My mum has been raving about this place,

she loves her waffles 

so we ordered to share:

French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup





Banana waffles

Banana waffles

Butter and Jam

Butter and Jam

Classic waffles

Classic waffles

Verdict: 1/2 of us will return. 

French Onion Soup: it was tasteless. I don’t think i really need to elaborate on it further. 

waffles: considering this is the second time that my mum has returned, she mentioned how the first time around the waffles were much better -> in terms of the level of fluffiness and crisp. This time around both waffles were just too airy and not very crispy. 

Damage: $15 per pax

1 Goldhill Plaza, #01-11
Singapore 308899
Monday – Sunday: 8:30 am – 10:30 pm

The Providore Cafe

was looking around for a central place to catch up

always walked past this but didn’t go in to have a look




Breakfast BLT: Grilled Bacon and Provolone Cheese on Ciabatta Bread with Roasted Tomatoes, Fresh Avacado, Rocket and Garlic Aioli


Egg Benedict: Poached Eggs on Toasted Brioche with Wilted Spinach, Cooked Ham and Hollandaise

Mushrooms side

Mushrooms side


Ricotta Pancakes: with Caramelised Banana, Candied walnuts and Providore Yellowbox Honey


Verdict: 3/3 of us will not return.
The Pancakes were the light and fluffy ones .. I personally like the thick and heavy ones .. but it was ok ..
Eggs Benedict was quite ok  .. sauce was too sharp
BLT was quite average


The Providore Mandarin Gallery
#02-05, Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Rd,
Singapore 238897


I always heard of how this place is very famous for their Japanese food
So now that there was a special occasion,
I decided to go and try it out




Grated Daikon (Raddish) with Buri( yellow tail)

Assorted Sashimi (without prawns)

Assorted Sashimi (without prawns) [Scallop, Tai (sea bream), Maguro (Tuna), Salmon, Mekajiki (Swordfish)]

Assorted Sashimi (with prawns)

Assorted Sashimi (with prawns) [Scallop, Tai (sea bream), Maguro (Tuna), Salmon, Mekajiki (Swordfish)]

Crab Leg Tempura

Crab Leg Tempura


Yuzu Chawanmushi

Palate Cleanser: Left is a seaweed vinaigrette

Palate Cleanser: Left is a seaweed vinaigrette

Close up of the left: type of Cod Fish

Close up of the left: type of Cod Fish

Assorted Aburi Sushi : Salmon Aburi,

Assorted Aburi Sushi : Toro (Tuna), Ikura (Fish Eggs) Uni (Sea Urchin) and yellow tail, Salmon, Foiegras and Scallop, Anago (Eel), Tamago Yaki (Egg)

Close up of : Ikura (Fish Eggs) Uni (Sea Urchin) and yellow tail, Salmon,

Close up of : Ikura (Fish Eggs) Uni (Sea Urchin) and yellow tail, Salmon,

Close up of: Foiegras and Scallop, Anago (Eel), Tamago Yaki (Egg)

Close up of: Foiegras and Scallop, Anago (Eel), Tamago Yaki (Egg)

Close up of  Anago (Eel), Tamago Yaki (Egg)

Close up of Anago (Eel), Tamago Yaki (Egg)

Miso Soup

Miso Soup

With seasonal mushrooms!!!

With seasonal mushrooms!!!

Sesame Ice-Cream

Sesame Ice-Cream

Green Tea and Red Bean Ice-cream

Green Tea and Red Bean Ice-cream




Verdict: 2/4 may come back I reckon.
I was really expecting some mind blowing kinda sushi … but nope  .. I know they were renowned for their aburi sushi .. but some how, this place just didn’t seem to go down well with the rest of the family as well.
My bro and I concluded that the whole meal was really just .. to be fair it is above average, but I think what we felt that didn’t really make our bang for the buck was probably just there was no OOOmph to the main .. in paying this premium above other sushi restaurants, didn’t seem to deliver the quality. Perhaps the context that they were rushing off for some company event so we probably visited at the wrong time? but that being said, service was fair ..
Don’t think we will be returning here any time soon.

22 Scotts Road,
Goodwood Park Hotel
 Singapore 228221

Shinkansen Salad

Decided to check out this new salad place

how rare is it that they put hamachi (yellow tail) into salads??

So how this works is, you get to choose your size, base, extra toppings and sauce

Hamachi Sashimi Salad

Hamachi Sashimi Salad

Salmon Sashimi based salad

Salmon Sashimi based salad


Verdict: 2/2 of us will never return

1) Hamachi was fishy (felt like they left there for too long kind a fishy)
2) Salmon was also just average honestly

We were disappointed.
Although this was priced slightly higher than average salads, we didn’t feel like we got our bang for the buck.

*Classified under vegetarian because there are just non-meat options for vegetarians 🙂

Shinkansen Sushi
Ocean Financial Centre,
10 Collyer Quay
Singapore, 049315


Eggs & Berries

Wanted a little change of environment
decided to go on to explore the west side  🙂

It was too hot so we decided on this place

Italia Eggs Benedict Doppie

Italia Eggs Benedict Doppie

Avacado Shake

Avocado Shake

Blue Berry Shake

Blue Berry Shake

Griiled Chicken Tigh

Grilled Chicken Tigh


Verdict : 05/2 of us will return.
1) the drinks : was just horrible.  Although the colour on the surface looked like it was really rich, the milk was more overpowering than the actual fruit itself.
2) Mains were slightly ordinary. It was good but not so much a definitely die I want to come back IMMEDIATELY .

Eggs and Berries
3 Gateway Drive
#02-06 Westgate Mall
Singapore 608532

H Y California

my dear troopie plonks asked me out to celebrate my birthday! Blessed indeed to have friends that want to celebrate my birthday 🙂

because I had something on earlier in the day, she came down to Marina Bay Sands to meet me for lunch. I am so glad and thankful for her! 🙂 yesterday was such a crappy day for me – had to survive through a rude crappy interview, but really, am thankful she made the effort to come down and meet me 🙂

I was really craving sushi after watching this documentary on sushi.. Its called Jiro Sushi, about this sushi master in Japan who is 80 over years old, and awarded 3  Michelin stars! We have very much to learn from him, his attitude towards his work.. It is just amazing.  “Even at my age in my work, I have not reached perfection” – Jiro Ono

ok.. so back to this place, we just walked in since we seem to only find this place around (that doesn’t do much damage to the pocket as well)


Peek inside


This place is very nicely situated. The view is just fantastic.


Imagine this place at night!!!

ok.. so we just ordered a few dishes to share (because we are aiming for the desserts at this newly opened chocolate shop within MBS)

Salmon Sashimi

and we thought we try the fusion ‘singapore style infused Japanese sushi’

Crunchy Tuna Roll : Chopped Fatty Tuna, TEMPURA Crunch, Garlic Chip, Salsa & Chilli Sauce

Singapore Chilli “TEMPURA” Crab Roll : Snow Crab Leg TEMPURA, Iceburg Lettuce, Tomato, Homemade Chilli Crab Sauce

Verdict: 0.5/2 of us will return.
The sashimi was just ok .. it did not look very appealing .. the rolls, well for the tuna roll, we were expecting it to be slightly different. From the description, we thought the whole thing together would be like a sashimi and a little crunch to it? but .. it did not turn out as such .. it was overall mushy .. and just the sauce was disappointing as well.

The crab roll, hmm i would say is the better out of the two .. It’s quite an interesting experience to mix chilli crab sauce and Japanese snow crab together. I just didn’t think to use the rice paper roll was necessary. Should have just stuck to seaweed instead.

But nonetheless, am feeling so grateful and thankful she took the time and effort to have a meal with me to celebrate 😀


Marina Bay Sands
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

10 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018956




Kam Boat House

The mental monster (aka brother) decided to be nice and went to the club( Singapore Swimming Club) to take away lunch for my family 🙂

Kam Boat House

So he decided to try out the Chinese restaurant at our club (following on the dim sum theme)  he bought back.
We were all quite ravenous by the time he got back, so just bear with the presentation of the food – although it does kinda overall taste like what it looks like Zzzz …

Xiao Long pau, Har gao (prawn dumplings)

Char Siew Sau

Steamed Black bean pork ribs

Prawn with mango fritters

glutinous rice

Xo carrot cake? or chye dau kueh?

So he also ordered things off the main menu as well.

Seafood Hor fun (with egg)

3 types of egg vegetable

and their speciality, and I think we can all unanimously agree this is the best dish out of all the take aways

Roast chicken with salt dip


Verdict: 4/4 of us will not return for dim sum .. the usual dishes that we order (har gao, char siew sau .. ) was just … mediocre according to our fussy taste buds – we have been too spoilt for choice .. But I would say the xiao long pau is quite redeeming of the whole lot of dishes.
The most ‘surprising’ dish I would say was the XO-carrot cake. It ended up tasting like the  carrot cake sold in hawker centres instead of what it should be like.
As for the chicken, it’s not tough (I am more of a chicken breast meat person), and quite tender in fact – I think this was the best dish that was done well out of the whole takeaway. The hor fun was disappointing only because it didn’t have the wok fried taste to it?  .. like the burnt otherwise colloquially termed ‘chao ta’ taste. The ‘wok hei’ (fire) was probably not big enough to get such an effect.

Just thought I try something different in pasting the address









Novenea Peranakan Cuisine

It seems to be take-away week. We headed nearby to take away some peranakan food since my dad was craving them.
You know those restaurants that are always near by but you don’t visit them because you always end up  heading somewhere else instead?
This Peranakan restaurant has been around for quite a long time in Novena Ville, but ever since it opened, we never tried it.
So todays the day!

we ordered

Pork Ribs

Assam Fish

Ngoh Hiang

Close up

Chap Chye

home made meat ball in Fish Maw Soup


Verdict: 4//4 unanimously agree that this place should just be left as it was – no need to specially return for it. We didn’t really take to most of the nonya food that was presented. If we really had to choose, I think the favourite dish out of all was the chap chye and the pork ribs.
The ngoh hiang’s filling was just a little  .. different from the normal types we had.
The assam fish  had too strong a curry powder taste to it, more than the assam spices and spiciness..
The fish maw soup was just blend. I think Ivins restaurant still stands as my favourite Fish Maw soup place.


Novena Peranakan Cuisine
273 Thomson Road
#01-02 Novena Garden
Singapore 307644

Dempsey Brassire

We surprised celebrated our dear troopie Jean’s birthday! Thanks to the careful planning of Mr Kwel, we managed to pull it off and success! :)So we all had our surprise dinner celebration – the weather was totally not in our favour! pouring like mad – tragic times 10!

view inside

Guess who else decided to come and party with us?

hello!! please sit down!

ok.. thought I try to make the entry seem abit more WOAH!! (*sheepish grin)

so we ordered:

Duck Confit

Coq au Vin

Tenderloin with Bernaise sauce

Sirloin Steak with Vinegar Jus


Mussels + fries + mac and cheese

French Onion Soup with thick crostini and gruyere cheese melt

Seafood Tagliutelle with baby lobster, mussels, clams and squid in a spicy tomato sauce

Slow braised beef short rib with truffle & porcini infused mash and roasted root vegetable

Verdict: 7/7 of us wont return.
We overall thought the food was mediocre – like nothing spectacular.
Onion soup was too saltish complained troopie Frank, Mama phua thought her Mussels were average .
Trooper gracie ‘s steak with red wine jus – in her own words, “ok loh ..”
Brithday girls’s coq qu vin -in a own words, *wrinkles nose “its ok…meh”
Troopie Jan’s pasta ” Not bad leh!”
Mr Kwel’s duck confit ” its ok .. not bad”
My short rib ” hmmmm ….. no comments” .. just ok ..
I reckoned in summary, if we all ever return, would probably be for the ambience and good service. They were very patient in taking our orders, waiting for us to decide and sang a lao hong-ed birthday song for us (since only 2-3 waiters/waitresses around) .

and just wanted to also say

Happy Birthday with ❤

p.s. Thank you Mr Kwel for taking the photos! Much appreciated!

The Dempsey Brassiere
7 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249671

Kungfu Paradise

Met up with milkie and darkie for a catch up session 🙂

and we had a quick bite before heading off to cheaper karaoke 🙂 (haven’t done it in a long while!)  double smiles 🙂

So being in ulu sembawang (what are the odds of really driving all the way there, unless you stay there), I thought we give this place a shot .. since its supposedly part of the taste paradise group .. reckoned it should be not bad ..

quick look of the interior

after looking at the menu, some of the things did look quite promising..  so we ordered

Baked Fish and chicken Special Rice

and of course

French Toast

Close up

Verdict: 3/3 of us unanimously agree that we are not returning here.

On the one hand, its very encouraging to see that this restaurant hires mentally challenged people 🙂 Well I think its quite a feat for that so *thumbs up!  This is very affordable student food. I reckoned if I was still a secondary school kid I would enjoy this place, and price is agreeable with my pocket definitely. However, our complaint is that, for the French toast, the oil being used to fry it tasted abit like re-used oil .. so it has that taste that sticks onto the bread.

The rice was just alright .. reminded me a little of this Hong Kong Cafe called A1 in Melbourne, but taste wise is a little much off for me 😦

so..  a no go for us!

Kungfu Paradise
604 Sembawang Road,
Sembawang Shopping Centre,