Tokyo: #8.2

So my siblings being macaroon crazy went balistic when they found the “king of all macaroons” at the Seibu food basement, while waiting for my parents to meet for dinner.

paris famous macaroons

Our stash

premium - balsamic vinegar, chocolate and foie gras, cant remember the last one

from the left: peanut butter thingy?, lemon, pistachio, chocolate

from the left: caramel, yuzu, chocolate ( different kind) rose

So want to buy back to singapore

I should have taken a video when we were eating this .. Every piece had to be equally divded and shared between the 3 of us .. I really liked the yuzu and lemon flavoured ones. The chocolate was also amazing, but the caramel, both my siblings were ‘fighting’ over it.

we also got

pleasure cake

but i would say, just spend your calories on the macarons! this cake is divine but I think at the end of the macaron tasting, we were all on a sugar high to really appreciate this cake.

Pierre Herme
Seibu Ikebukuro B1 F,
1-28-1 Minami-ikebukuro,
Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-8569




We decided to head back towards Ikebukuru, just like how we came last year and stayed around this area for a Ramen that we crazily patronised at least once a day!

Kamukara Ramen


Gyoza - no biggie

Its been a while 🙂

I like how their eggs are actually marinated? and not seperately boiled .. so it has it own sauce taste in it! 🙂

Beautiful eggs!

Tori Karage .. neh i don't think so

So glad to have made this trip back here to try this! Just exactly like how i remembered 🙂 This is just awesomeness it itself! Just stick to ordering ramen! Their broth is clear and is different from the other styles of ramen that we have eaten thus far.

Kamukara Ramen
1丁目-29-5 Higashi
ikebukuro Toshima,
Tokyo, Japan