Ming Kee Live Seafood

My parents explained that this restaurant has been around for quite some time..

Another special occasion ūüôā

guess who also comes here:

wall of fame

wall of fame

So we ordered:

Butter garlic bamboo clams

Butter garlic bamboo clams

Deep Fried Soon Hock (Marble Goby)

Deep Fried Soon Hock (Marble Goby)

Sambal Chilli Kangkong

Sambal Chilli Kangkong

Triple Cooked Crab Bee Hoon

Triple Cooked Crab Bee Hoon



Lobster E-mee

Lobster E-mee

Butter prawns

Butter prawns

Verdict: 7/7 of us will definitely return!

1. The bamboo clams can probably be one of my favourite dish! I am not a usual raw garlic lover, but for this dish, what they did was they probably fried the garlic in butter? so it did not have that raw spiciness to the taste, but rather had a buttery fragrance. Complimented the bamboo clams very well. The clams were also not rubbery and too under cooked. I would definitely return for this again! ‚̧

2. Overall all the food was really good here.  Butter prawns were very unique as well! different in a good way from the usual types that you come across if you happen to visit a zhi char stall. prawn assessors mentioned they were very fresh and bouncy

3. The crab bee hoon does look bait pale from the picture, but it had that “wok hei” (literal translation: wok fire. ¬†To better explain this, it is the same logic as baking an oven dish until it turns golden brown for that ‘additional kick’, similarly in Chinese cooking, where the wok is a dominant tool in kitchen operations, the heat emitted from the open fire when translated into the food. The true test of a Chinese chef master is to be able to capture this ‘burnt’ taste from the wok and ¬†yet not literally burn the food till the charred and inedible, in my humble opinion)

4. I wish I had more stomach space for a bowl of rice to accompany the fried fish ūüôā Well executed and thoroughly cooked.

5. Lobster Noodles -> very well liked by everyone. Looked quite blend but tasted really good. The broth used to cook the sauce was really sweet (seafood sweet). Lobsters were sizeable .

Note: Parking here can be quite tricky.  It can be quite difficult getting a parking lot near the restaurant..

Damage: $83 per pax

Ming Kee Live Seafood
556 Macpherson Road
Singapore 368231

My Humble House

We were treated for this meal.
A very close uncle brought us to try this restaurant at esplanade:

My Humble House

Eggplant with pork floss

Eggplant with pork floss

Fish Skin

Fish Skin

Fried White Baits

Fried White Baits

Old Melon Soup

Old Melon Soup

Salmon Yu Sheng

Salmon Yu Sheng

Yu Sheng

Yu Sheng

Peking Duck

Peking Duck

Salted Egg Yolk Prawn

Salted Egg Yolk Prawn

Abalone, sea cucumber

Abalone, sea cucumber


Crabmeat with bitter gourd

Glutinous Rice

Glutinous Rice

Red Bean Pancake

Red Bean Pancake

Aloe Vera Jelly

Aloe Vera Jelly


Verdict: 6/10 of us will return.
We ordered the set and con-sensually agreed that the glutinous rice was the best dish out of all. (usually quite surprising because the carbohydrates dishes usually are just very ordinary) The moment it was served to the table, the smell of the rice permeated the table. The rice was cooked really well in terms of moisture and chewy-ness.
The rest of the other dishes were good, but all concluded were not something that they will specially go back for it. Although most of the dishes are¬†of standard seriously, but just didn’t really impress us. The rice did, surprisingly.
Would recommend if you have business lunches or Chinese elders. Nice View ūüôā

My Humble House
Esplanade Mall,
8 Raffles Avenue
Singapore 039802



I always heard of how this place is very famous for their Japanese food
So now that there was a special occasion,
I decided to go and try it out




Grated Daikon (Raddish) with Buri( yellow tail)

Assorted Sashimi (without prawns)

Assorted Sashimi (without prawns) [Scallop, Tai (sea bream), Maguro (Tuna), Salmon, Mekajiki (Swordfish)]

Assorted Sashimi (with prawns)

Assorted Sashimi (with prawns) [Scallop, Tai (sea bream), Maguro (Tuna), Salmon, Mekajiki (Swordfish)]

Crab Leg Tempura

Crab Leg Tempura


Yuzu Chawanmushi

Palate Cleanser: Left is a seaweed vinaigrette

Palate Cleanser: Left is a seaweed vinaigrette

Close up of the left: type of Cod Fish

Close up of the left: type of Cod Fish

Assorted Aburi Sushi : Salmon Aburi,

Assorted Aburi Sushi : Toro (Tuna), Ikura (Fish Eggs) Uni (Sea Urchin) and yellow tail, Salmon, Foiegras and Scallop, Anago (Eel), Tamago Yaki (Egg)

Close up of : Ikura (Fish Eggs) Uni (Sea Urchin) and yellow tail, Salmon,

Close up of : Ikura (Fish Eggs) Uni (Sea Urchin) and yellow tail, Salmon,

Close up of: Foiegras and Scallop, Anago (Eel), Tamago Yaki (Egg)

Close up of: Foiegras and Scallop, Anago (Eel), Tamago Yaki (Egg)

Close up of  Anago (Eel), Tamago Yaki (Egg)

Close up of Anago (Eel), Tamago Yaki (Egg)

Miso Soup

Miso Soup

With seasonal mushrooms!!!

With seasonal mushrooms!!!

Sesame Ice-Cream

Sesame Ice-Cream

Green Tea and Red Bean Ice-cream

Green Tea and Red Bean Ice-cream




Verdict: 2/4 may come back I reckon.
I was really expecting some mind blowing kinda sushi … but nope ¬†.. I know they were renowned for their aburi sushi .. but some how, this place just didn’t seem to go down well with the rest of the family as well.
My bro and I concluded that the whole meal was really just .. to be fair it is above average, but I think what we felt that didn’t really make our bang for the buck was probably just there was no OOOmph to the main .. in paying this premium above other sushi restaurants, didn’t seem to deliver the quality. Perhaps the context that they were rushing off for some company event so we probably visited at the wrong time? but that being said, service was fair ..
Don’t think we will be returning here any time soon.

22 Scotts Road,
Goodwood Park Hotel
 Singapore 228221

Tian Wai Tian

Another Exciting place ūüôā
We decided to check out here but our only regret : should have brought more people along with us!!!

So what we liked about it:

Grouper Fish Steamboat

Grouper Fish Steamboat

Close up of the Fish

Close up of the Fish

Sambal Kang Kong

Sambal Kang Kong

Special Toufu

Special Toufu

Pig Trotters

Pig Trotters


Verdict: 2/2 of us will return

Fish broth was really good, and the fish was super fresh! super bouncy texture.
We would want to come back to order the salted egg yolk pork ribs!!!  The Pig Trotters are ok ..
Servers were very nice and kind ūüôā


Tian Wai Tian
418 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 2,
Singapore 460418


East Ocean Teochew Restaurant

As mentioned before in my past posts, and as you loyal readers would also know how Dim Sum is a very favourite and agreeable meal among all my family members.

So we decided to go check out the newly renovated and shifted East Ocean Teochew Restauarant at Takashimaya. It was formerly at Shaw Center where Isetan is.

Center piece

hairy crab season!

parking zone

It’s nice to see they still retain the same theme and style. The place is still mad packed with waiters and waitresses running around. The ‘new’ thing I realised about this place is (or maybe haven’t been back here for such a long time that I forgot about this), their style of serving their dim sum is more ‘traditional’. Well not old school to the extent that there are push carts, but the servers will come out with assorted dim sum for you to choose from. ¬†The waitresses and waiters here I must say, they really know how to ‘sell’ you what they are serving. If I were their boss I would be quite proud to have them around.

so anyway, cutting to the chase,  we were first served some tea to cleanse our palette and prepare ourselves for whats ahead:

Just to cleanse your palette

Looking around, the interior set up really reminds me of a typical Hong Kong Chinese restaurant, except that you won’t be sitting with strangers if there are not enough people to make up one table.


so to cut to the chase, this was what we thought was ok .. manageable .. won’t really die for these dishes:

Char Siew Cheong fun ( bbq pork rice rolls)

Spinach in superior stock with minced meat and seafood

Satay you yu (cuttle fish)

fa gao (fish stomach) soup

glutinous rice

Our favourites were :

Pan Fried Carrot Cake

Min Har Kok (Prawn Dumplings)

Prawn in beancurd sheets

Yam Cake

Fu Pei Kin ( beancurd sheets wrapped with prawn etc)

po lo char siew pau

you cai (Blanched kailan)

si you chow min (soya sauce fried noodles)

Hairy crab Xiao Long Pau

Pi Dan Porridge

Verdict: 4/4 of us will return.

The standard of this place never drops.. well from our memory of how the food was last time, and now .. The standard is very much maintained.

My favourite was the pan-fried rice rolls – I love the sauce. It’s very different from those eaten outside. I apologise my pictures does not do justice to the appearance and taste of it. A common dish but uniquely cooked their style – very much resembling Hong Kong style in my opinion.

The kailan (vegetable) – cannot be underestimated. The way its prepared and cooked, although looks like the ¬†simplest dish on the table, is just like Hong Kong (only not as oily as Hong Kong’s standard). The stem is crunchy and the leaves are not withered from over boiling it. The trick I think, is either to blanch it fast, or when they dip into cold water for a while to ensure the “crunchy-ness” of the stem texture. I like one of my favourite vegetable done this way ūüôā

Because its hairy crab season, as part of the seasonal menu, there is hairy crab xiao long bao (super huge!) and very juicy. You could taste the essence of the hairy crab in the soup within the bao. The skin as well, is very thin so be gentle and handle with care!

My dad’s favourite is still the fried noodles. For some reason, we don’t and can’t seem to find this kind of noodles around in the dim sum spots we eat in. *digress* I remember watching Hong Kong drama serials, and they dipped the noodles into the congee/porridge and eat it. When I verified it with my Hong Kong Colleagues last time, they did not know of such eating methods. LOL ¬†.. goodness hahahaa .. but I guess for people who love their carbs, you can have a double carb combo in adopting this method to eat! ¬†works especially when you are in a hurry!

For the prawn dishes, the prawn taster said this was just divine. Just for this place, he is willing and accepts that the filling inside is not one whole entire prawn, but he says overall the dumplings were not too floury and starchy. The beancurd sheets prawn dishes were more preferred. (Maybe it comes with age – fried things don’t go down well with the mentai monster who is going to be rounded up the 30s bracket age group).

As for the rest of the dishes, nothing really great to shout about.
Rice rolls were too thick.
For a change, the fa gao soup was just mediocre, but not that great either. It was not bad but not fantastic until you want to roll around the table.

We were too stuffed to fill our stomachs up with the ultimate lau sar bao. But if you do get a chance, well my family stands by the lau sar bao here as being one of the best in Singapore.

Click here to see what we had for our first visit.

P.s. DO REMEMBER TO MAKE RESERVATIONS! ESPECIALLY FOR DIM SUM SUNDAYS! Otherwise, don’t even think of trying to get a place here through walk-ins.

East Ocean Teochew Restaurant
391 Orchard Road #05-08/09
Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872

Christmas Christmas

Christmas is one of my favourite season of the year!
As you can see from my blog’s background picture – yes it was even barely before November and I already purposely designed the blog in Christmas-y theme.
Presents aside, Don’t you think its one of the happier season of the year to top off the whole year? Be it a shitty year or a superb year, ¬†a jolly way to end it off… And of course, the time of the year to just reward yourself and re-charge for the next year ahead!

Imagine all the Christmas goodness : Beef, mushrooms, chestnuts, puff pastry all this goodness coming together!!!!! *YUM

so this post is going to be slightly different. ..
My excited mother, after discovering recipes on youtube ( shes very proud to be one of the most tech savy person among her friends.. thanks to children like me that teach them how to use ;p) . She has a passion for cooking and thats where we all also develop our fussy taste buds.
She found this recipe by Gordan Ramsay – the swearing chef – and decided to try it out … ( don’t worry ¬†he doesnt swear in there)

Please click on the title “Beef Wellington” below to access the youtube video on how to make this awesome dish.

Beef Wellington

freshly out of the Oven

and .. on closer up

one slice

close up

*disclaimer we don’t own the recipe to this dish nor the video.

My mum said if only her cling wrap was of a better material, the filling with the mushroom and chestnut would be more evenly spread out. The ingenuity of this dish is that, the beef is not over cooked when you bake it together with the puff pastry, and moist at the same time. It came out the perfect texture and temperature.

I know what I am having for Christmas! Hope you all feel inspired to try this out for your own Christmas dinners too!



Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant (Oasia Hotel)

So its one of those days when everyone will just ask each other what they want to eat. ¬†No one decides and every time we end up with “aiyah, anything lah, you all decide” . Then when you finally decide to go to the place, then settling down, then the pouring out of suggestions about where we should have gone instead comes .. -_-

We were deciding between korean food or this, but we decided to go ahead with Japanese food only because we have all bathed and don’t want to come out smelling like barbecued meat. ¬†This place seemed pretty new in the hood, so we decided to go ahead and try it.
I read on ieatishootipost and he seemed to give pretty good reviews about this place. So here we are.


The wait to get served and have our orders taken was SUPER LONG (with no exaggeration at all – we waited around for 1/2 hr to 45 mins to get our orders taken)

Bah hu (pork floss) with pickled raddish and corn  appetizer

Assorted Sashimi

My mum ordered the cod fish set.  This is what  all was accompanied with it:

Soft Shell Crab Tempura

Cod Fish



Wagyu Beef set

Assorted kushiyaki : from the top left clockwise Р Gyu tan (beef tongue), Asparagus, wagyu beef, Stewed Pork belly,  Chicken wings, 


Spicy Salmon Aburi Roll

Spicy Tuna Aburi Roll


Verdict: 3.5/5 of us maybe will return for the sashimi. The sashimi is really fresh! and affordable as well! I reckoned we came a little too late, (+ the long and slow service), so they basically ran out of almost everything, including my favourite Sword fish belly ūüė¶ . ¬†I will definitely return for the sashimi. I think it was really what was described in ieatishootipost.

Overall the  kushiyakis, my sister and I ordered the gyu tan ( beef tongue). She felt it was too gamey for her, but I overall thought it was ok. It was not too over cooked until it became rubber. The pork belly was pretty interesting to me РI have not had it done this style for a long time .. and it was nice. Beef was tender as well.

The rolls however, I think the style is different from the kaiho sushi one. This one is really spicy, but I think I still prefer the one at kaiho sushi.

The set meals here are really quite worth your while. We were browsing through and they really include quite a variety of things inside each set. If I have to sum up this place in short, I think price wise is comparable to Sushi Tei and the setting is very family friendly.

Service however, really, its frustrating and just robs the joy out of your meals sometimes. It was so hard to get their attention even though we were seated near the kitchen to some extent… ZZz to take order is one thing, and we waited another good 45 mins for our first dish to come.

Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant
8 Sinaran Drive
#01-05 Oasia Hotel
Tel: 66596683






Paradise Pavillion

My bro brought us all to this place as a change from the usual dim sum places that we frequent.
We took the lift up and immediately it was the entrance of the restaurant.
A very nicely decorated classy decorated Chinese Restaurant, filled with peking duck aroma.
Towards the right of the booth where you ‘register’, ¬†you will find

place where they roast the duck

Its quite cruel. We were really starving and they took quite a while to show us to our table. The peking duck smell really just made us grumpier by the minute.

When we Finally got our table, we fired away our orders .. and waited again for the dishes to come. ..

view from where we were sitting

For starters, this place has sharks fin done 26 different styles!!!
So we ordered to share

Sharks Fin in Brown Tham sauce

Stone Bowl Sharks Fin + Crispy skin to dip

Shark cartilage¬†+ ‘Fa Gao’ Soup

and my dad, not a fan of sharks fin, ordered himself

Lobster bisque in Old coconut

Then of course, what we came for!!
What dishes we liked:

Xo Fried Raddish Carrot cake

Chicken and Mushroom Truffle pie

Char SiewSau

Siew Mai Skewers

Prawn and Mango Breadcrumbed Pastry

Xiao long Pau

Roast Pork with Kai Lan

Steamed glutinous rice in chinese wine 

What we thought was pretty meh..

Snow baked Charsiew buns

Yam Puff stuffed with meat

Chicken Feet

Har gao

Crab Pastry

Fried Mushroom on Toufu with black pepper truffle sauce

and of course, not forgetting to finish the meal off with

Lau Sar Pao

close up

Verdict: 4/4 of us will return for the dishes we liked.
The shark fin soup generally, I thought it was ok. .. Though I think we thought the best out of the four was still the shark¬†cartilage soup. My brother kept talking about the stone bowl¬†one, but I didn’t really think very highly of it though .. like it didn’t taste as I expected it to be.¬†Ingenious¬†idea though, to provide that dipping stick to accompany the soup.
The char siew sau however, I think still cannot beat Imperial’s one. I like that Imperial’s one is more pastry based but not thick, and their egg wash is so nicely glazed – makes the dish more inviting than this one. This one is nonetheless, less flaky but quite well liked by my brother. This being said, I totally loved the chicken and mushroom pie. This pastry should just replace the char siew sau’s one.
The Xo fried raddish was one of the best that I have eaten so far. The raddish cake was pan-fried to crispy (like the corners) and was not all mushy! This is really awesome!
The xiao long paus were also very yummy! the skin is very thin, filled with alot of soup, but to describe it, I would call it little drops of heaven.
My parents enjoyed the glutinous rice dish. They felt it was very unusual.
The kailan and roast pork . Although the roast pork was slightly too saltish, but the kai lan was really cooked very well – my favourite style, boiled for a while before blenching in it cold water to retain its crunchiness in the stem. Reminded me of the kai lan that ate in Hong Kong.
For the prawn dishes (because I don’t eat prawns), my brother said that the mango and prawn pastry was his favourite. The flavours inside and the ‘creamy texture’ within had been very different from those he previously had. The siew mai Skewers as well, they had kind of ‘bbq-ed’ the siew mai so making it very nice smelling and different from the others he had.

As for the dishes that we thought were ok…
The snow skin char siew pau was just flat. It like ‘lau hong-ed’ as you cut it, and it wasn’t anything special – turned out so different from what we thought it would be.
I would also like to take the opportunity to point out the crab pastry dish. I felt so cheated . Because I don’t eat prawns, there were traces of prawns inside that dish! which was not mentioned on the menu! I thought it was purely a crab dish! That put me off the dish. This dish is exactly what is looks like – boring and dry.
The har gao – as complained by my brother, it was not a whole prawn so .. neh .. not what he likes.

The desert lau sar pau, I would say is comparable to East Ocean’s one. ¬†It is thicker though, but better than Imperial. If there was a lau sar pau ranking, #1 East Ocean, #2 Paradise Pavillion, #3 would be Imperial

Paradise Pavilion šĻźŚ§©ťėĀ
 #02-01 Marina Bay Financial Centre,
Ground Plaza
8A Marina Boulevard, Singapore



after a torturous run, We headed down to Basilico as suggested by my mentai monster brother for a good rewarding lunch.
Regent Hotel, seem to have hosted many famous and up to standard¬†restaurants. Iggy’s¬†formerly used to be from there before they moved to Hilton Hotel.

This is the first time I am eating an Italian cuisine Buffet style, and I must say I am very curious and didn’t really hold high hopes because buffet style of Italian food some how, seemed to just be an overflow of carbohydrates in different forms – pasta, pizza . They probably would stuff you with that to make their money’s worth. But after this dinning experience, I must say I am totally proven wrong, that Italian cuisine encompasses so much more than their staples!



I felt like a kid in a huge candy shop. The buffet variety is very extensive and very authentic Italian. You can probably get more than 5 dishes that you cannot find outside in Italian restaurants. ¬†Just even simply down to the cheese selection, apart from those displayed on the buffet table in the main hall (the burra, my new-found favourite kind of cheese, to the different kinds of mozzarella cheeses available) ¬†there is this ‘secret room’ nicely tucked away that offers¬†even more different ranges of cheeses.

‘cheese room’

This “secret room’ also holds the sunday brunch special, which is the truffle mushroom risotto ! Dont’ miss it!!

Truffle Mushroom Risotto

So in the  order of my favourites that my family and I think are the must-eats of this buffet :

From the mains:

From the grill side,

Pulled Pork Shoulder

This pulled pork resembles our chinese form of “siu yok” ( Roasted Pork Belly). But, the difference is that, The shoulder part is slightly leaner, and it is so tender that it can be easily pulled apart by a fork! The whole meat just melts into your mouth. Just pure piggy awesomeness!

Foie Gras

This is one of the top favourite around the table, ¬†because of its size? I think the size is not to thick and big – that after working through it at times can get make one feel too overwhelmed by it. Additionally, this Foie Gras is cooked very well – crispy on the outside and soft and ‘meltish’ in the inside. The vinegarette based sauce compliments the’¬†fattiness’ of the Foie Gras very well. ¬†Can you imagine a free flow of this?? One can just roll around and die on the spot in foie gras heaven!

From the pizza station,

Focaccia with mascarpone cheese and truffle

This is one of my favourite of all the pizzas available. I thought this was very unique although conceptually is just a normal Focaccia with cheese, the bread was not too thick like those outside, and not too over baked such that the whole bread becomes very hard? To see the cheese oozing out like a lava cake just pure awesomeness in its own form!

From the deserts counter:

Pistachio Panna Cotta

This was one of my favourite dessert and I thought something different from the normal kind of panna cottas. It was creamy and the serving portion was just right! ūüôā

Espresso ‘slushie’

This was another of my favourite! the ‘slushie’ texture .. well I won’t exactly describe it totally like a slushie.. maybe ¬†in between a slushie and a milkshake, except that its¬†espresso flavoured – totally awesome! ūüôā Never had this before but just for all the coffee lovers out there, even my mentai monster that usually takes his coffee Americano style (black coffee) also seconded my opinion ūüôā

Verdict: 4/4 of us are returning here definitely for an Italian fix.  We will definitely return with our favourite member of the family!
I forgot to take pictures of some of the other food there in the buffet, but do try to go for
from the appetizers: Cold King Crab Leg, Parma Ham with Cantaloupe Rock Melon),  for the salad lovers, they have a special truffle dressing
From the¬†casserole station: I think the only agreeable thing for us was the meatballs .. nothing else quite gave the “oh my goodness this is really good!”
From the grill : the wagyu beef is not bad, but abit too rare for my liking. The Lamb was ok according to the mentai monster. My mum and I liked the¬†saut√©ed¬†mushrooms ūüôā
From the Pizza Station: The squid Ink Pizza was quite well liked by my mum ( because she doesn’t like cheese)
From the Hidden Room: ¬†The aged cheeses favourite with my dad, he likes the sharpness, as well as the Squid Ink Bread! Do try it for something different ūüôā

P.s. Do remember to make a reservation before going! Its pretty crowded and we didn’t get a space until 1/2 hour later!
1 Cuscaden Road,
Level 2 
The Regent Hotel




Old Hong Kong

So for a family of Sunday lunch, we headed down to old hong kong at novena square for a dim sum fix- I must add that nowadays in Singapore, for Chinese Sunday lunches, it’s like impossible to get places unless you have made a reservation!

















Verdict: 3.5/6 of us will return. Somehow this place is very well liked by my parents and uncle P & auntie M . But my bro and I didn’t really like this place. We felt that the standard did drop a little .. so was a little disappointing for us .. no special favourite dish, but ok, guess we couldn’t really have much of a choice since we didn’t make reservations. Nonetheless, a friendly neighbourhoodish dim sum :/