I went over to tioman over the weekend with trooper fairy, along with her family and friends, to do our basic open water course for diving!


Tioman was just pure fun and beautiful! Diving made me feel like fatties like me can ‘fly’. It is so different from buying a ticket to underwater world to watch and see the fishes!

So for our dinner there, we decided we were so hungry and sick of the buffet spread, we ordered extra bbq food from the restaurant next door


Assam sting ray

Salted egg yolk prawns

This 2 plates made our greedy stomachs happy!! I loved how the assam sting ray’s marinade was just so unique and different from the usual sambal style of cooking it!
The prawn taste testers were commending how shiok the prawns were and tasted really awesome!

But because it being one of the monopoly seafood shops around, just this two dishes costed 110 ringgit which is equivalent to around 55 Sgd!!! Thats pretty pricey!!

Verdict: But for the taste of it, all 8 of us will return for it if we go diving.

Paya Resort
Pulau Tioman