nice :/

Tan po po

Havent seen my dolls for such a long while, so we headed down to tan po po at Takashimaya basement for dinner! It was a good and long catch up! Am so glad to meet them all together as a group after a long while 🙂

So mama Phua and I ordered


Troopie Beaties and J-beanies ordered


Troopie jans ordered


And troopie Gracie ordered


We all also ordered side dishes to share, such as




And of course, to round off the whole meal, we shared dessert amongst us all
: the scoopz cake

As well as


Verdict: 2.5/ 6 of us will return here. Troopie beat and jean complained their noodles had the ‘floury’ taste to it – not to their particular liking. Gracie felt her noodles were too hard and didn’t taste like ramen. Her grilled pork that accompanied it was just bad. Troopie jans complained her ramen noodles were just bad. My ramen I felt was just not very.. Special. There was not much kick to it, and I felt it was quite wierd to put lettuce in it. The only redeeming point was the egg!

And the cake! The sponge cake was soft and moisy! The warabi mochi on the other hand was just yucks. It was too bitter with too much matcha powder, as well as the warabi mochi ‘Q-ness’ was just too soft for a warabi mochi.

Tan Po Po

Noboru Ramen

After my class, i decided to grab a quick dinner before heading off to study again 🙂 so i ate somewhere near by and decided to try this ramen place near by

As i walked in, greeted by this super friendly uncle 🙂


So i decided to go for the shio ramen, and coincidentally they were also having a ‘promotion’ for the shio ramen so ok why not

Shio ramen

Chicken gyoza

Green tea – love the way the tea bag is presented 🙂

Verdict : 0.5/1 ( maybe might return) ramen base was rich and clear – quite a skill, but egg was mehhh.. Everyone around me seemed to order the spicy and non spicy specialty ramen, namely the black based garlic ramen. Maybe i might go back just to try it..
Gyoza was not the best tasting, but to be fair, it wasn’t dry inside..
I think the friendly service made up for it nonetheless 🙂


Noboru Ramen
8 Shenton Way
AXA Tower #01-21
Singapore 068811

Keisuke Tokyo (Parco Marina Bay)

Before starting classes, I decided I will go explore around Singapore and go shopping around ..

I chanced upon this while walking into Parco at Millenia walk

Parco totally reminds me of the tokyo malls and I will be heading to Japan in December! All the planning for a foodie family and friend! yikes ..

So this restaurant prides itself in its crab broth ramen ..
I love ramen, I love crab.. so OK lets give it a shot and see if combined will be like a double bonus combo!

Crab broth Ramen

The eggs were molten-y – Tick
The broth was interesting. It had an overpowering seafood taste, stronger on the crab and it came quite light over all.. not like the normal char siew pork heavy broths.
Maybe I would return .. I am not sure if it made a strong impression on me that I would actually crave it. The noodles were like those used in the ‘chinese style ramen’ in Japan .. But portioning wise is just nice for me. Not too much and heavy.

Keisuke Tokyo (Parco Marina Bay)
9 Raffles Boulevard,
#P3-02 Parco Marina Bay,
Millenia Walk, 



Yachiyo Ramen

My kind tawianese ex colleague decided she would buy me lunch to bid me good bye. So we went near her work place to this new ramen place that she said was not bad. So we decided to have a quick one too, since she had to return to work.

Yachiyo Ramen



Of which she highly recommended the fishcakes …

fish cake!

salt ramen 🙂 love the eggs 🙂

mixed gyoza - curry and original flavour


The reality is really kicking in ..
This ramen is not bad ..  I loved the gyozas as well!

Yachiyo Ramen
3/F, Soho Square,
21 Lyndhurst Terrace,
中環擺花街21號Soho Square 3樓


My mum brought me to try out this place when we were shopping around paragon. It was newly opened and since we were in our ramen phase, (all influenced by our Japan trip and my brother) we decided to give it shot.


Prior to ordering, because we were seated at a 2 people table, this is one of the first restaurant that I have encountered in Singapore that actually provided us with a bag holder to hang our bags and allow us to sit comfortably. Service super impressed!

Bag Holders

Mentai flavoured gyoza

I was super impressed by this suspicious dish.. I had my doubts but I am blown away! This is really good!!! I would return to eat this again!!!

Shio flavoured ramen

Hokkaido style Miso corn buttter Charsiew Ramen

I would return for the shio ramen instead.. I think this miso one was abit too filling for me .. i couldnt finish. The ramen egg passed! Its molten in the middle, not hard boiled. The egg had tasted good on its own as well, because it was kind of cooked in sauce ( its not those ramen eggs that are separately boiled in boiling water)

The good service and gyoza and ramen. Need I go on to say my verdict on this place?

290 Orchard Road,
#B1-47 Paragon Shopping Centre,
Singapore 238859

Tel: 6737 5416
Operating Hours:
11.30am – 10.30pm daily 

Yoshimaru Ramen

So my sis and I made our profits for the day and decided to go check out this place at Holland V that newly opened a ramen bar .

Ramen and my family are like always agreeable. This particular one was Hakata style Ramen – meaning that the noodles were very thin, and they were mainly pork broth style of ramen

my sister ordered:

Char Siew Ramen

I ordered the same, but with an additional topping of seaweed

Seaweed Char Siew Ramen

accompanying it, they gave us sesame seeds to grate and add into our ramen

Sesame seeds

Apart from this motar and pastel to be quite seemingly authentic in Japanese cuisine, we agreed and felt that the overall broth of the ramen was too strong .. it had that porky lingering after taste (which i personally do not enjoy) .. the Eggs were not done very nicely either …
Don’t think I will return here for the ramen .. But maybe the buns? they look so cute ..

Yoshimaru Ramen Bar
31 Lorong Liput, 
Holland Village,