Golden Pillow 933

I don’t know why, but maybe for these few days that i have to settle my own meal myself( my whole family is out of the country except me) and having to study for my exams within 2 weeks time, the ‘characteristic of having been an international student’ as well as ‘worked overseas’ kicked in plus without my super cook mum, most delivered meals should cover for at least 2 meals to save time having to run out and buy, as well as having to decide what to have.

I decided on golden pillow.. And thought my indo maid could also share in the food since its halal.. And boy was my decision to go ahead with it quite a bad one




Verdict : bread to me was not bad .. It was soft alright, but i don’t know why i thought the bread and curry when dipped together had more a sweet taste rather than a shiok smashing curry kick combo…

I ordered other dishes as well: vegetarian spring rolls, “you char kueh with seafood paste inside”, “sweet and sour fish”



Verdict: of all I think i liked the sweet and sour fish without the sweet and sour sauce… The sweet and sour sauce was suspiciously pink and diluted..

Overall verdict:
Am not wasting my calories on this ever again. The operator that took my order mumbled away like crazy I had to keep stopping her to repeat what she has been saying the whole time.

Boo what a disappointment 😦